Various type of people

  1. Manipulators- These are the kind of people who will manipulate everything you say and everything you do for their own benefit. They will handle you by saying “you are right”. These people are emotionless and do everything for their benefit. BEWARE OF THEM. They are everywhere just to hurt you. They will cheat you for money and other things also. They will always say that they have many problems and try to extract money and other things from you. They pretend to be friends but they are actually not friends.
  2. Tit for tat- They will do exactly the same as you do to them. These people will not help you in any circumstances. If you give them favor they will return it back. If you do wrong they will also do wrong. These types of people will not back stab you.
  3. Takers-  Keep distance from them. They will just ask everything from you. It is their habit and their character also is depicted from it. They don’t sleep well.
  4. Givers- They are very good people who will help you in the times of need. These types of people sleep well at night.
  5. Golden hearted- They are rarely found. If you find one, don’t lose them. They are your real friends and companion for life.
  6. Will speak bad but will do good- They are also good people but rarely anyone understands them. They are kind hearted as well.
  7. Silent- They will not speak anything but may do good or do bad. We have to use our wisdom to check these types of people.
  8. Courageous- They are leaders.
  9. People who have blessings of God- Rarely found. Some call them lucky. They are like eagles flying high in the sky. Every work of them is just done.
  10. Transparent- what they are inside, they are outside. These type of people always taste success in life.

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