Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 is a web action role-playing computer game developed by Massive Entertainment and published by Ubisoft. The sequel to Tom Clancy’s The Division (2016), it’s set during a near-future Washington, D.C. within the aftermath of a genetically engineered virus referred to as “Green Poison” being released, and follows an agent of the Strategic Homeland Division as they struggle to rebuild the town. the sport was released for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on March 15, 2019. It received generally favorable reviews from critics, with most noting it as an improvement over the primary installment.


Played from a third-person perspective, the sport may be a cover-based third-person shooter with up to four players having the ability to finish missions together. The game takes place in Washington D.C. seven months after its predecessor, during which a war between survivors and villainous bands of marauders breaks out. within the beginning of the sport, players create their own Division agent by customizing the character’s gender and appearance. within the game, players are equipped with different firearms, including assault rifles, sniper rifles, and Submachine guns, and explosives like grenades to defeat enemies. 

These weapons are classified into different tiers and rarity. High-quality guns are difficult to get, but they need better weapon stats and “talents” that further help boost players’ performance. The weapon stats include the subsequent 7 domains: Damage, Rounds Per Minute, Magazine Size, Accuracy, Stability, Reload Time, and Damage Drop Off. These weapons are often further customized with different attachments like scopes, iron sights, and barrel attachments. the sport features a spread of drugs and armor. Wearing gear from an equivalent brand gives players a little performance boost. As players complete missions, they gain loot and knowledge points (XP). With sufficient XP, they level up and gain SHD Tech, a currency to unlock new skills. These skills include deploying gun turrets, shields, and combat drones, or gaining access to weapons like seeker mines and chem launchers. Each skill has unique mods that change its functionality. The game introduces new enemy types, including healers and characters that shoot foam at players. Players can request backup during missions, which allows other players to hitch their sessions. Players can join a clan, which may accommodate at the most 50 players. The actions of individual members of a clan contribute to clan XP, which may be wont to upgrade the clan for extra gameplay benefits.

Washington D.C. is an open world for players to explore. Players can recruit non-playable characters by completing missions and providing supplies to different settlements. Recruiting them unlocks new features, including projects, which are fetched quests that reward players with gear, XP, and blueprints for crafting, which may be accessed within the base of operation, the White House. Upgrading settlements enable their expansion to incorporate more facilities and provides players gameplay benefits like access to their gear stash or fast travel. differently to fast travel is to use the safehouses players have discovered. Once a safehouse is discovered, locations of several SHD tech caches would be revealed. Finding them grants players SHD tech cache points, which may be wont to unlock new perks that further enhance players’ combat performance also as granting advantages like XP bonuses. Players can liberate enemies’ control points and call civilian reinforcements to help in battle, participate in world events like stopping public executions and capturing resource convoys, and collect different collectibles including comms, relics, and artifacts, and Echoes. Players encounter different weapon vendors, which sell trinkets, which are unusable junk items that players had collected, and unwanted gear to them so as to earn E-credits, the game’s currency which may wont to purchase new weapons, crafting and resetting appearances.

Division 2 features three Dark Zones, each of which supports up to 12 players. Dark Zones are areas during which players defeat tough enemies for valuable and rare loot, though the loot is often taken by other players. Upon entering a Dark Zone, players’ gear becomes normalized to make sure that each one player is during a level playing field. Non-contaminated loot belongs to players once they are collected, but contaminated loot got to be extracted by a helicopter and players got to defend the extraction point from AI enemies and other players. When one player breaks into a Dark Zone chest or steals a Dark Zone supply drop, the player and their team will become rogue. Rogue players can attack other players within the same session to steal their loot and gain XP. Once they eliminate another player, they become “disavowed”, which alerts other non-rogue players. If the disavowed rogue eliminates more players, they became Manhunt Rogue during which players who kill the rogue agent will receive an enormous bounty. Rogue status is often removed by surviving within the Dark Zone for a period of your time or accessing the Thieves’ Dens (for rogues) and Manhunt terminals (for Manhunt rogues). The Dark Zone has its own progression system. DZ XP, which are earned by killing enemies and rogues, and maybe wont to unlock perks and gameplay advantages sort of a reduced rogue timer.

When a player reaches level 30 and finishes the game’s campaign, the game-world is split into ‘world tiers’, which function different chapters and thresholds for further increasing the game’s difficulty. Levels are replaced by Gear Score, which is calculated supported by the stats, attributes, and skills of all the weapons and armor players have. within the endgame, a replacement enemy faction named the Black Tusk retakes all the control points players had previously liberated. Players can access the Invaded missions, which are levels within the campaign with harder enemies. By completing Invaded missions and having sufficient Gear Score, players can liberate a stronghold, which might then allow players to unlock subsequent world tier. Players can encounter 52 bosses, collectively referred to as the Deck of 52; each boss will drop a collectible card for players to gather once they’re defeated. 

When players reach the endgame, they will unlock more skills by specializing their character to a selected class: the Sharpshooter, the Demolitionist, and therefore the Survivalist. Each specialization has its own signature weapon; a Survivalist with a crossbow, a Sharpshooter with a TAC-50 anti-materiel precision rifle, and a Demolitionist with an M32A1 grenade launcher. Players can enter Occupied Dark Zones, during which weapons are not any longer normalized, fratricide is activated, AI enemies become harder to kill, and players are not any longer notified when other players turn rogue. The game features raids, which may be completed by up to eight players.


The game was developed by Massive Entertainment. Evaluating the feedback from players regarding the primary game, Massive Entertainment planned to incorporate more game content at launch and improve the endgame. The game’s endgame development was prioritized by Massive Entertainment after hearing players’ complaints from the primary game. The developers have said that the game’s main campaign will take around 40 hours to beat, making it twice as long because of the original game.


Seven months after the Green Poison outbreak, several Division agents are defending a civilian settlement from a bandit attack when the SHD Network, the system controlling their advanced technology and nationwide communications, suddenly shuts down. The Player’s Agent receives a Division distress signal from Washington D.C. as a replacement and a bigger force begins to attack the settlement. At a fellow agent’s urging, they abandon the battle to reply to the decision. The Agent arrives in Washington D.C. to seek out the Division and JTF’s local base of operations, the White House, under fire by the Hyenas. After repelling the attack, the Agent is briefed by Manny Ortega, the city’s Division controller. The Agent learns that the majority of the country’s leadership is either dead or missing and therefore the city is usually controlled by three hostile factions: the Hyenas, the Outcasts, and therefore the True Sons. Ortega instructs the Agent to figure with fellow agent Alani Kelso to help civilian settlements, liberate the town, and restore the SHD network.

Ortega and Kelso uncover information that a cure to Green Poison could be located somewhere within the city, which President Ellis may have survived the crash of Air Force One but is being held, prisoner. Kelso is reluctant to waste time and resources to seek out Ellis, but Ortega points out that his security clearance could also be needed to access the cure. The Agent eventually discovers Ellis and rescues him from Hyena custody. Ellis confirms that broad-spectrum antivirals to cure not just Green Poison, but all viral infections, exist. However, he can only access them with a special briefcase currently held within the True Sons’ heavily fortified base at the US Capitol. After the Agent repairs the SHD Network, reconnecting Division agents across the country, Ellis vows to revive us, regardless of the value. With the tide turning against them, the Hyenas, True Sons, and Outcasts get back their final strongholds. With the assistance of civilian militias and therefore the JTF, the Agent assaults the strongholds and eliminates the leadership of most of the factions, with the Outcasts’ leader Emelline Shaw disappearing during the assault on her stronghold on Roosevelt Island while recovering Ellis’ briefcase from the Capital.


Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 received “generally favorable reviews” from critics, consistent with review aggregator Metacritic.

Destructoid praised the sport for its tight, satisfying gameplay, summarizing its review with: “Impressive effort with a couple of noticeable problems holding it back. Won’t astound everyone, but is worth some time and cash.” In its 9/10 review, Game Informer wrote that “Thrilling combat, an excellent loot loop, and a robust endgame elevate this Tom Clancy shooter to new heights.


The Division 2 was the UK’s best-selling game the week it had been released, although its sales figures were 20% of the first game’s launch-week sales In Japan, approximately 63,817 physical units for PlayStation 4 were sold during its launch week becoming the amount one selling game of any format. the sport topped the PS4 download charts.

The game’s sales on consoles did not meet Ubisoft’s expectations, with Ubisoft citing increased competition within the genre as an element resulting in the game’s disappointing performance. Ubisoft added that the sales on PC were almost like that of the primary game. the sport sold quite 10 million copies during the eighth generation of computer game consoles.

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