Hitman: Sniper


Hitman: Sniper is a 2015 mobile shooting gallery video game in the Hitman series by Square Enix Montreal. As the game mainstay protagonist Agent 47, the player looks through a first-person sniper scope vision on their touchscreen device to assassinate several powerful figures who have assembled at a lakeside compound without alerting their associates. The player uses the environment to find creative ways to kill these targets, sometimes prompted by secondary objectives. Through mission progression, the player unlocks more powerful weapons and new weapon abilities.


The game was announced at the 2014 Electronic Entertainment Expo as an extension of the Sniper Challenge promotional minigame from Square Enix’s 2012 Hitman: Absolution. After a long Canadian soft launch, Square Enix released Hitman: Sniper for Android and iOS platforms on June 4, 2015, to generally favorable reviews. Some reviewers praised the cleverness and minimalism of its puzzle design, and others wanted more variety from its activity-dense scenarios. In free post-launch updates, Square Enix added a zombie defense game mode, new weapons, and a seasonal Halloween theme. A year after its release, Hitman: Sniper remained Square Enix Montreal’s biggest revenue generator, and helped to fund the studio’s Go series, for which it is better known.


In Hitman Sniper you are not a simple killer, nor a mercenary. You are a hit man, which makes you in charge of killing important targets in the most effective and discrete way possible. Said that, it’s no surprise that in order to accomplish your tasks you must gather a series of skills and create your own strategies to do so. BlueStacks can help you with that. And a lot! Forget about the tiny screen and take your whole experience to another level on the big screen of your PC. Have the agility of your mouse and the easiness of your keyboard to help you complete your assassinations in a much more stable and faster way. Dith the clumsy and complicated controls. Play Hitman Sniper on Windows XP, 7, 8, 10 and be prepared to have your name written in the hall of best silent assassins ever known! With BlueStacks you can download and use a great variety of apps and games available in Google Play. Sign in, find the app you want in the search box, download and it’s done! Simple like that! Real gaming freedom awaits for you in BlueStacks!


Step into the shoes of Agent 47 in Hitman: Sniper and discover the most compelling sniper experience. Best Technology – Canadian Video Game Awards 2015


Strike with strategic shooting skills, fulfilling your duty to orchestrate the perfect assassination kill shot.


Call on non-stop shooting action as a zombie hunter, in a true battle of your skills and speed of execution.


Improve your strike skills on mobile for the perfect assassination as you uncover secrets and subterfuges in this fun game.


Awesome and smooth graphics that make for addictive gameplay on top of a thrilling story.


Eliminate targets, collect weapon parts and complete blueprints to unlock the most powerful guns.


Boost your score and climb up the contract killer ranks classic with classic creative hitman kills to become the world’s finest silent assassin.

How the game developed?

Hitman: Sniper is an extension of the Sniper Challenge promotional minigame from Square Enix’s 2012 Hitman: Absolution.The team also sought to explore the benefits of not having to move a character around an in-game world.The game originally designed as a “massive, premium game” for the iPad, with an above-average price point, before it transitioned to a free-to-play concept supported solely by player microtransactions.Though the latter remains in the final game, Square Enix ultimately chose to charge players for the final product,between the two concepts.

Square Enix announced Hitman: Sniper at the 2014 Electronic Entertainment Expo, where a demo was on display. The title was originally planned for release in 2014. After a long soft launch in Canada, Hitman: Sniper released for iOS and Android platforms on June 4, 2015.

Like a free-to-play game, it continued to receive updates years after its release.A free post-launch update in June 2016 added a zombies mode,Death Valley Challenge Mode,wherein the player defends a human against encroaching zombies as he attempts to repair his car. The addition has three levels of difficulty and additional weapon upgrades and player achievements.Later that year, Square Enix Montreal added a Halloween theme and a limited-edition crossbow weapon with special abilities such as making a target’s ghost into the player’s ally.


The game received “generally favorable” reviews, according to video game review aggregator Metacritic.Gamezebo named the title among the best mobile games released in June 2015. Reviewers praised the cleverness and minimalism of its puzzle design,but wanted more variety from its activity-dense scenarios.They noted how they came to know the characters intimately after memorizing each character’s routes and remembering how they respond to different kinds of coaxing.This predictability felt great, the TouchArcade reviewer wrote, when he could instinctively respond to new combinations of targets, but as a trade-off, the game mechanics quickly became repetitive.The Gamezebo reviewer felt otherwise, and commended how the game’s setting, despite its consistency, remained fresh and exciting as new targets and complications were added.Pocket Gamer’s reviewer found the game’s alternative methods for killing targets through “traps and tricks” to be the game’s most interesting element.

The Gamezebo reviewer had special praise for the game’s sound design and how it was used to clue the player into puzzle solutions.TouchArcade commended how the game’s sparse story unfolded by watching the assassination targets go about their time at the compound. The reviewer also noted that his suspension of disbelief was broken when characters would eventually return to partying after reacting to a gunshot, but suggested that the game’s Easter eggs redeemed its psychopathic qualities.Pocket Gamer wrote that the game did not reach the heights of the series’ situational humor in hiding bodies stealthily.Other criticism included Gamezebo, which blamed the sports core multiplier ability for breaking the balance of the game.TouchArcade thought that the sport played better on the tablet iPad than on the smaller iPhone, and praised the feature that synced game progress, since Apple’s iCloud service was known for its struggle to successfully implement the same feature.Despite Square Enix Montreal being best known for its Go series, Hitman: Sniper was the studio’s biggest revenue generator. As its most lucrative title, the game helped to fund the development of the Go series.

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