1. Never show your weakness to the world, because world is much interested to play with it.
  2. We always feel that we are perfect and others should be corrected. It is like cleaning the mirror instead of cleaning our face.
  3. All beautiful relationships do not depend on how well we understand someone. But it depends on how well we manage the misunderstanding.
  4. Positivity is in accepting reality, rather than living in false hopes.
  5. Your calm mind is the ultimate weapon against all your challenges. Always stay calm and relaxed.
  6. Expect more from yourself than from others, because the expectations from others hurt a lot, while expectations from yourself inspire a lot.
  7. Unexpected results and problems are a part of life. Never loose hope in any condition, because the darkness of night always ends with the light of the day.
  8. Without crossing the worst situations, no one can touch the best corners of life. Dare to face anything in life.
  9. Do it now! Sometimes later becomes never.
  10. Tears come – wipe it yourself, if other people come to wipe it, they will do business with it.

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