Meera made a cup of black coffee and was watching the sky. She asked God why? The rain started. Sameer loved rain. He was having a bottle of whiskey in his hand. He was having tears in his eyes which no one could watch as it was raining heavily. He was remembering Nisha, the girl who was no more. 


Nisha and Sameer met in school. They both were in different sections. Nisha was in commerce section and Sameer in science section. Sameer was excellent in studies and Nisha was an average student. Sameer loved cricket and Nisha was a very good basketball player. Only thing that was common in both was that they both were excellent in dance. Sameer liked Nisha but was never able to tell her. Sameer and Nisha had to represent their school in a dance competition which included 16 schools. Sameer was very happy not because of the competition( i hope you guys understood). 

Sameer’s mother said that today you woke up on your own, what is the reason? Sameer replied that you will not understand. He reached school early as they had to rehearse for the dance. He was waiting for Nisha and when she came, there was a lot of excitement and happiness inside Sameer. Nisha was looking worried but Sameer wasn’t able to ask her. He finally went to her and asked her “is she ok?”. She said I am fine and then the dance teacher came. They decided on the songs to rehearse.

Sameer understood that she had some trouble but wasn’t able to ask her for a few days. They slowly and slowly became friends. It was Nisha’s birthday (4th of july) and she also invited Sameer along with other friends of hers. Sameer told her that he will be late as he has to go for coaching for preparation of IIT. She said you can come late also. Sammer tried to leave early from his coaching but was not able to leave as the tutor did not allow him. He teached on that day till 10 PM. Sameer rushed to reach her house. He has bought a Taj Mahal for her. Taj Mahal is a symbol of love. He reached her flat and before ringing the bell, he heard sounds of fight. He didn’t care and finally ranged the bell. The door did not open. He rang again but the door still did not open. He stood there and the door opened. A man left the house in anger. Nisha arrived at the door and he asked Sameer to come in. The birthday party was over. She brought cake for Sameer which she has kept for him. Sameer wished her and gave the gift to her. Sameer finally asked her what had happened and why she was always worried. She replied that she will tell him in school.

They both came early to school. There were tears in the eyes of Nisha. Sameer felt the pain. He asked her to tell him everything. She said that her parents fight everyday. From her childhood, she has seen that. Nisha’s father used to beat her mother. She told him that her father is having an affair with one lady and he spends money on her. When her mother asks not to spend on her and to take care of them, he beats her badly. Nisha started crying badly. Sameer consoled her and decided to fill her life with happiness.

The dance rehearsal started. The name of the group was “Samik” which means peace. The Samik group did very well in the competition and they reached the finals. Sameer decided to propose Nisha on the day of the finals. There were the  last performances of the 5 finalists. They performed well. The judges finally came on the stage and announced the winners. There was fear in the heart of Sameer that if he loses, he will not propose to Nisha as she will again get sad. He started praying to God and Judges announced that the Samik group had won. Sameer asked the mike from one of the judges and bent down on one knee and proposed Nisha. Nisha started crying and held his hand. He hugged Nisha and said to her that he cannot live without her. Nisha replied she also loved him a lot.

Meera listened very carefully to what Sameer told her. She asked Sameer to change his clothes and gave the clothes of her elder brother. She asked Sameer what happened next. 

The story will continue inn 3rd article….DUBAI to GERMANY to USA….Sameer n Meera 

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