This is a very important article. An article for all the PARENTS. 

  1. From the age of 5, teach your girl child defense techniques. They can learn judo-karate, boxing, wrestling and other techniques. Make them fearless. Ask them not to fear anyone and any situation. Fearlessness inoculated in them at a small age goes with them in every phase of life.
  2. Ask them to focus on their future. Be it in studies, sports or any other field. Along with inculcating yoga in them. This will keep them physically fit.
  3. Save your child from abuse. It can happen anywhere. Be there friends. Talk to them everyday about what happened in school. Be polite with them. Don’t shout at them, otherwise they will find a friend outside. They will share their life with an outsider. That person may be good or bad.
  4. Be a child with them. Play with them. Engage them in good games. Give them good health drinks which are really good. Inculcate in them that junk food is not good for health. Only sometimes eat it.
  5. Spend money on their studies and health instead of saving every bit for their marriage. 
  6. Teach wisdom to them. Make them educated. Teach them to choose good over bad, right over wrong, truth over lie.
  7. Make your girl so capable that every success is fallen on their feet. Teach them excellence then success will surely follow them.
  8. Don’t fall easy prey to astrologers or pandits in deciding their future. Make them to trust God.

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