Super Stylist

  • There’s a replacement fashion stylist to the celebs in town, and it with great care happens to be you! In this fashion story game, it’s all about word of mouth. 
  • Make sure your dress up and makeup fashion styling is on point so you’ll build up an enormous client base. 
  • Be seen! Go to fancy schmancy events together with your clients and take pics for his or her Stylagram in order that they can boast your dress up and makeup style skills, during this fashion story game.
  • You have just realized that you simply could turn your mad shopping, dress up and makeup skills into money,by being an excellent stylist girl! 
  • Now, anybody who’s anybody will come to you, because you are the girl who knows just how to style them. 
  • Create perfect stylist looks for your customers. Join them at their VIP events and photograph them therefore the world can see how awesomely talented you are .

Features of the game

  • Open a fashion stylist business and build up a powerful client base, during this awesome fashion story game.
  • Dress up your clients in fab styles they will wear proudly to specific events, from casual date nights to red carpet premieres.
  • Use your stylist bank to shop for the garments , and make a profit once you sell the things to your clients.
  • Listen carefully to what your clients are looking for so you can choose their clothes wisely from different collections.
  • The higher you are doing , the more fashion dress up collections you’ll unlock.
  • No girl’s look is complete without the proper accessories and killer shoes.
  • If you want your clients to recommend you to their friends, they’ve got to look great from head to toe! Give the girls a hairstyle to remember.
  • Give your clients makeup looks which will make them the envy of all the women .
  • Once their makeup is on point, accompany them to celeb-filled events and snap fashion style pics for his or her Stylagram. Make sure they tag you in their pics! It’s a fashion story dream come true!

Other Features of Super Stylist – Dress Up & Style Fashion Guru on PC

With all of your passion for enjoying Super Stylist – Dress Up & Style Fashion Guru, you hands aren’t alleged to be limited on a small screen of your phone. Play sort of a pro and obtain full control of your game with keyboard and mouse.Download and play Super Stylist – Dress Up & Style Fashion Guru on PC. Play as long as you would like , no more limitations of battery, mobile data and disturbing calls. 

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