How Video Games affect the brain?

The biological part-

Video gaming actually increases brain volume in areas liable for fine motor skill control, the formation of memories, and for strategic planning. Video gaming could potentially play a therapeutic role within the treatment of a spread of brain disorders and conditions resulting from brain injury. 

According to some studies,it has been revealed that playing real-time strategy games, like Super Mario 64, can increase the brain’s grey matter . Gray matter is the layer of the brain that’s also referred to as the cerebral mantle . The cerebral mantle covers the outer portion of the cerebrum and cerebellum. Increases of grey matter were found to occur within the right hippocampus, right prefrontal cortex, and cerebellum of those who played strategy type games. The hippocampus is liable for forming, organizing, and storing memories. It also connects emotions and senses, like smell and sound, to memories. The prefrontal cortex is found within the brain’s lobe and is involved in functions including decision-making, problem solving, planning, skeletal muscle movement, and impulse control. The cerebellum contains many many neurons for processing data. It helps to regulate fine movement coordination, muscular tonus , balance, and equilibrium. These increases in grey matter improve cognitive function in specific brain regions. 

Action Games Improve Visual Attention

Studies also indicate that playing certain video games can improve visual attention.

A person’s level of visual attention relies on the brain’s ability to process relevant visual information and suppress irrelevant information.

In studies, video gamers consistently outperform their non-gamer counterparts when performing visual attention related tasks.

It is important to notice that the sort of computer game played may be a significant factor regarding visual attention enhancement. Games like Halo, which require rapid responses and divided attention to visual information, increase visual attention, while other sorts of games don’t.When training non-video gamers with action video games, these individuals showed improvement in visual attention.

It is believed that action games could have applications in training and therapeutic treatments surely visual impairments. 

Video Games Reverse Negative Effects of Aging 

Playing video games isn’t only for kids and young adults. Video games are found to enhance cognitive function in older adults. These cognitive improvements in memory and a spotlight weren’t only beneficial, but lasting also . After training with a 3-D computer game specifically designed to enhance cognitive performance, the 60 to 85-year-old individuals within the study performed better than 20 to 30-year-old individuals playing the game for the first time. Studies like this one indicate that playing video games can reverse a number of the cognitive decline related to increased age. 

Video Games and Aggression 

  • While some studies highlight the positive benefits of playing video games, others point to a number of its potential negative aspects. A study published during a special issue of the journal Review of General Psychology indicates that playing violent video games makes some adolescents more aggressive.
  • Depending on certain personality traits, playing violent games can elicit aggression in some teens.
  • Teenagers who are easily upset, depressed, have little concern for others, break rules and act stupidly are more influenced by violent games than those with other personality traits. Teenagers who are highly neurotic, less agreeable, and fewer conscientious have a greater propensity to be negatively affected by violent video games.
  • Other studies suggest that for many gamers, aggression isn’t associated with violent video content but to feelings of failure and frustration. 
  • A study within the Journal of Personality and Psychology demonstrated that failure to master a game led to displays of aggression in players no matter video content. The researchers acknowledged that games like Tetris or Candy Crush can elicit the maximum amount aggression as violent games like World of Warcraft or grand larceny Auto.

Everyday Skills Video Games Can Improve 

Computer games are good for you.At least it seems with some everyday skills and general quality of life.Of course, this does not mean you ought to play all of them day and night . Everything in moderation is good. 

  • Video games can teach you personal accountability 

Everyone knows the simplest games are people who are challenging. Defeating that ‘impossible’ boss or getting that ‘Ultra-rare’ achievement seems like real accomplishments. That rush of dopamine really does teach us perseverance and private accountability.

The reward our brains feel teaches us to focus our own actions and helps us control the situations around us.Lessons like this are easily applied within the world . 

  • Video games are now used in therapy 

In 2012, a search team in New Zealand used a game called SPARX to assist treat depressed teenagers. The game, to be fair, was specifically designed to supply therapy for teenagers that was both fun and therapeutic. The study included 168 teenagers with a mean age of 15 who were battling depression. Half of them were used as an impact group and given regular one-on-one counseling whilst the opposite played SPARX. The SPARX group of users showed encouraging results. 44% of the players completely recovered from depression with only 26% from the traditional treatment group. 

  • Video games can help you make friends 

Games that have an outsized following or social aspect can really help with making friends. Some games even require you to travel outside, take Pokemon-Go, for instance . The real enjoy games isn’t playing them intrinsically , but the community they build round the shared experience.Video games can help you make friends

Games that have a large following or social aspect can really help with making friends. Some games even require you to go outside, take Pokemon-Go, for example. The real benefit from games isn’t playing them per se, but the community they build around the shared experience.

  • Video games boost reading skills

In February of 2013, Italian researchers submitted evidence that playing computer games can help everyday skills like reading. 

They took two groups of children aged 7 to 13 and had one team play ‘Rayman Raving Rabbids’ whilst the other played a slower-paced game.

When they tested the reading skills of the two groups they found that the ones who played the action game could actually read faster and more accurately. Impressive!

  • Video games improve multi-tasking

The intensive situation awareness and management needed when playing computer games like Call of Duty seem to improve gamers’ ability to deal with visual and auditory distractions simultaneously. This might seem obvious but it really does help with real life productivity. 

Developing multi-tasking is a great everyday skill to master. It helps productivity in general. This will spill over to the real-world applications, at home, and in the workplace.

  • Shoot them ups improve eyesight

A 2009 study by the University of Rochester found that shooting ‘bad guys’ can actually improve your vision. Players who enjoyed ‘wasting’ pixelated enemies in games like Unreal Tournament 2004 or Call of Duty had a boost in their contrast sensitivity function. This is the ability to discern subtle changes in brightness of the image. Makes complete sense. What’s more, this is one of the first visual skills to diminish over time. The researchers also believe that video games could be used in the future to help as an aid to correct bad eyesight. 

  • Video games improve our problem-solving 

It is not yet clear whether computer games improve general intelligence but they certainly seem to help teach us new skills and reinforce them. This doesn’t necessarily mean you are getting smarter though. 

There are some games that are designed with problem-solving, critical thinking and reading comprehension built in. Of course, there is also a large swathe of educational apps and games for children of all ages too.

  • Computer games help you ‘level-up’ in general

Whether or not you are a hardcore gamer, perhaps treating life like a computer game could improve your general quality of life. It could, for example, improve your fitness or help you fulfill your goals. If you were to think of yourself as a character starting at levels 1 you might be able to identify areas in need of improvement. 

Work in those abilities and keep track of your progress. Why not then, gamify just about every aspect of your life. Use the strategies you’ve developed in games and apply them in real-life to reach your goals (or defeat that boss). The world is your oyster, as they say. Get out there and improve your everyday skills.

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