Tennis Clash: Online League

Tennis Clash: Online League

Live out your sports dream with Tennis Clash: the simplest free online multiplayer sport game app! Play quick online multiplayer 1v1 tennis games or compete in championship sports tours all round the world! Enjoy endless hours of free multiplayer fun with the Tennis Clash app: the simplest free 3D online multiplayer tennis sport game!

Questions and answers about the game

  1. What are the basic rules of Tennis?

Tennis may be a game played on an oblong court by either two players (singles) or four (doubles).

In Tennis Clash it is only possible to play a singles match, which means there will only be two players on either side of the court. In this particular style of Tennis, players use the narrower singles court.

Players stand on opposite sides of a net and use a stringed racket to hit a ball back and forth to every other. Each player features a maximum of 1 bounce after it’s been hit by their opponent to return the shock to the internet and within the boundaries of the court. Once a player fails to do any of these things, the opponent wins a point!

The aim is to win enough points to win a set and enough sets to win a match. The first person to win six games wins a group . Matches are usually the simplest of three or the simplest of 5 sets.

  1. How does the Practice Mode work?

The best way to train your Tennis Clash abilities and also, test how you can hit the ball in different styles and intensities, is to train in Practice Mode!

In Practice Mode there will be a Tennis Ball Shooting Machine which will throw one ball after another. Always try to hit the ball cross-court (this is the best tennis strategy), testing how strong and fast you can swipe to hit the ball still aiming at the court boxes with the higher punctuation score!

  1. How does the Tour Entry Fee work?

The Entry Fee is the amount you pay to play each match on that Tour’s difficulty level. The prize for matches will always be the Entry Fee value doubled!

Example: The Entry Fee for a match in the Sydney Tour is 350 coins, and the prize for winning that match would be 700 coins!

  1. How does the Card Level Cap work?

When building your deck, be aware that tour cards are capped per tour. This means each tour has a Maximum Level cap, and your cards will have the level capped as below:

Tour 1 – Max Level 5

Tour 2 – Max Level 6

Tour 3 – Max Level 7

Tour 4 – Max Level 9

Tour 5 – Max Level 11

Tour 6 – Max Level 12

Tour 7 – Max Level 13

Tour 8 – Max Level 13

  1. How does the ranking system work?

The ranking is global and is based on the amount of trophies you have earned!

  1. How can I check the Global Ranking?

To check your raking, tap on the trophy icon on the highest of your main screen.

The list will open right on your place in the global ranking. You can tap on any player name to check their profile. By doing so you can compare which line-up (set of items) they have equipped and maybe get a little inspired for your next match!

  1. What if there’s a tie between players?

In a situation where players have the same numbers of trophies, the tie breaker will be the win streak!

  1. How can I unlock the Tournament event?

Tournaments are periodic events in which you can prove your skills and earn prizes!

Tournaments are divided into two rounds: the Qualifying round and the Tournament round.

  1. Can I interact with my opponent?

Yes, you can! It’s not possible to chat with your opponent but you can send them pre-selected emojis and stickers!

  1. How does matchmaking work?

Our matchmaking system will try to find the best possible matches for you considering the available opponents. The pairings will take into consideration two params:

  • Current Tour
  • Trophy Amount

This means you will always be paired with players that are in the same tour as you are, and that both of you will have a similar number of trophies.

It is possible to be matched against players that have more or less trophies than you have in order to make the game more competitive!

  1. How can I get more Coins?

The best way to earn coins is to be victorious in Tour matches, as this is the main source of income in Tennis Clash.

  1. What can I use my Gems for?

Gems are the main currency to purchase cards, bags and strings in the store.

You can also trade gems for coins in case you’re on a losing streak and need to restock your coins to play more matches or to upgrade your cards!

  1. What are Bags and what’s the difference between them?

Each time you win a match you will be rewarded with a bag.

Each player has 4 bag slots. If all the slots are full, you will not receive the bag reward for a victorious match. In this case, you will need to free up at least one slot by opening a bag.

  1. What’s the difference between each Bag type?
  • Sponsor Bag (Free Bag): You receive 2 Sponsor Bags every 4 hours.
  • Points Bag: You get one daily after you achieve 40 points.
  • Blue Bag: These take 3 hours to unlock and you may be rewarded this if you are victorious in a match.
  • Grand Bag: Takes 8 hours to unlock and you can get one of these randomly from winning a match. It contains 22 cards.
  • Elite Bag: Takes 12 hours to unlock and contains 55 cards. You can also get these randomly after winning a match.
  • King Bag: Takes 14 hours to open and contains 90 cards. Similar to the other bags, you can also get this bag after winning a match.
  1. What is the Bullseye Challenge?

The Bullseye Challenge is a limited-time event that gives you a chance to show off your accuracy and win awesome prizes!

Just hit the target to score points and unlock your rewards! The target is divided into 3 areas. You’ll score higher the closer to the center you hit. When the match is over, your total score grants a special bag!

  1. What are the prizes I can get in the Bullseye Challenge?

By playing the Bullseye Challenge you can earn limited bags that contain packs of cards and strings!

The prizes are defined according to your current League and highest unlocked Tour. So the higher your League, the more cards you’ll receive. And your highest unlocked Tour will define which cards will be available for you.

  1. How can I get more Coins?

The best way to earn coins is to be victorious in Tour matches, as this is the main source of income in Tennis Clash.

However, this is not the only way to earn coins! You can also watch ads to build your savings. Simply tap the “Free Coins” button on the Home screen when it’s available.

  1. What can I use my Gems for?

Gems are the main currency to purchase cards, bags and strings in the store.

You can also trade gems for coins in case you’re on a losing streak and need to restock your coins to play more matches or to upgrade your cards!

You can get more gems by opening bags and completing Daily Challenges.

Get your friends and play fun 1v1 multiplayer sport matches.

Excellent multiplayer mode – get to the highest of the professional tennis player sports ranks.

Play, progress and unlock exciting new features as you go.

Make a squad and take the tennis world by storm!


  • Online multiplayer mode with real-time multiplayer tennis matches
  • Stunning 3D graphics
  • App-optimized sports gameplay that’s fun to master
  • Unlock free amateur, semi-pro and pro tennis players
  • Assemble the strongest team: choose the simplest coach and fitness trainer for your squad
  • Unlock new sports arenas like Rio de Janeiro, Tokyo, Moscow and more!

This free online app may be a must-have for sports fans. Download this fun game app and luxuriate in multiplayer tennis matches or start your campaign journey as you become Tennis Clash Grand Champion during this adrenaline-inducing free 3D online multiplayer sports game app!

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