People celebrate their birthdays in different ways. Birthday parties are small occasions and children wait for their birthdays. How the birthday is celebrated varies from person to person.

Rich celebrate in a grand way while the middle class and poor people celebrate in a simple way.

My views on how to celebrate a birthday!

  1. First thing you can do is cut a cake at sharp 12 AM. The flavor can be chocolate but it varies from person to person. This will make the person or kid excited and happy.
  2. There can be some soft music and a dance after cutting the cake.
  3. Prepare the gift from before and ask the person or kid what they want. If the thing you brought matches with the wish of the person it is well and good, otherwise you can give them both the things.
  4. In the morning take blessings from the elder people in the house and then all of you can go to the temple to take blessings from God.
  5. Distribute food such as biscuits, chocolates, clothes, bread and other items to poor people and also take blessing from them.
  6. Don’t rush out of the temple, sit there for some time.
  7. Have breakfast in a good restaurant.
  8. After completing breakfast, you can watch a movie and also take the kid and person to the place which he is interested in.
  9. Set a goal for the next year.
  10.  In the evening there can be friends and relatives gathering with again cutting a cake.
  11. In the night put positive things in the mind of the person.

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