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Scopely, Hasbro, and Mattel came together to make Scrabble® GO – New parlor game . The spelling game has now become an application, allowing users to bring the classic parlor game experience wherever they are going . As a mobile gaming app, Scrabble® GO has added a social networking feature to allow users to play against each other. You can link your Scrabble® GO account with third-party social media platforms such as Facebook and WhatsApp. All players can engage in competitive, tournament-style matches and other game modes. Easily find and start games with your Facebook friends and family! Expand your Scrabble friends with the new Favourite feature, which makes staying connected a snap. Got a rivalry brewing? Express yourself in-game with fun and easy-to-use chat emojis and phrases.

Scrabble GO is a political adaptation of the world’s most famous word games: Scrabble! In this version of the classic game, you can compete against your Facebook friends as well as other scrabble players from all of the world!

Scrabble® GO is published by Scopely and co-developed in partnership with PierPlay game studio. The game is the latest in Scopely’s diverse slate of mobile games, including MARVEL Strike Force, Star Trek™ Fleet Command and YAHTZEE® With Buddies, among others.


  • Scrabble GO has asynchronous gameplay, which means you can play many different games simultaneously. In other words, both players don’t need to be online at the same time to play the game. Instead, after your turn is over, you simply send your move to your opponent and wait for him or her to respond. Depending on your opponent, games can go from a couple minutes to hours, days, or even weeks!
  • This version of the game comes loaded with features that create a more fast-paced and fun game experience. For example, if you’re unsure if the word you want to use is a real word or not, simply place the letters on the board to check. Not only that, but you can sometimes even use wildcards!
  • But that’s not all, in this version of the classic game, you can advance through levels, and unlock skins for the letters and game board as you create great words and win games. Overall, Scrabble Go is a fantastic way to enjoy one of the world’s best word games.


  • Personalize your Scrabble experience with custom tiles! Unlock chests to get and collect a spread of visually stunning tiles, then boast your new tiles to other players in-game as you compete! New and edition tiles are added often, so make certain to gather them all!
  • Rediscover the ‘greatest word game of all time’, now available worldwide on Android and iOS!
  • From casual gamers to the fiercest competitors, Scrabble® GO appeals to all or any sorts of players. The game is very social, allowing players to simply invite and connect with friends and family via Facebook, WhatsApp and private contacts also as play with others round the world. The app also offers highly competitive play, bringing tournament-style matches loved by enthusiasts to mobile.

Love for the game

  • SCRABBLE® purists will love the authentic experience while those looking for something new will enjoy exploring many new modes and features, including:
  • Players can track their stats in Scrabble® accompany their Scrabble Score, one among the richest player profiles of any parlor game within the world, and personalize their experience with added flair by earning themed, playable 3D tile sets.
  • “SCRABBLE® fans around the world feel a deep connection to the brand for its long-standing tradition of competition,” said Victor Díaz-Roig, General Manager and Vice President, Product at Scopely. “We’re so proud to introduce a reimagined combat the SCRABBLE® experience with Scrabble® GO. 
  • Our team has created an extremely vibrant, social, personalized, competitive, triple-A experience for a brand that transcends generations. We also worked with superfans and professional players to form this the foremost dynamic game experience possible. We are thrilled to share the all-new Scrabble® accompany the planet .”

Classic game reimagined

For people who have played the physical parlor game , you’ll notice the app’s interface uses the first layout of Scrabble®. You can start a game by selecting one of four game modes: Classic, Modern, Arena, and Duels. Classic features the original set of rules and dictionaries as the first Scrabble® game. Here, you will play against one player only. Scrabble® GO’s flagship feature is the Modern mode. It combines the experience of Classic mode with new capabilities like Tile Swap, Word Finder, and Scrabble Scholar.


  • Original Scrabble® mechanics
  • Weekly tournaments and competitions
  • Online multiplayer enabled


  • Lacks customizable features
  • Description of Scrabble® GO – New Word Game

Feeling competitive? Test your skills in one among four exciting new word games:


Play the classic Scrabble game you recognize and love! With the official board, tiles, and Scrabble word dictionaries, only Scrabble GO delivers the authentic crossword game experience.

A beautiful way to go head-to-head using the official game board, rules, and dictionaries, celebrating the iconic word game superfans know and love.


Ready to move beyond the board? Because there’s many new features for you to explore, including four fast-paced competitive game modes!

  • Modern: Scrabble® GO’s signature mode is fun for players of all levels, reimagining the classic parlor game experience by introducing new features like Tile Swap, Word Finder and Scrabble Scholar that let players learn and improve while playing.
  • Modern: Scrabble® GO’s signature mode is fun for players of all levels, reimagining the classic parlor game experience by introducing new features like Tile Swap, Word Finder and Scrabble Scholar that let players learn and improve while playing.
  • Arena and Duels are two modes suitable for more fluent or more experienced players. Duels cut the game time down to five minutes and are played on a smaller board. Arena games are tournaments where players can test their skills on a weekly or daily basis. The Arena mode has three sub-modes, namely Word Drop, Tumbler, and Rush. The most challenging of the three is Rush, a timed solo-game, where the goal is to maximize the scores. It requires a well-thought-out and methodical strategy to win.
  • You can track your stats in the Scrabble Score. The stats will depend on the modes you play the most, your highest scoring words, and your speed. Overall, Scrabble® GO – New parlor game offers an equivalent feature of the parlor game . However, it ups the ante by introducing new game modes. Players that want a social and competitive experience with straightforward game mechanics will surely enjoy playing this game.

Arena: A one-of-a-kind collection of daily and weekly parlor game tournaments, including:

Word Drop: Create words by connecting adjacent letters in a word search grid earning bonus points for word length, use of special tiles and number of unique words played. Word Drop – An ever-changing word search game. Your used tiles are replaced, shifting the remaining letters and opening up new possibilities!

Tumbler: a fast , anagram-style game, where players find the very best scoring word on a rack of letters. Letter tiles are replaced once used and premium tiles with bonus points will appear to keep players strategizing. Like anagrams? This new mode challenges you to find as many high-scoring words from a rotating set of letters in a limited amount of time. Score bonuses for word length and unique words!

Rush: A timed, solo experience where players are in complete control of their board, enabling them to strategically plan word placement to maximise scores. The locations of premium squares are varied for an extra challenge.Rush – In this solo Scrabble mode, your only ally – or enemy – is yourself. Play off your own words and check out to line up high-scoring plays on a smaller 11×11 board. And remember – with a limited amount of time and turns, every move counts!

Duels – It’s fast-paced, head-to-head Scrabble! You’ll be matched up against players of comparable skill and play five turns each. But hurry up, because each turn is on a timer. Victories in Duels unlock prize chests!.Players face-off on a smaller board, completing a real-time match in under five minutes.


Powerful Boosts like Hint, Upgrade, Word Spy, and Vortex help take your gameplay to subsequent levels. Different game modes have different boosts, so make sure to check them all out!


Climb your high the League leaderboards by playing in Arena Tournaments! Leagues are updated weekly, and therefore the higher you rank, the more XP and chests you gain, also as an exclusive League Frame to point out your progress.

Practice mode

Play Scrabble one-on-one against the pc with Practice Mode! Designed to match your skill level, it’s a great way to test out new strategies and tactics.

Track stats

See how your Scrabble skills are progressing with our in-depth profile page! View your scoring averages, longest words, best plays, and more! Visit another player’s profile to see Head-to-Head stats.

Level up and unlock more!

Earn experience and increase your Player Level by scoring points in Scrabble and Duels, or by ranking high on stage leaderboards! Higher levels grant access to more features and unlock new collectible Tiles!

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