• Payback 2 may be a third-person action game that invites you to enjoy plenty of different minigames, all of them centered around weapons and speed. You’ll just as easily be seated behind the steering wheel of a huge truck or in front of a rival gang using your machine gun.
  • The gameplay in Payback 2 could remind you of something you’ve seen within the grand larceny Auto, Saints Row and other similar sagas. The main difference is that rather than being inside an enormous open city where you’ll freely move around, you’ll have a cushty mission menu where you’ll choose exactly what you want to play.
  • Some of the missions in Payback 2 are races and you’ll find a bunch of various ones: taxi races, trucks races, luxury car races, etc. You could also prefer to face a rival gang and check out to urge as many enemies as you will . To complete your mission you’ll use: vehicles, machine guns, grenades, knives, etc.
  • Payback 2 may be a really fun action game that gives plenty of variety in settings, game modes, vehicles and weapons. You can also customize your character using the most menu by choosing between dozens upon dozens of skins and other accessories.


The original Payback game was released in 2009, and focused on single-player gameplay.[6] In creating the sequel, Payback 2, the team decided to change things up, including dropping the original’s game engine in favor of one creating better graphics, and putting a new emphasis in multiplayer gameplay

When it was released, TouchArcade praised the game for being a competent Grand Theft Auto clone, but criticized its lack of a story.Slide2Play was less enthusiastic, claiming that the game “still has issues with its basic design. Winning a race is literally as easy as pushing forward,it’s hard to target the (other) bad guys in the game’s on-foot shooting mission.Shooting is also made difficult by the fact that everybody on-screen is tiny and seems to blend in with the dull environments.”Multiple journalists noted having issues connecting, or finding, people to play with online as well.However, lots of these issues have been fixed by now.

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