The Professional Video Broadcasting Software Market

  • The two musketeers of the video broadcasting software world are vMix and Wirecast. Each of these packages has both strengths and weaknesses, and each is suitable for a different range of users. 
  • When it comes to choosing the live video streaming software, both vMix and Wirecast are the most popular choices for the professionals. An initial trial of both these software products were very impressive, offering an intuitive user-friendly interface, loads of settings, and supportive features to control all broadcasting operations using the computer device. However, there are some similarities and differences where you need to go with the decision-making before choosing one.

Where can you Use these Software Programs?

  • Conferences
  • Live recording and streaming meetings, processions and presentations
  • Public and Private Events
  • News report broadcasting
  • Indoor and outdoor sports
  • Educational Institutes
  • Professional Videographer
  • Games
  • Let’s Player

vMix vs. Wirecast- A Comparative Analysis


vMix is the comprehensive video production and live streaming software package that allows you to publish the live streaming videos on the internet quickly. You can stream videos on four separate overlay channels with different settings and transition effects. The software is easy to use for professionals with intermediate level efficiency allowing touch operations on iOS and Android devices from remote places with vMix Web Controller.

Features :

  • Supports a Wide Range of Hardware
  • Take videos up to 4K resolution from webcam, cameras, data storage cards and other devices. Supports various file formats allowing the synchronization of video and audio combinations. Allows the users to integrate seamlessly with web browser, make videos with PowerPoint presentations, various audio devices and much more.Customization Enhanced Transition Effects and Live Video Effects
  • You can use from 4 customizable buttons to produce transition effects in your videos or choose from the 13 available transition options- Flip, Rotate, Fade, CrossZoom, Cut, Cube, CubeZoom etc.
    vMix can process live video effects like Zoom, Rotate, Crop, Pan Deinterlace and color correction at 4:4:4 32bit color space. This allows you to produce industry standard video output.Recording Live Videos for Instant Streaming and Output Production
  • Record your videos live and stream across multiple providers simultaneously across, Facebook Live, Ustream, YouTube Live, Twitch etc.Chroma Key Supported Virtual Sets for Producing HD Videos
  • You can either choose to set up a Chroma key set or use the virtual built in Chroma blue/green set for creating or customizing videos. With the full motion zoom feature, you will be able to customize the camera positions as per needs.Customize View Positions
  • The users may use multiple camera positions to achieve multi view from different angle during live streaming. The multi view videos can also be customized separately to achieve Zoom, crop and other transition effects.Other Feature Supports
  • Live conferencing with up to 8 members on the vMix call
  • Built in templates
  • Customize playback options
  • Produce live video effects

Package Costs

vMix offers 6 different packages- Basic, Basic HD, SD, HD, 4K and Pro. The Basic version is free to use. The professionals in need of bulk live video streaming requirements can choose packages like 4K and Pro versions if preferring high quality video output results. Depending on the video quality requirement, inputs, and other features, the customers can choose a package suitable for their investments. The paid package Basic HD starts at $60 only.

System Requirements

vMix is best suited for Windows PCs with Windows 7 and above versions. The Mac OSX users can use the Desktop Capture Program.


  • High quality output results producing great 4K resolution videos
  • Plenty of video adjustment and features
  • Brand name you can trust
  • 60-days free trial


  • The costs can rise up to $1200 if you need premium features like 8 callers on the vMix call and 4 cameras for instant replays
  • Not compatible for using on Smartphones or other portable devices
  • May take some time to get easy with the settings and features

vMix Social

For event producers, providing value-added features is a major selling point. One great way to stand out is via social media integration. The COO of vMix wrote a guest blog for us recently about vMix Social, an add-on available for free. Essentially, vMix Social allows you to pull social media feeds into your live streams quickly and easily.

You will also be able to connect to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and IRC chat. You can easily add a selected comment, photo, or post as an overlay on your live stream as well.

 vMix Replay

Another great feature of vMix for sports event production is instant replay. vMix Replay allows you to select up to four cameras with which to keep a running buffer of footage. After a great moment occurs (such as a goal during a soccer match), simply click the requisite time span or manually mark the period you’d like to replay. The footage will be added as a new event. This means you can replay it at any time by double-clicking on it.


Telestream Wirecast is a comprehensive software package offering seamless video production and live on-demand broadcasting. Wirecast is recognized for the encoder that allows several high-end functions including live switching between different captured sources, producing transition effects to the videos and other features to provide a professional look to the final output.


  • Single instance live video broadcasting to multiple services
  • Use built in Chroma key and 3D graphics
  • Superior flash streaming support
  • The Wirecast Cam app allows the users to take input feeds from computer devices, cameras and other picture files.
  • Capture live videos using cameras, webcam, desktop, data card etc.
  • A range of video editing tools allow cropping, resizing, flip, rotate etc.
  • Wirecast allows streaming live videos across multiple locations simultaneously across platforms like YouTube Live, Twitch, Facebook Live, Church streaming.tv etc. The users must have an account on all these websites. Enter the username and password to start streaming instantly.

System Requirements

  • Telestream Wirecast is compatible with Windows 7 or higher versions. Also works great on Mac OS X Yosemite and OS X E. The Mac PCs must have iOS 8 or higher version.
  • Requires at least Intel Core i3 processor with 1.7GHz or higher for SD videos. To capture HD videos, an Intel Core i7 processor with 3.0 GHz or higher is essential for the best results.
  • Intel HD graphics adapter
  • 4GB RAM
  • 2GB hard disk space (extra free space required for storing the videos)

Package Costs

Wirecast has two different price packages- the Basic version at $495 and the advanced version costs $995. The company also offers premium support at $99.


  • Integrated Facebook Live support
  • For using videos on YouTube and Facebook, the users can access the Simulcast options


  • The Wirecast Pro version cost is very high
  • Requires higher Intel processors and RAM space


In terms of functionality, both vMix and Wirecast possess a set of common features. However, there are some exceptions with both these platforms in terms of configuration, pricing, system requirements etc. Both of them are good but your choices will largely depend on the convenience with the software settings, budget, computer devices and other factors. It is advisable to go for a free trial test to check your convenience with both the software before subscribing to any paid packages.

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