Epic Race 3D

Epic Race 3D


Epic Race 3D is a web Kids game, it’s playable on all smartphones or tablets, like iPhone, iPad, Samsung and other Apple and android systems. Epic Race 3D may be a super fun action game. In the game, players will control their rubber man to run on the track continuously, avoid all obstacles and successfully reach the top point to urge rewards. Will you win all of your opponents and obtain the champion? Challenge yourself in Epic Race 3D! 92.81% of 4146 players like the mobile game.

A new adventure is here.

True parkour experience !

Complete all the parkours with many different obstacles and knowledge breath taking challenge.

Take risks to be first. Collect coins and explore dozens of new characters.

Epic Race also has Epic Levels during which you would like to vary the way you play and obtain rewards.

Details and review

Combining one touch play with the popular stickman visuals that are all the rage right now and inspired by the likes of American Ninja Warrior etc. Players must run around a course, dodging obstacles and racing for the finish line ahead of AI controlled opponents.

It’s as simple as holding your finger on the screen to move your character onwards. Release the pressure to stop, normally when an obstacle requires specific timing to get past it. It’s very straight forward and while few races will last longer than 30 seconds, the variety on show is admirable. At least until you get deeper into the game and more and more begin to repeat.

However, it also has that all important addictive quality to it. Something that is super important with free to play games and often found lacking. Not here though, although it has to be said Epic Race 3D isn’t going to give you hours and hours of gameplay.

Especially as it’s so very and heavy, hardly a surprise but still as disappointing as ever. Nowhere is this more highlighted than when you get taken to a ‘chest room’ and you need to watch ads to unlock keys to use on the chests.

So what’s the goal of the game? To complete seasons and take part in what the game calls ‘epic races’. Don’t get too excited, these are just races where you can earn coins. Coins that are then spent on unlocking new skins and new celebrations. Earn enough coins and you can select a random unlock or, watch ads to increase your coin count.

It adds some longevity as there are a number to unlock but as they have no effect on actual gameplay, few will find themselves putting the time in to unlock all of them.

With very simple, pick up and play gameplay with fluid controls, Epic Race 3D does get the nod of approval. In a market with so many bad games that are filled to the brim with ads, this one stands slightly taller. It’s just as bad as all the rest when it comes to ads but the gameplay around it is fun enough.

Some questions and answers about the game?

  1. Is Fun Race 3d multiplayer?

Parents need to know that Fun Race 3D is a multiplayer action game for iOS and Android devices. The point of the game is to beat your opponent to the finish line while navigating a complex obstacle course

  1. Does Fun Race 3d have sound?

This game repeats the same objective and the obstacles do not change. If there were to be new and more challenging obstacles it would be way more fun. Also this game has no sound.

  1. How many levels are in Fun Race 3d?

Fun Race 3D – Gameplay – Levels 217 – 228 + Bonus Levels (iOS – Android)

  1. Do you play against people in Run Race 3d?

For the longest time I thought I was playing against real people. On the front it says “compete with others” so I thought it was a multiplayer game. If you want a game that is just relaxing this is a pretty good game. If you’re looking for a game that is multiplayer, with real people, this is not the game.

  1. How do you jump in fun on Race 3d?

Tap to leap on the mark and soar into the sky, confirm you employ all of your jetpack fuel to travel the space . Upgrade your jetpack and your running speed to be ready to travel further than before and beat your high score

  1. How does one get coins in Fun Race 3d?

How-to Collect Coins in Fun Race 3D. There’s currently two ways to collect coins in the game. The first is to watch advertisements in the cosmetics area. Just click on the icon that looks like your character, and a small icon that displays 75 coins and a play button will appear towards the top.

  1. How do you beat Run Race 3d?

If you press the screen 2 times during a row, your character will perform a double jump. The double jump will allow you to realize a few meters over your competitors. In Run Race 3D, every meter plays an important role. You should focus on gaining more and more ground over your competitors on every lap

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