Despicable Me: Minion Rush

Collect yummy bananas while running within the most despicable challenge of all time. Jump, roll, dodge, and scramble in fun-filled, fast-paced missions. Enter Gru’s Lair, discover its many mysterious rooms and unlock a set of cool Minion costumes. Feel the push as your Minions dash through iconic locations, like the Anti-Villain League and Bratt’s Lair. Don’t forget: Minion Rush is that the only mobile runner game full of all the fun of the Despicable Me movies!

Minion Rush is that the only mobile runner game full of ALL THE FUN OF THE DESPICABLE ME MOVIES!


Features of the game


• Begin your run because the beloved Minion Dave and race through exciting, fast-paced missions.

• As you collect more Costume Cards, unlock other running Minions like Carl, Jerry and Mel.


• Discover and navigate different themed Rooms, each resulting in unique, fun runner missions or game events.

• Complete each Room’s missions to unlock prizes and uncover more fun Rooms to run through.


• Unlock dozens of cool and unique Minion costumes, with new ones added regularly.

• Collect Costume Cards as you run to unlock disguises like the Surfer, Ninja, Lucy and lots of more.

• Each Costume has special skills, power-ups, and a touch of favor to assist your Minion accomplish their despicable missions.


• meet stunning 3D game environments inspired by locations from the Despicable Me movies. Feel the push as your Minions dash through Bratt’s Lair, the Anti-Villain League, Egyptian Pyramids and lots of more.


  • Players play the sport by controlling a minion, and therefore the minions are often either Dave (the default character), Carl, Jerry, or Mel; they will also compete with others in hilarious, fast-paced challenges. While the minion runs, there are three lanes on the track, with some floating bananas thereon , which minions can collect by being controlled to maneuver left or right to run through them.
  • Minions should avoid obstacles (swipe up to leap and right down to duck) and attacks from bosses unless they’re equipped with certain power-ups, and that they can get prizes, including bananas, coins, costume cards and tokens. In addition, minions can run in several costumes once purchased.
  • The 5-Year Celebration update came with several changes within the core of the sport . Several aspects of the sport were discontinued like the Jelly Lab, Minion Races and Events, Power-Ups, Props and Mini Games, the Golden Banana and Golden Shield. The update was offered for iOS and Android users only. The official date of the update was October 10, 2018. The official announcement also has detailed information regarding the remake is at the official forum.

Concept of the game

  • The concept of the sport has relevance to the Despicable Me 2 movie. Our minion runners now work for the AVL and wish to finish certain missions requiring collecting bananas, jumping obstacles, collecting stars on the Moon and lots of more. One of the goals of the sport is upgrading Rank. For every five Ranks a player upgrades, a replacement title is awarded to the player, a method resembling the old Jelly Jobs. Such titles are Up-and-Comer (original title), Covert Operator, Clandestine Operative and more. 
  • The goal prizes are coins and costume cards. In the previous game version costume cards were introduced for a couple of costumes (Island Hopper and Mel) and that they were a replacement sort of currency to assist buy and upgrade them. In this version, all costumes are available within the Wardrobe and need their unique costume cards and coins to be unlocked and upgraded. 
  • Almost all costumes are available within the Wardrobe all the time. There are no longer time-limited offers, apart from region-bound costumes like AFL, Bogatyr and Tzarevna. The design team decided to stop purchasing costumes with Tokens and Bananas, while the blueprint currency has also been discontinued. Additionally, the player can complete daily tasks earning tokens, costume cards and prize pods, and lastly there is a training mode to assist the runner practice and compete with other runners throughout the planet and fight for a far better place within the world leaderboard and among their friends.


  • There are many characters in Despicable Me: Minion Rush, and that they fall in three categories, Minions, AVL agents / characters from the films (Gru, Lucy, Dru and therefore the girls) and managers . Only minions and their costumes are playable.
  • Among the minions, Dave is that the minion that’s with the foremost available costumes for purchase and therefore the default character of the game; Carl, Jerry and Mel were introduced in later updates; Paul only appeared within the intro video and isn’t playable, but the intro replaced with clips for special missions. However, all four characters are now grouped in one category, available within the Wardrobe.
  • Bosses include Vector and El Macho, who appear within the Despicable Me franchise, while Meena and therefore the Villaintriloquist are non-canon villains, but were designed by Illumination Mac Guff studios. Currently, bosses are only available in Despicable Ops.

Game Modes

In special missions, players get to collect special items in appointed locations during the run, and it’s independent from Rooms.

There are six stages in each special mission, and therefore the items collected are different in several stages; by completing all of them, players can receive many Market Tickets, Fevers, banana coins and therefore the special mission prize pod as rewards.

The beginning of Minion Rush was the Jelly Lab, during which the amount wont to be unlocked by completing goals and earning certain fruits that gave power to the Jelly Machine. Skipping levels was not possible. By completing enough levels, new machines and locations wont to be unlocked. In each update since early 2015, new levels are added. Jelly Lab consisted of 1,098 levels until the top of update 5.7.0.


Events were daily, multiple day, or weekly contests where players compete to win prizes like tokens, prize pods, and bananas. Each event features a goal like highest score, furthest distance, highest despicable multiplier, or most bananas collected during a run, and every one takes place during a particular location. The top prize is usually either a fancy dress or variety of tokens, with less valuable prizes for players in lower ranks. The player can choose any costume to compete, although occasionally particular costumes will get bonus abilities.

In minion races, players can play as Dave (can be with costumes), Carl or Jerry and race two other opponents chosen randomly within the world. The player should choose a sort of weapon, called gadgets, to participate within the race. Gadgets can be used offensively or defensively. After downloading the sport , an entire set of gadgets are given to the player for free of charge , however, after the primary few races, players can spend 7,000 Bananas for a basic set of gadgets or use tokens to get far more useful sets of gadgets. Players are given prizes for winning continuously during a race, and therefore the number of continuous victories are going to be recorded on a brand-new counter called streak. However, one will lose the streak if they lose once, unless they spend some tokens to take care of the streak.

In addition to defensive and offensive, gadgets also are categorized in three levels: one-star, two-star, and three-star, higher level makes the minion powerful in races.

Other Versions

Minion Rush has multiple versions available across the world . Currently, the sole platforms that release updates at a frequent base are iOS, Android and Amazon Appstore (Kindle). However, other platforms like Samsung (Galaxy Apps Store), Windows, BlackBerry, etc., not release updates. During that point , both the Chinese and therefore the Global version were running in parallel with almost an equivalent layout, game objective, missions (pre-Jelly Lab) and afterward Jelly Lab areas, same costumes with almost an equivalent abilities, but the Shop had different prices for the costumes, slightly different gameplay, and most significantly the Chinese version wasn’t linked to any other Global version.

Only iOS and Android versions are updated on a monthly rate. The rest are operative (online servers keep working, daily and weekly events and races are held, etc.). The Chinese version has not been discontinued, however the update rate is significantly less than the worldwide version. It features some exclusive costumes for Dave like the Panda Minion costume and therefore the Monkey King Minion costume, which haven’t appeared in the other version. It also offers a daily buff, which is essentially an additional perk for the day. The currency that’s utilized in the Chinese version also varies and includes Bananas, Tokens, Puzzle Pieces and real money (Chinese Yuan).

Strap on your trainers and join the award-winning, fan-favourite runner, Minion Rush. Enter Gru’s Lair, discover its many mysterious rooms, and combat manic missions round the world. Along the way, your Minions will jump, roll and dodge obstacles while unlocking a set of cool Minion costumes.

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