Twitch : How to become a streamer, Dos and Don’ts, how to make money on twitch??


Twitch’s biggest streamers are a new reproduce of Internet celebrity, with a company of committed fans who tune in daily to watch them control Fortnite matches or hilariously scream their way through horror games. Many of these personalities have an invocation of sponsors and hundreds of thousands of social media followers — two traits more typical of a pro athlete than someone who plays video games for a living.

How to become a streamer??

Initially a program is needed to start and there isn’t a better free option than Streamlabs OBS. It is free of cost and saves all your graphics and layouts to the cloud and it can do nearly everything a steamer is used to seeing on your favorite streams. It’s also extremely easy to use to set up and customize the look of your stream.

Things needed to Become a Twitch Streamer

  • We need a good Computer.Twitch recommends having at least an Intel Core i5-4670 processor (or its AMD equivalent), 8GB of RAM and Windows 7 or newer.We need 2 PCs at once respectively one for gaming and another for broadcasting.
  • A Twitch account
  • Streaming Software-The two most commonly used streaming programs are Open Broadcasting Software (OBS), which is completely free, and XSplit, which has a highly intuitive interface but requires a paid subscription in order to use its key features.
  • Microphone and Camera
  • Streaming from Consoles-Xbox One and PS4 let you stream directly from your console, without any extra devices or software. 

What else required??

  • Consistency– It is important to set good habits every time you stream. It is important to build an audience.
  • It’s great to go live– It’s better when people know you are alive. Tweet that you are streaming, tell your Facebook friends.You may not have many followers, but that’s because you just started and the only way to get support is to make your presence known. Viewership can sometimes have a snowball effect, so even if your first five viewers are just your friends, the next five won’t be.
  • Make some friends and be interactive
  • What sets Twitch streams apart from other forms of entertainment is that the audience is almost always a key part of the experience. All Twitch broadcasts are accompanied by a chat room, which allows streamers to interact directly with the people who support them.
  • Be Patient, and Have Fun!

How to make money on twitch??

  • Subscriptions-Users can subscribe to streamers’ channels for $4.99 a month.The $2.50 will go to Twitch, while the remaining $2.49 goes directly to the Twitch affiliate or partner.
  • Enable Ad Streaming To Your Account
  • Create Merchandise
  • Research Sponsored Streaming Opportunities
  • Video game developers want two things. First, they want to develop the best game on the market and second, they want to get their game into the hands of people who will help it be seen all over the globe.  
  • Become a Twitch Partner-If you have been a user of Twitch for a while you will know that becoming a partner is the ultimate goal.
  • Allow Your Followers to Donate-Believe it or not, there are many twitch users who are more than willing to make a donation to an individual streaming user if it means keeping their favorite channel alive.
  • Don’t Forget About Twitch Bits-Much like streaming advertisements, Twitch bits are not going to make you money overnight. 
  • Add Affiliate Links-Bloggers all over the world make six-figure income per month through affiliate marketing. And, while that is amazing, the great news is that Twitch users have the ability to do the same.  

Other ways-

1. Live video game

Twitch.TV is first and foremost the home of eSports, so expect the competition among gamers are always on an all-time-high.

But, if you’ve mastered a particular game and have the personality to match, there’s a good chance you’ll succeed in competing with older, more popular streamers.

2. Speedrun

Speedrunning is the same as livestreaming any game, except that the goal of “speedrunners” is to complete an entire level or a whole game as fast as possible.

3. Host Talk Shows

Twitch.TV also hosts people with a skill in broadcasting.

4. Play at Casinos

5. Radio-style stream

It’s not as famous as gaming, but the Twitch Music category is a goldmine for anyone looking to create content or just chill.

6. Perform Music

7. Play Magic: The Gathering

The cool thing about live streaming is that even physical games like Magic: The Gathering can be broadcasted from your home.

8. Live IRL-Twitch opened the IRL category to a ton of criticisms, but once the initial shock had passed, many existing Twitch streamers welcomed the idea and used it themselves as downtime, non-game streaming.

9. Social Eat

Social Eating was one of the “Creative” sub-categories Twitch launched in mid-2016 in its goal of expanding from just the number one gaming streaming site to an all-around streaming site.Simply put, streamers get to eat live and “share their meals with the community.”

10. Go to Work

11. Wrestle-They’ve got several big companies already involved and have partnered with the likes of IMPACT! Wrestling and House of Hardcore to grow a Twitch community around wrestling.

12. The Get Creative-The Twitch Creative category is like a rabbit hole filled with streamers providing some of the coolest or weirdest projects in the world.

Dos (for the users of Twitch):

  1. All the laws whether local, national & international must be respected.
  2. Entirely original work/content must be promoted that could be copyright protected.
  3. Stick to applicable copyright laws including fair use.
  4. Obtaining all required rights before broadcasting.

Don’ts (for the users of Twitch):

  1. Don’t put any content or activity featuring any activity which is against the law.
  2. Don’t indulge in targeted persecution, threats and violence against others which include both users and nonusers.
  3. Don’t indulge covering someone else’s music, lip-syncing/impersonation on Twitch Creative.
  4. Don’t publish content that exclusively focuses on extreme violence.
  5. Don’t promote unofficial rebroadcasts and/or other copyright violations.

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