• An innovative news media platform built on hybrid cloud architecture, Cloud Collaboration Content Platform Solution integrating global cloud news production system uniquely consolidates traditional TV broadcasting and Internet media. The solution starts with production anywhere on through to distribution giving an entire global reach.
  • This hybrid cloud architecture-based platform has private cloud nodes deployed across countries in demand. These together build an integrated global production platform, making it possible to supply and release news anytime, anywhere.
  • This system greatly improves production efficiency because it has effectively integrated high-quality television program editing platforms with its Internet media platforms joining together branches and journalist stations from everywhere the world.
  • This very innovative solution enables global coverage, production, and distribution. One of its distinctive features is that it highly integrates traditional TV broadcasts and Internet media. Its main services cover.

Global news collaborative production

This new solution provides unified resource sharing for journalists and correspondents across the world. True collaborative production is now possible with the headquarters, regional stations, and right down to journalist stations and traveling correspondents. Everyone has access to equivalent selected topics, scripts, and video content and luxuriate inefficient services from anywhere, regardless of where they are, through the worldwide deployment of cloud nodes.

TV and Internet media production on a unified platform

  • Workflow Integration of TV and Internet media

Traditional TV production is understood for a powerful network of channels while Internet media production is far more flexible, fast, and diverse. Having workflow integration enables TV and Internet media editors to finish content production and reports with an equivalent theme by using an equivalent platform. More surprisingly, in some cases, they need even combined TV producers with Internet media producers saving on human resources and improved the news reporting efficiency.

  • Unified media content support platform

Traditional TV media and Internet media have tons in common but also their unique characteristics in content collection and management. Through a unified platform, the answer integrating global cloud news production system provides a media content support platform featuring consistent views, which serves TV and Internet media at the same time, provides consistent data and essence for both of them, offering unified searching, production and distribution tools. The key technology is that the deployment of worldwide cloud nodes enabling news producers from everywhere the planet can get the content they have quickly and effectively without geographical and spatial confines.

  • News production anytime, anywhere via the Internet

A unified content platform will now dramatically change traditional television program production, allowing more and more journalists and editors to settle on topics and edit scripts and programs on-line through their mobile devices, such as mobile phones, laptops, and tablets anytime, anywhere. For journalists and correspondents active in different parts of the world, this will break the geographical restrictions as long as Internet access is available.

Internet Media integrated production and distribution

The platform consolidates various content collection and distribution business, including UGC and PGC collection platforms, and offers support for mobile apps to meet the requirements of multi-screen distribution in addition to TV screen distribution. With such integration, traditional TV audiences won’t be confused by different information from various devices anymore. Social media interactions with studios will now closely tie in with traditional TV programs no matter the audience.

Cloud manufacturing may be a new concept extending and adopting the concept of Cloud computing for manufacturing. The aim is to rework manufacturing businesses to a replacement paradigm therein manufacturing capabilities and resources are componentized, integrated, and optimized globally. A service-oriented, interoperable Cloud manufacturing system is proposed. Service methodologies are developed to support two sorts of Cloud users, i.e., customer user and enterprise user, alongside standardized data models describing Cloud service and relevant features. Two case studies are undertaken to evaluate the proposed system. Cloud technology brings into the manufacturing industry with a variety of advantages like openness, cost-efficiency, resource sharing, and production scalability.

Google Cloud solutions-

Industry solutions

Whatever your industry’s challenge or use case, explore how Google Cloud solutions can help improve efficiency and agility, reduce cost, participate in new business models, and capture new market opportunities.

  • Retail- Keep customers happy with frictionless, personalized shopping experiences.
  • Financial services-Computing, data management, and analytics tools for financial services.
  • Healthcare and life sciences-Manage healthcare data and processes more securely with our health-specific products and solutions.
  • COVID-19 solutions for healthcare industry-Learn how Google is helping the healthcare industry meet today’s extraordinary challenges.
  • Media and entertainment-Entertain, educate, and delight your audiences worldwide.
  • Telecommunications-Serve your customers better while capitalizing on 5G and edge.
  • Cloud natives-Resources and solutions tailored to the needs of cloud-native organizations.
  • Manufacturing-Transform operations, drive growth and empower your workers with Google Cloud.
  • Energy-Multi-cloud and hybrid solutions for energy companies.
  • Government-Maximize efficiency with our smart, secure, and proven infrastructure.
  • Education-Improve student success, accelerate research and strengthen IT operations.
  • Gaming-Engage a worldwide player base with dynamic shared gaming experiences.
  • COVID-19 industry solutions-Discover tools to assist you get work done safely and securely.

Application modernization

Develop and run applications anywhere, using cloud-native technologies like containers, serverless, and repair mesh.

  • Hybrid and multi-cloud application platform

Transform your enterprise application with Anthos, our application modernization platform. Anthos gives you a consistent platform across all your deployments. Schedule an assessment to start your modernization journey.

  • Cloud-native application development

Build, run, and operate cloud-native apps with Google Cloud. Embrace modern approaches like serverless, microservices, and containers. Quickly code, build, deploy, and manage without compromising security or quality.

  • Serverless computing

Focus only on building great applications.

  • Google Cloud web hosting

Easily host a secure, reliable website on Google Cloud.

Artificial intelligence

Add intelligence and efficiency to your business with AI and machine learning.

Build and use AI

Infuse AI into workflows regardless of your level of expertise. Accelerate time to plug with AI solutions and AI building blocks, and use AI Platform to simplify building, deploying, and managing models at scale.

  • Cloud Talent Solution

Put AI to work on your hiring needs.

Business application platform

Securely unlock your data with APIs, automate processes, and make applications across clouds and on-premises without coding.

  • New business channels using APIs

Unlock new digital channels and business models by making valuable data and services available as APIs to your partners and developers. An API program fuels your ecosystem and generates new revenue sources.

  • Unlocking legacy applications using APIs

Extend the life of legacy applications, build modern services, and quickly deliver new experiences with Google’s API management platform as an abstraction layer on top of existing services.

Data management

Migrate and manage enterprise data with security, reliability, high availability, and fully managed data services.

  • Database migration

Simplify your database migration at every step of your cloud journey. Migrate to Google Cloud databases to run and manage your databases at a global scale while optimizing for efficiency and adaptability.

  • Database modernization

Modernize underlying operational databases to form your apps safer, reliable, scalable, and easier to manage. Our fully managed solutions reduce complexity and increase agility, so you can focus on innovation.

  • Open-source databases

Fully managed open source databases

Adopting open source databases can assist you to innovate faster while avoiding vendor lock-in and high licensing fees. But many enterprises remain scared of open source database complexity and lack of enterprise-grade support. At Google Cloud, we’re partnering with leading open source database vendors to form it easier for our customers to create applications and deploy safer open source databases at scale without worrying about the underlying infrastructure.

Digital transformation

Accelerate business recovery and ensure a far better future with solutions that enable hybrid and multi-cloud, generate intelligent insights, and keep your workers connected.

  • Solving for business continuity

Be prepared for the unexpected with Google Cloud solutions enabling dependable disaster recovery, secure remote work and AI-powered contact center responses.

  • Helping organizations solve for COVID-19 challenges

From video conferencing to virtual agents to remote work security, Google Cloud is committed to providing organizations tools they have to stay moving forward during this unprecedented time. Below are cross-industry and industry-specific resources that can be used to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic.

Infrastructure modernization

Migrate and modernize workloads on Google’s global, secure, and reliable infrastructure.

Active Assist

Active Assist may be a portfolio of tools that use data, intelligence, and machine learning to scale back cloud complexity and administrative toil, making it easy to optimize your cloud’s security, performance, and cost.

  • Datacenter migration

Whether you need to decommission or consolidate on-premises data centers, migrate workloads as is, modernize apps, or exit another cloud, we’ll work together to craft the right solution for you and your business.

  • SAP on Google Cloud

Maintain business continuity on a secure cloud with advanced reliability, network, and uptime performance. Drive agility and value with VM-based infrastructure, analytics, and machine learning innovations.

Productivity and collaboration

Change the way teams work with solutions designed for humans and built for impact.

  • With Cloud Search, we’re bringing the simplest of Google Search to your business and delivering true enterprise search. Whether integrated with G Suite or used as stand-alone to attach to all or any of your third-party applications and data platforms, Cloud Search helps your employees quickly, easily, and securely find information across the business.
  • Cloud Identity

A unified identity, access, app, and endpoint management (IAM/EMM) platform that helps IT and security teams maximize end-user efficiency, protect company data, and transition to a digital workspace.


Detect, investigate, and answer online threats to assist protect your business.

  • Application security

Protect your apps from fraud and abuse. User protection services help keep bad actors out of web sites and apps, ensure your customers can always get in, and warn users before they click or share infected links.

  • BeyondCorp Remote Access

Implement zero-trust access. Keep employees and your extended workforce productive wherever they’re with simple, secure access to internal applications without employing a VPN.

Smart analytics

Generate instant insights from data at any scale with a serverless, fully managed analytics platform that significantly simplifies analytics

Protect your website from fraudulent activity, spam, and abuse

  • Leverage Google security

Utilize an equivalent technology Google uses to defend many websites with additional capabilities built specifically for enterprises.

  • Protect your customers

Gain comprehensive protection against bot-based online fraud attacks while enabling real web user interactions to proceed seamlessly.

  • Adopt an enterprise-ready solution

Leverage leading terms of service, availability, and support.

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