Mother’s love is unconditional. She bears all the pain to bring you in this world. She fights with everyone just for you. One thing that only mothers ask whether you had food or not. She empathizes with you in every situation of life. She will not eat food before giving you food. She will keep you protected. She is next to God in your life. Love your mother and take care of her.

Ways to take care of your mother:

  1. First and foremost take care of her health. Regular checkups of her. Master health check up every 6 months is a must. One thing I can suggest to you is Spirulina and Morlinga. They are herbal powder which is a good source of proteins and vitamins. Amla is also very good.
  2. Keep her stress free. Try to keep your office stress upto office only. Don’t bring it home.
  3. Don’t shout and fight with her.
  4. Take her to shopping malls and buy her all the things she wants.
  5. Take her out for a movie.
  6. She should not adjust with you, it should be vice-versa
  7. Buy her jewellery
  8. Listen to her of whatever she talks about. Dont ignore her.
  9. Take her to temples, mosques, Church and Gurudwara.
  10. Celebrate her birthday in a very  good way.
  11. Take her to other country’s as well.

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