PC gaming vs mobile gaming


The video gaming drift is accelerating its pace withdrawing movies and television. The global games revenue will climb to $137.9 billion in 2018 and reach $180 billion in 2021.

  • The mobile gaming industry is a total record breaker. With an ever-growing number of smartphone users expected to go over 5 billion in 2018 (considering the world’s population is 7.6 billion), it is no wonder social and casual mobile games win wider audiences.
  • This steady growth is fractionally energized by the effect of the Asian countries, China, South Korea, and Japan. They generate the largest revenues from mobile games and place 1st on the list of the global gaming market leaders. 
  • In difference to Europe, Asian gamers are more likely to acquire smartphone games, not PCs or consoles.
  • Tencent Holdings, the Chinese entertainment monster, earned $15.6 billion from its online games, while Blizzard Entertainment, the US-based game development company, boasted only $2.13 billion in net profit.
  • This dominance lead to intense mobile gaming vs pc gaming competition.

Differences between Mobile gaming vs PC gaming

  • In the last few years of time, mobile devices have undergone remarkable changes.
  • Their processors have become more powerful, and 
  • RAM sizes have increased at warp speed. 
  • This has brought them close to being competitive with PCs, especially when mobiles devices began using the cloud. 
  • With the abundance of devices developed, a gamer simply seals his mobile phone into the docking station connected to a large screen and enjoys the game as if it was launched on a PC.
  • Mobile screens size and resolution has increased. 
  • It has become possible to play games only available on computers a few years ago. Grand Theft Auto Vice City, Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, and XCOM Enemy Within are among the most popular PC and console games ported to mobile platforms.
  • These breakthroughs cannot fully replace PCs. The mobile games vs pc games resistance is incoherent when talking about triple-A games testing supercharged hardware. 
  • The games as Battlefield, FIFA, Need for Speed, or Witcher require high power and huge-definition displays to run smoothly. Currently, handheld device makers cannot exhibit as much power as PC or сonsole makers can.
  • The PC gaming industry keeps going mobile, while mobile and console games expand their reach through PCs. 
  • This cross platform approach seems to work well for increasing revenues. 
  • This is the case with Grand Theft Auto V. Released for consoles, it was a success until the hype settled down. Once that happened, the game developer released a PC version packed with updates.

PC Gaming vs Mobile Gaming and 4K Technology

  • One of the latest movements in video games is 4K technology. It allows gamers to have an extremely authentic experience with the total number of pixels exceeding  the value of 8 million.
  • In fact, all the newest monitors and laptops are stocked with 4K-ready displays. 
  • A great number of casual and pro gamers love to use these monitors showing crisper images and more details.
  • When it comes to the mobile gaming vs PC gaming battle, PCs seem to be in a better position. 
  • 4K displays have long been the norm for TV, laptops, and PCs. What is more, the latest updates are 1st adopted and tested via displays with large dimensions and multiple screen resolutions that are supported. 
  • 4K displays require extensive processing capacity from graphics cards, which can be achieved on PCs but rarely on mobile phones.
  • One of the 1st phones having this feature was the Sony Xperia Z5 Premium.Its battery went low 2 times faster when a 4K video was running. To support this technology, a mobile device needs higher processing power otherwise there might be dented screen backlighting due to its inability to handle millions of pixels at a time.
  • Furthermore, mobile phones powered by 4K technology have not become popular yet; mobile gaming development does not include this feature on their roadmap. It is as simple as that.

Technologies and Software for PC Gamers and Mobile Devices

  • The advancements made in the mobile gaming development drive changes in PCs and consoles. Pokemon Go has made AR and VR technologies incredibly popular.
  • The industry revenues are expected to make $2.2 billion in the year 2018. 
  • Sony has single-handedly shipped 3 million PlayStation VR headsets. VR headsets for mobile devices are even more sought-after. 
  • Samsung had sold about 5 million Gear VR headsets by the end of 2017.

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