• The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is a 2015 action role-playing game developed and published by CD Projekt. Based on The Witcher series of fantasy novels by Andrzej Sapkowski, it is the sequel to 2011’s The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings and the third main installment in The Witcher video game series.
  • Players control protagonist Geralt of Rivia, a monster slayer (known as a Witcher) who is looking for his missing adopted daughter on the run from the Wild Hunt, an otherworldly force determined to capture her and use her powers. 
  • Players battle the game’s many dangers with weapons and magic, interact with non-player characters, and complete main-story and side quests to accumulate experience points and gold, which are used to increase Geralt’s abilities and purchase equipment. Its central story has several endings, determined by the player’s choices at certain points within the game.
  • Includes the Hearts of Stone and Blood & Wine expansions, which supply a huge 50 hours of additional storytelling also as new features and new areas that expand the explorable world by over a third!
  • Affords access to all or any additional content released thus far, including weapons, armor, side quests, game modes, and new GWENT cards!
  • Features all technical and visual updates also as a replacement interface completely redesigned on the idea of feedback from members of the Witcher Community.
  • Become knowledgeable monster slayer and start an adventure of epic proportions!
  • The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt became a moment classic, claiming over 250 Game of the Year awards. Now you’ll enjoy this huge, over 100-hour long, open-world adventure alongside both its story-driven expansions worth an additional 50 hours of gameplay. This edition includes all additional content – new weapons, armor, companion outfits, new game mode, and side quests.
  • Play as a Highly Trained Monster Slayer for Hire
  • Trained from infancy and mutated to realize superhuman skills, strength and reflexes, witchers are a distrusted counterbalance to the monster-infested world during which they live.
  • Gruesomely destroy foes as knowledgeable monster hunter armed with a variety of upgradeable weapons, mutating potions, and combat magic.
  • Hunt down a good sort of exotic monsters, from savage beasts prowling mountain passes to cunning supernatural predators lurking within the shadowy back alleys of densely populated cities.
  • Invest your rewards to upgrade your weaponry and buy custom armor, or spend them on horse races, card games, fist fighting, and other pleasures life bring.
  • Track Down the kid of Prophecy during a Morally Ambiguous Fantasy Open World
  • Built for endless adventure, the huge open world of The Witcher sets new standards in terms of size, depth, and complexity.
  • Traverse a fantastical open world: explore forgotten ruins, caves and shipwrecks, trade with merchants and dwarven smiths in cities, and hunt across open plains, amidst mountains and stumped .
  • In a time of war, hunt the kid of prophecy, a living weapon of world power whose coming was foretold in ancient elven legends.
  • Make choices that transcend good and evil and face their far-reaching consequences.


The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is an action role-playing game with a third-person perspective. Players control Geralt of Rivia, a monster slayer referred to as a Witcher. Geralt walks runs, rolls and dodges, and (for the primary time within the series) jumps, climbs, and swims. He has a sort of weapons, including bombs, a crossbow and two swords (one steel and one silver). The steel sword is employed primarily to kill humans while the silver sword is simpler against creatures and monsters. Players can prolong, switch, and sheathe their swords at will. There are two modes of melee attack; light attacks are fast but weak, and heavy attacks are slow but strong. Players can block and counter enemy attacks with their swords. Swords have limited endurance and require regular repair. In addition to physical attacks, Geralt has five magical signs at his disposal: Aard, Axii, Igni, Yrden, and Quen. Aard prompts Geralt to unleash a telekinetic blast, Axii confuses enemies, Igni burns them, Yrden slows them down and Quen offers players a short-lived, protective shield. The signs use stamina, and cannot be used indefinitely. Players can use mutagens to extend Geralt’s magic power. They lose health when attacked by enemies, although wearing armor can help reduce health loss. Health is restored with meditation or consumables, like food and potions. Players occasionally control Ciri, Geralt’s adoptive daughter who can teleport short distances. The game has responsive, advanced AI (AI) and dynamic environments.


The game is about within the Continent, a phantasy world surrounded by parallel dimensions and extra-dimensional worlds. Humans, elves, dwarves, monsters, and other creatures co-exist on the Continent, but non-humans are often persecuted for his or her differences. The Continent is caught up in a war between the empire of Nilfgaard led by Emperor Emhyr var Emreis (Charles Dance), who invaded the Northern Kingdoms and Redania, ruled by King Radovid V. Several locations appear, including the free city of Novigrad,the Redanian city of Oxenfurt, the no man’s land of Velen, the town of Vizima (former capital of the recently conquered Temeria), the Skellige islands (home to many Norse-Gaels Viking clans) and therefore the witcher stronghold of Kaer Morhen.


Geralt rejoins his long-lost lover, Yennefer, within the town of White Orchard. Yennefer tells him that Emperor Emhyr has summoned him to the town of Vizima. Emhyr tasks Geralt with finding Ciri, who has recently been seen in several places. Ciri is that the daughter of the emperor and therefore the last heir to an ancient elvish bloodline with the facility to control space and time. Geralt first hears that Ciri was in Velen at Crow’s Perch, the Bloody Baron’s fort. The baron refuses to assist, but Geralt’s acquaintance, the sorceress Keira Metz, tells him that an elvish mage was trying to find Ciri. Keira directs Geralt to the Crones of Crookback Bog: malicious, ancient spirits living near Velen. The Crones say that they captured Ciri for the Wild Hunt before she escaped and have enslaved Anna, the baron’s missing wife. Geralt returns to the baron, who tells him that Ciri visited Novigrad. He discovers that the Church of the Eternal Fire, a militant religious organization, is purging mages in Novigrad. Meeting his former lover, Triss Merigold, Geralt learns that Ciri had contacted his friend Dandelion. Geralt navigates Novigrad’s criminal underworld to rescue Dandelion and learns that Ciri teleported to the Skellige archipelago. In Novigrad, Geralt may help Triss to free fugitive mages. He sails to Skellige and rejoins Yennefer, who has been investigating a magical explosion linked to Ciri. They track Ciri to the island of Hindarsfjall, which has been attacked by the Wild Hunt. Geralt and Yennefer realize that Uma, a deformed, cursed creature at Crow’s Perch, was present after Ciri’s escape. Before leaving Skellige, Geralt can help determine who will rule Skellige after the king’s death. Yennefer severs the magical bond between her and Geralt, giving him the option of affirming or ending their relationship.


The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt was announced in 2013, then to be released for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One the following year. The release date was later delayed from the third quarter of 2014 to February 2015. After missing its planned release date of 24 February, CD Projekt Red confirmed in April that the game was released to manufacturing. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt was released worldwide on 19 May 2015. Polish Prime Minister Ewa Kopacz and President Bronisław Komorowski visited CD Projekt Red to celebrate the launch. It was distributed to retailers by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment in North America and Bandai Namco in Western Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. In addition to the quality edition, players also can purchase the Collector’s Edition, which incorporates the bottom game and items like an artbook, a statue of Geralt fighting against a griffin, and a Witcher medallion. At E3 2019, a port for the Nintendo Switch, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Complete Edition, was announced. It was developed in cooperation with Saber Interactive and was released on 15 October 2019. The port features slight graphical downgrades to catch up on the Switch’s less powerful hardware but is otherwise just like existing versions.


Before its release, over 1.5 million people pre-ordered the game. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt debuted atop the UK software sales chart in its first week when it earned 600 percent more than predecessor The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings. It was the best-selling video game of the year in the UK, breaking the record held by Battlefield Hardline. It debuted atop the Japanese video-game sales charts, selling 67,385 copies in its first week.Four million copies of the game were sold in its first two weeks of release.

By June 2015, over 690,000 players had activated the game through GOG Galaxy. The game sold over six million copies in the next six weeks and the studio made a profit of $63.3 million in the first half of 2015. In March 2016, CD Projekt Red reported that the game had shipped nearly 10 million copies worldwide. By the end of 2017, the series as a whole had sold over 33 million. By June 2019, that number had risen to over 40 million, with The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt accounting for over half that figure.

Following the discharge of the primary season of Netflix’ television series The Witcher in December 2019, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt had a 554% increase in sales that month compared to December 2018. By December 2019, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and its expansions Hearts of Stone and Blood and Wine had sold over 28 million copies worldwide.


The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt received pre-release awards at E3 in 2013 and 2014. It was voted the best role-playing game at the IGN Best of E3 Awards in 2013 and 2014. It won IGN’s E3 People’s Choice Award in 2013 and 2014, GameSpot’s E3 People’s Choice Award in 2014, and the Most Wanted Award at the 31st and 32nd Golden Joystick Awards. It was the foremost Anticipated Game at the sport Awards 2014 in Las Vegas. At release, it received over 250 “game of the year” titles, the foremost awarded at the time. By August 2016, it had received over 800 awards.

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