How has the rise of Esports impacted the development of technology?

Gamers started using online communication technology to collaborate because the games were tougher to play, which caused the recording and streaming of play. These streams helped players become more successful at the games, which caused the event of competitions and leagues.

This circle of technology evolution continues to drive the tech evolution as gamers demand better game resolution. The complex games they play and stream online cause higher bandwidth demand and game resolution. High latency and response times cause gamers to, well, lose at their games. In gaming, longer response times (or high latency) cause gameplay to hamper, resulting in losses against players that have lower latency rates just because their controller commands are executed that much faster. In today’s games, fractions of seconds count.

The impact of 5G is often significant for gamers, mainly because 5G processing is significantly faster than current data transmission speeds. Introducing Edge computing into the 5G mix will make the experience even faster for gamers, because the processing needed for complex games are going to be handled by processors closer to the gamers, thereby reducing latency even further. Cloud game systems are going to be a far better blend of cloud and edge computing, offering gamers the simplest of both worlds at 5G speeds.

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