Girls gaming facts


Many people still consider gaming a male pursuit,but that is an error that could make many marketers miss an opportunity.Gaming nowadays is the maximum amount for girls as men.

On some devices, there are more female players than men; for example, on smartphones in the UK 60% of girls aged 10-15 play games on their device, compared to 55% of boys of the same age.Cast aside the recent stereotype ,ladies area unit currently the bulk among games users.

But as characters and creators they’re still mostly absent.

When it comes to digital gaming and who games more, men or women, the outlook towards it has generally been myopic. There is a strong gender bias that subscribes to the notion that gaming is largely popular among men. Therefore, you can be forgiven for thinking that even mobile gaming is a male-dominated activity, but you could not be more wrong, especially when it comes to India.

  • According to a recent study by Mauj Mobile titled within India’s Gamers, 50% of women display multi-platform gaming behavior when compared to 67% of males
  • Although they account for less than common fraction of the mobile web users in urban Republic of India, women spend twice as much time on mobile games than men
  • 59% of them area unit within the cohort of thirty as opposition solely pure gold of male mobile gamers WHO area unit from constant cohort
  • 63% of the women mobile gamers play daily.
  • 98% of them play once reception whereas twenty fifth of them play whereas traveling.

Again for people who suppose that the upper quantity of vice activity reception would recommend that almost all of those gamers would be home-bound, only 46% of these female

mobile gamers were home makersThis means that for marketers reading this, when it comes to mobile gaming, here’s an audience whose potential for responding to mobile marketing is very high but one that largely remains untapped.

In fact, a study by Unity suggests that forty sixth of mobile like rewarded video ads as compared to twenty ninth for full screen opening and 2 hundredth for banner ads.

Therefore, it is time to shift focus to the feminine mobile vice population of the country as a result of they’re the key to unlocking a replacement level of success in mobile selling.

  • Platforms and Discovery

Looking at the gender and age divide of all gamers, we see that 46% of gamers across these 13 countries are women. While men make up the majority of gamers, with men aged 21-35 comprising 20%, the gap between the two genders in the overall games market is narrow. However, different platforms have varying levels of popularity among the genders. Mobile games are almost equally popular among men and women, with 52% and 48% playing mobile games more than once a month, respectively.

In distinction, 48% and 37% of men play on laptop and console a minimum of once a month, severally, compared to 35% and 23% of ladies.

On the surface, there are clear differences in the way men and women discover games.

For feminine gamers, social circles are a unit key, with 39% of them discovering a game through friends or family, and 20% through social networks.

For men, a relatively low 27% discover games through friends or family.

Instead, 26% of men discover new titles through review or game sites and pure gold through on-line video channels.

  •  It has been suggested that video games with female heroes don’t sell as much

According to the Electronic recreation style and analysis (EEDAR), “there’s a sense in the industry that games with female heroes won’t sell.” In effect, these kinds of games receive smaller budgets than games with male heroes.

In fact, games with female-only protagonists receive solely 40% of the budget assigned for games with male-only protagonists.

But take a look at Ms. Pac-Man.Not solely is she the primary feminine protagonist in the associated arcade game, she is also the most successful American-produced arcade game.

Two things are great about Ms.Pac-Man: she started solely as an associate improvement kit for the male Pac-man, and he or she didn’t get to embark her garments to sell games.

Now that’s girl power right there.

  • Female characters are typically sexualized, and that they have an impression on feminine gamers

Studies have shown that sexualized feminine characters in video games have an impression on the vanity of feminine gamers.

It has been found that feminine gamers establish with their characters and base their appearances on them.If they can’t achieve the look, it has a negative effect on their self-confidence.

  • There are many of them

This is pretty basic, however did you recognize that 1/2 all gamers are females?According to a study by the amusement computer code Association last year, forty fifth of gamers and forty sixth of habitual computer game purchasers are ladies.

Magid Advisors also found that 70% of girls aged 12 to 24 play video games.

In the UK, there are literally a lot of feminine gamers than males!

If only developers could make a game where the damsel in distress is a man

To celebrate sturdy and powerful feminine gamers within the Philippines, the web portal GameX is launching the hunt for the GameX women, associate upper class of 5 feminine gamers WHO

will be GameX’s brand ambassadors.

The hunt for the GameX women is hospitable for all Filipino females, aged 18-24.

They have to love the GameX Facebook page wherever they’re going to register and answer questions about their dynamic play life-style.

Contestants shall be judged to support their GameX fan votes, overall impression, personality, as well as their gaming skills in an ultimate gaming battle.

The GameX women can win gadgets from MSI, exclusive GameX merchandise, access to the most well liked mobile and desktop games, and a chance to join Alodia Gosiengfiao and Bianca Yao as the brand’s social media ambassadors.

  • Gaming genres: female all-rounders versus male specialists

When we examine the categories of games that men and ladies like better to play, we again see a blend of similarities and differences in gaming habits.

Generally, both groups favor similar types of games.Men and ladies each list strategy games united in their high 3 genres on laptop, console, and mobile.

Additionally, the favored franchise on each platform is the same: Candy Crush Saga on mobile, Call of Duty on console, and World of Warcraft on PC.

  • Core gamers: women play, men pay

Finally, of gamers who consider themselves to be core, 70% are men. Core gamers are defined as those who agree that gaming is an important part of their life, that spend a significant amount of their free time gaming, and enjoy playing against or with others.

While there are more male than female core gamers, their behavior is remarkably similar. When examining the share of core gamers that play a game on a platform more than five days a week, marginally more women than men fit that definition on mobile. At most, men had a five percentage point lead over women on console and PC.

The divergence between male and female core players can be seen in spending habits. Across all segments, men are much more likely to spend than women.

The distinction is most apparent for laptop play, with 57% of core male gamers paying versus 39% of women.

Looking at ownership of peripherals among core gamers, men are more likely to own a specialist gaming mouse, keyboard, headset, and controller than women.

However, these variations are lowest, with 72% of men owning a headset versus 62% of women, for example.

Still, it is uncertain as to what extent this difference is caused by gender or by broader market trends. A quick examination of discovery methods shows that men are more likely to be influenced to play a game by a TV or online advert. This could indicate greater engagement with marketing campaigns or that campaigns are geared toward men, potentially missing an opportunity to reach women.

Furthermore, female core gamers demonstrate habits that need to be taken seriously by marketers.

Conclusion-While games businesses need to consider differences between gender behavior, they should be careful not to overblow them. Businesses should take other factors into account, such as gamer self-identification, favored platforms, and demographic information, to create the experiences that resonate with as much of their audience as possible.

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