• Standoff 2 may be a multiplayer, Counter-Strike style FPS during which two teams bully off inside relatively small settings. All the maps are clearly supported Counter-Strike maps, like Dust 2 or Italy, but at a reduced size that creates the sport experience far more frantic.
  • The system of Standoff 2 is basically well adapted to touchscreens, with a virtual d-pad on the left side of the screen and therefore the gun’s crosshair on the proper . By default, your weapon’s shooting button appears on each side of the screen which makes the action easier for you.
  • Standoff 2’s main game mode may be a Deathmatch, during which two teams battle against one another for five minutes. Unlike the first Counter-Strike, you simply need to wait five seconds to respawn if you’re killed. In total, Standoff 2 has three games modes, all with unique features.
  • Standoff 2 may be a really fun 3D online FPS, with great graphics and a lot of different weapons. The best part? All the weapons are unlocked from the get-go, so you can find your favorite and use it immediately.
  • The legendary “Standoff” is back within the sort of a dynamic first-person shooter!
  • New maps, new sorts of weapons, new game modes are expecting you in this incredible action game, where terrorists and Special Forces get to engage the battle not for life, but to death.

The game is at the beta-testing stage at this moment:

  • 6 maps
  • 3 game modes (“Deathmatch”, “Defuse the bomb”, “Arms race”)
  • Friends
  • Lobbies
  • Messaging
  • Trades between players
  • HUD and crosshair customization
  • Text chat
  • A lot of fun!

Next features:

  • New game modes (“Capture the flag”, “Robbery”)
  • Competitive games (“Defuse the bomb”)
  • Tournaments
  • New models of knives, grenades, new weapons
  • More maps and skins
  • Skins and exchange between players
  • Voice chat

Key Plans for 2020

  • They launched the ranking system and Competitive mode. Now, starting at profile level 5, every player can participate in this special mode and earn a rank that reflects their skills.
  • Standoff 2 received a brand-new visual interface that’s more flexible and easier to use. Now you can, for example, view other players’ stats and move freely from one section of the main menu to another without losing your place in the lobby.
  • Players can now add spectators to private and friends-only lobbies or independently select the Spectator role in public matches.
  • Players can now create their own clans and invite friends to them.
  • 120 fps support was added.
  • A new mechanics was added: tagging, which reduces movement speed when taking damage.
  • Directional audio was improved. Thanks to the addition of obstruction, it is now easier to tell where a sound source is coming from.
  • The weapons added before 2019 received updated inspection animations and improved firing and reloading animations.
  • New weapon models were added: USP, TEC-9, FS, MP7, FNFAL, and M110.
  • There was an addition to the list of maps for dynamic modes: the Arena map returned in an updated form.
  • The dynamic modes themselves also received an addition: the Sniper Duel mode.
  • The teams’ arsenal was partially divided into certain models that can now only be purchased by one side or the other.
  • Over the course of the year we held three special events that included theme-based modes and content.
  • Large-scale update to third-person animations


The addition of Competitive mode gave them the massive responsibility of creating the best possible balance in locations for holding matches. They have been painstakingly gathering statistics of the map selection and win-loss ratios of both teams, measuring timings and keeping up with your feedback.

This year they are getting to perform a large-scale operation to urge the old Standoff 2 maps up to competitive standards, collaborating with active tournament participants and taking advantage of the experience we have accumulated. The hammer of rebalance and redesign will take over both the maps for the defuse mode and dynamic modes.

In between updates of the classics, they are going to please you with new maps.

The first result of this operation could be the anticipated return of an early map.

Clan development

  • In 0.11.0 version of Standoff 2 they added the option to create your own clan, adjust it to your preferences, invite people to join it, and assign roles to them. This made it possible for people to form groups within the game.
  • One of there primary goals for this year is to expand the role and feature set of the clan concept. For example, such things as clan statistics, clan leaderboards, and the option to battle other clans may be added.
  • Switching to client-server architecture

Here is a brief rundown of what client-server architecture will allow them to do:

  • Protect players against most methods of game client hacking.
  • Increase how frequently information about players’ actions is updated (tick rate).
  • Stream matches within the game.
  • Record matches.
  • View replays after a kill (killcam).
  • Reduce traffic consumption.
  • Add bots to matches.


Switching to a new network architecture was not the only thing they had to delay to 2020.Last year all their efforts were focused on establishing Standoff 2 competitive core, so the development of the Workshop did not get enough attention.However, they have already got competitive matches up and running, so now they are one step closer to adding user maps and skins.


They spent all year analyzing trading relationships among players and decided that there are a lot of risks associated with the chance of rare items plummeting in value or underground markets being created based on the exchange system.

In order to avoid these kinds of problems, they have decided to delay the addition of the trades and make corrections to how it works based on potential risks.

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