Helltaker maybe a freeware indie puzzle-adventure game with dating sim elements designed by Polish developer Łukasz Piskorz, also referred to as vanripper. It was released in May 2020 for Microsoft Windows, macOS, and Linux, and is described as “a short game about sharply dressed demon girls. You woke up one day with a dream. Harem is full of demon girls. You’ve opened the portal in hopes of fulfilling your wildest desires. Hellfire burns through your lungs, death awaits around every corner and everything seems like from a cutesy mobile game. You are in hell.


  • Traverse hell in search of love.
  • Win the hearts of horrible demon girls.
  • Kick adorable skeletons around.
  • Solve puzzles as efficiently as possible.
  • Or just skip puzzles on the menu.
  • Try to not get murdered by demon girls.
  • Get murdered by demon girls anyway.

Fun devilish puzzler

Helltaker may be a puzzle game created by the sport developer, vanripper. It is a brief yet comedic game a few guy ventures into Hell with a mission to gather a harem of demon girls. As with the foremost indie game, it’s relatively short. However, the puzzles are very challenging, so it is often longer if you’re bad at puzzle games. The art is additionally snazzy that players want to ascertain it to the top. The game is liberal to download and play, so your only investment is sometimes.

Solve the puzzle, find true love

  • Helltaker may be a series of short, intricate movement puzzles, where the hero has got to move from one side of the screen to the opposite. The game began with him dreaming of amassing a harem of demonic girlfriends. Upon awakening, however, he conveniently finds a portal leading down into the nether realm. He then descended into the hellscape with hopes to succeed in his potential bride.
  • However, finding true love will convince to be difficult. Blocking his way are skeleton warriors, traps, locked rooms, and boulders. Each obstacle will increase in complexity because the game progresses. To help you, the sport will smoothly introduce the mechanics. The early levels will focus solely on block-pushing or jumping over traps while the later puzzles will require the players to juggle multiple hazards at a time. Adding to the challenge is the limited move. Wasting too much time can end to the protagonist’s demise.
  • The difficulty within the game will abruptly spike within the final level, however. In this time, the sport will hamper, requiring players to research the screen and contemplate the way to solve the puzzles. The final level also will have a violent shift within the genre, making the player face a hell-like showdown with the ultimate boss. This shift is a bit of a slap in the face since there will be no mini-boss to prepare you for the final challenge.

A solid puzzler with strong aesthetics

Helltaker may be a great game to play if you’re into solving challenging puzzles. From start to end, it showcases a simply gorgeous art style. The story is beautifully hand-drawn, with each character having a definite personality. And although the story is thoroughly silly, it provides a pleasant link to the amount.


  • Gorgeous art style
  • Easy to follow mechanics
  • Challenging puzzles
  • Funny storyline


  • The abrupt spike in the challenge during the last level
  • Short gameplay
  • Mature content


The plot follows a person named the Helltaker, who features a dream during which he features a harem of demon girls. Waking up, he decides to journey down into Hell to form his dream come true. He convinces the women to hitch him throughout the events of the sport, and after succeeding, although it’s stated his time with them is going to be short and painful, he decides that he still enjoys it.


The player proceeds through a series of puzzle stages with the top goal of reaching a demon girl, answering her question appropriately, and incorporating her into the player’s demon harem. Each puzzle stage involves pushing stones and skeleton soldiers around a two-dimensional top-down grid-like Sokoban while keeping within a group turn limit, while also avoiding spike traps and collecting key items. After reaching the goal, the demon girl for that particular stage will ask a question in which the player must infer the correct answer based on her personality, and an incorrect answer may result in a bad ending such as death, taking the player back to the beginning of the stage.

The final boss level (featuring the demon Judgement, the High Prosecutor) includes phased bullet, hell-like mechanics, with chains across the screen.


Łukasz Piskorz, known on Twitter as “vanripper”, developed everything of the sport by himself over an estimated one-year period and was the game’s artistic director. According to Piskorz, Helltaker is somewhat reminiscent of the Leisure Suit Larry video game series, as the main characters of both games have characteristics reminiscent of each other.

The game can be played for free, and an art book and the recipe for the pancakes that appear in the game are sold separately.

Although the computer game is merely officially available in English, Piskorz has supported the translations made by the community, explaining the way to make them and making one in Polish himself.

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