This is a story of a drunkard Sameer and full of life Meera. Meera is very beautiful. She has long hair,beautiful eyes that have deep emotions and a smile which will make you fall in love with her.

Sammer is a drunkard. He just smokes and drinks. They both met in a college in Delhi.

New Delhi

Sameer is the silent type of a person. He doesn’t speak to anyone. He attends his lectures and leaves the college without speaking  with anyone. Meera is full of life. She meets everyone,helps out everyone. They both are totally of opposite nature. Sameer is from a small village and Meera is from beautiful Kashmir.

It was during one course they met. The professor put them in the same group to make a presentation. Sameer as usual came to the college drinking. Meera has called him to make a presentation. He said yes to everything and didn’t smile for once also. Meera noticed through his eyes that he was in immense pain. Wound which was not visible. She tried to make him laugh but all in vain. They both made the presentation and left.

Meera couldn’t sleep the whole night. She just thought about Sameer. Sameer as usual took whisky and slept but Meera decided to know what he was going through and make his life more colorful and cheerful.

They both again met in college. Meera asked Sameer to go with her to Chandni Chowk. He first refused but she insisted again and again. He finally agreed. She took him to a shop where they sell birds. She took two birds along with the cage and released the birds. The pigeons fly high in the air. She smiled and asked Sameer to open the other cage which has two pigeons. Sameer listened to her and did it. There were tears in the eyes of Meera of joy. They both left that day.

There were questions in Sameer’s mind as to why she was doing that! He was curious to meet her next day. Meera the next day came in a pink dress. She was looking extremely beautiful. He asked her why she made him do that. The reply given by Meera changed the life of Sameer forever. Many many years before there was Pegambur Mohammed who used to buy slaves at a higher cost and release them free. The joy of the slave who was set free will give his soul peace. He continued to do that again and again, till every slave was set free.

Nowadays there are no slaves, soo i set pigeons free to give peace to my soul. Meera said i have seen you in pain so i wanted to give you peace and happiness. Sameer felt that last night he slept well and he didn’t need to drink.

Sameer told Meera that today also people are slaves. She asked where? He said everyone is a slave. She said are you mad? He said yes people are slaves, slaves of their ego,slaves of jealousy,slaves of showoff, slaves of their emotions. Meera asked how they will be set free. He replied by doing good to others. He said by eradicating ego. Meera suddenly asked why do you drink daily. He said the girl he loved died in an accident. He just was not able to overcome it. God was watching everything from above and he only connected them. Meera and Sameer fall in love with  each other but they don’t get married.

Next article will tell why they didn’t get married..The story continued to Dubai…

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