1. Twitch

Twitch has already held an undisputed leading position among the highest gaming streaming sites for a few time. It is a huge social network for gamers and said to be the most popular live game streaming site, both easy-to-use and functional. The very concept of game streaming began to gain popularity after Amazon purchased Twitch back in 2014, and today its audience includes many gamers, including quite 15 million daily active users and nine million channels.

Twitch is often used for free of charge and is compatible with the hottest video streaming services. There are video playlists and useful navigation functionality, like tags and collections. The site allows you to chat with other users, subscribe to their channels, and stay updated through product announcements.

If you’re new to video game streaming, chances are you’re going to feel lost amidst the sea of daily content and, if you’re a streamer yourself, you’ll know it is extremely difficult to stand out on Twitch: the competition there is so high that even prominent streamers have to go live regularly and work tirelessly on their streams in order not to lose money and subscribers. That is one of the reasons why, regardless of Twitch’s reputation, even top gamers today are starting to look around for alternative independent game streaming sites.

  1. YouTube Gaming

Back in 2015, YouTube Gaming was Google’s attempt to challenge the Amazon-owned Twitch. Since then, the platform has changed and grown into a powerful project with its own personality. It shares tons with Twitch in terms of functionality, and its layout is sort of intuitive because in some ways it resembles YouTube itself. Being a neighborhood of YouTube, it gives you an honest opportunity to bring all of your video content together in one place. The chat is well integrated in streams, and therefore the platform allows you to stream games and add Let’s Plays in 4K at 60 FPS. The site also enables streamers to create an honest revenue stream because of its association with the Google AdSense advertising platform.

  1. Mixer

Since its acquisition by Microsoft in 2016, Mixer has gained much both in terms of reputation and community. One of its draws is the fact that it is integrated with Xbox One and Windows 10 dashboards, opening new streaming opportunities for gamers using these platforms.

Mixer is not only a streaming platform, but also a diverse community with its own paid virtual currency called Embers (equivalent to Twitch’s Bits) that can be used to buy premium skills: animated stickers, full-screen effects, and the opportunity to customize your messages in chat and donate to your favorite streamers.

The platform lets you co-stream with up to four other gamers, which is a really cool feature that is quite rare among other sites. Mixer is additionally known for its impressive speed, good real-time analytics, statistics, and great design. All of this has turned Mixer into one among the foremost popular alternatives to Twitch.

While Mixer’s community is still quite small (about 69,000 streamers compared to 1.5 million on Twitch), it has already acquired a certain status and attracted professional gamers: recently, the gamers’ community caught fire when Ninja, one among the foremost popular game streamers within the world, decided to go away Twitch for Mixer. The story brought a new wave of attention to Mixer and raised its reputation considerably.

  1. Facebook Gaming

It is no great surprise that, after the giants like Amazon, Google and Microsoft made their way into the live game streaming business, Facebook also decided to join in the fun. Having the biggest online community on hand and a domain that needs no introduction, Facebook seems to be firmly on track to compete in this new field.

Just as in the case of YouTube Gaming, having a ready-made web environment known to almost everyone is a huge asset in the development of a new service. The familiarity of having your streams two clicks away from your Facebook page is probably one of the biggest reasons Facebook Gaming has become so popular so quickly.

But it seems that Facebook Gaming is working hard not just on the size of its audience but also on the quality of its gaming content, as far as can be judged from the news about its deals with Paladins, Heroes of the Dorm, and global e-sports company ESL.

Recently, Facebook launched Level Up, a program that provides Facebook streamers with powerful tools to help them build audiences and make money. Level Up provides its members with personalized help from Facebook Support, as well as the option to stream in 1080p at 60 FPS; it also provides access to a special virtual currency called Facebook Stars and other features designed to assist build a community around your channel.

  1. DLive

DLive may be a relatively new player within the market, but it’s already established itself as a streaming platform that’s innovative in terms of monetizing and community building strategy.

DLive claims to take no cut of the revenue that comes from the streamers through subscriptions or digital donations and promises that it never will. The platform says it gives 90.1% of all subscription and gift revenue directly to the creators. The other 9.9% is gathered in a pool that rewards the most active members of the DLive community on a daily basis. To give you an idea of just how impressive that is, it is enough to say that Twitch keeps 50% of channel subscription revenue.

The platform had been given a really impressive head start with support for PewDiePie, a prominent gamer and YouTube #1 individual creator with 93 million subscribers. “DLive is great on behalf of me because I’m treated sort of a real partner a bit like all of the opposite streamers on their unique platform,” said PewDiePie in explaining his decision to stream on DLive.

InstaGib TV: The platform is independent and wishes no installation of special streaming software. Gamers can record their Videos at premium quality and stream it on the platform. They can learn many techniques of recuperating at being a live game streamer.

  1. InstaGib 

InstaGib allows users to consume the content to a particular extent after which the bandwidth is restricted . Users curious about surfing ahead can overcome the limit by upgrading their accounts to a VIP one.

The platform is convenient and helpful for game streamers striving to determine their base as quality game content producers.

  1. Hitbox

This platform has all the features desired by gamers on streaming sites, yet the colour schemes and combinations here are different. The videos streamed at the channels can be categorized into Public, private and adult.The platform is good with the options it provides to the users in terms of categorization. It offers attractive and unique interfaces.

Access to the location is free but a high performing computer is important for the simplest results. Inbuilt capture cards and external devices support video and streaming on Hitbox.

  1. Azubu

This platform is understood for the organized high-quality content, which makes it easier for viewers to observe their desired game streams only.

This site possesses developers performing on it to reinforce the reaches and develop its overall features. Azubu is gradually growing popular in the e-sports category amongst its gamers and viewer audiences.

The content produced during a channel at Azubu is extremely well optimized and regular too. Top computer game enthusiasts enjoy live game streaming platforms like Azubu for the detailed information, creative content and concepts in it,

  1. BigoLive 

The specialty of the BigoLive TV is it helps to create bridges between users on its platform. It helps in connecting video streamers directly with the Bingo live community. This tool is out there on Mac, google play and Android APK which helps live game streaming platforms gain appropriate reaches. The platform provides users with unique options for broadcasting gaming videos.

  1. Gosu gamers

This is often just the proper place for rookie game streamers on live platforms. The Gosu gamers are well conversant in gamers who are new to the Live streaming gamer community. It supports all known file formats that produce high-quality computer game clips.

The site offers excellent convenience to gamers for better communication and interactions in the community that would further help in building the live game streaming platforms business. Gosu gamers are attractive in layout and targeting esports only.

  1. DiscoMelee

The platform is handling triple layered streaming, gaming, social media steps. It is known to empower gamers in live game streaming on the platform and to retrieve any support required within the game content from one location. Gamers get seamless interaction facilities inside the community. DiscoMelee is understood to merge online gaming, social media streaming and knowledge sharing.

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