Meera finished the coffee and it was 12 AM. She checked the date and it was 4th July. She felt the pain of Sameer as it was Nisha’s birthday. She went running to Sameer and gave him a tight hug. She has many questions in her heart about what happened next and how Nisha died! She wanted to ask Sameer how such a beautiful love story turned into a pain story. She asked Sameer why he remains so alone and didn’t talk to anyone. “Loneliness is not killing you” she asked Sameer. He replied that he has friendship with loneliness and he hears the voice of Nisha. Sameer was crying a lot. 

Sameer picked Nisha from her home everyday for School. They both were very happy. Slowly Nisha was smiling a lot. Smile which was missing from her face for years was there because of Sameer. They used to plan their future, plan their present. Whole school knew that they were in love. Nisha always asked Sameer that  he should never leave her. She said to Sameer that she cant be able to live without him. She bought a beautiful Timex watch for Sammer which he liked a lot. 

Sameer noticed in the Timex watch that it is 12 AM and it’s Nisha’s birthday. He asked Meera whether she is going to come along with him. Meera and Sameer went to  the shop and Meera picked up many eatables in good quantity. She asked Sammer to pick more and more. They picked chocolates, biscuits,chips,toys and other things which kids like. She bought a big cake. They both came back home and cut the cake and Sameer finally had a smile on his face. Meera took Sameer to an orphanage in the morning where they distributed all the things. Sameer felt relieved. Meera also asked everyone to pray for Nisha. After spending time in the orphanage, She took Sameer to a cloth store where they bought Sarees, Shirts, towels and then to a grocery store where she bought eatables in a large quantity. She then took Sameer to Sai Baba temple where they distributed everything to poor people. After having darshan in Sai Baba temple, she asked Sameer to sit outside the temple. He asked why and then she replied. If any ego is left within us then our prayers will not be granted. They sat outside the temple for 20 mins and begged. Sameer was very happy.

Meera finally asked Sameer what happened? He replied that they have decided to bunk the school and go to Kanpur and buy some good leather stuff.  Kanpur was 90 kms from Lucknow. It was 2nd August Morning they bunked the school. 

Sameer and Nisha had breakfast in the morning and then decided to leave Lucknow around 9:30 AM. Sameer was driving very fast. Although Nisha was asking again and again to slow down, Sameer ignored. A car banged their bike from behind. There was blood all over Sameer’s body. He regained his balance and looked at Nisha. Sameer in broken pieces reached around Nisha. Nisha was saying that I love you a lot. She said to Sameer that “wherever he remains, whomsoever he gets married, how much money he earns but please remember that I always loved you a lot and will love you after death also. Please don’t hate me for even one second. I love you Sameer”. Sameer screamed loudly and looking towards God in the sky, he asked God to send her back. 

Nisha died in my arms. He cried and said he wasn’t able to do anything. He asked Meera to bring her back. Meera hugged Sameer tightly. There were tears in Meera’s eyes as well. A beautiful love story has ended into a painful story. Meera told Sameer that she cannot bring back Nisha but she will be with him forever. “I know you don’t want help but she is there to be with you” She said to Sameer.

Sammer went to sleep. Meera prayed to God to take out all the pain from Sameer life. She prepared food for Sameer. She decorated the house for Nisha’s birthday. Sameer when woke up was very happy. They had dinner. Sameer showed the photo of Nisha to Meera. Meera was quite surprised. She was totally amazed. Meera and Nisha resembled each other in looks(almost 95%).

Next part will take you to the story what happened next and there story in Dubai….

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