VISA and FACEIT Announce $450,000 Esports Programme with Gazprombank

  • Visa and FACEIT have partnered with Gazprombank to launch the primary esports card product for gamers actively engaged in Dota2 and CS: GO titles in Russia.
  • Gazprombank’s new FACEIT open-end credit by Visa will allow making everyday purchases, also give gamers exclusive access to tournaments on the FACEIT platform. Cardholders are going to be ready to participate within the competition for the prize pool in both disciplines of the FACEIT team game tournaments, Dota 2 and CS: GO.
  • $450,000 in prizes are going to be distributed among players within the primary three months across several different tournament formats for CS: GO and Dota 2, both in FACEIT points and ruble cash prizes.
  • “In designing this product, we always stuck to the core question: ‘What does a player really want?’ the solution to the present is surprisingly simple: the player wants to be rewarded for his success within the game. So we accepted the challenge of producing a various, rich, exciting reward infrastructure that motivates players’ to become better while putting real tangible prizes into their hands once they win tournaments. With CS: GO and Dota hitting a peak of 1.3M and 800K concurrent players, we are saying to the world: come compete with us and obtain $450,000 worth of prizes!” Evgeniy Zelenyi, Director of Strategic Partnerships and Fintech at Visa Russia, said.
  • “We are very excited to launch the program with VISA and Gazprombank as our first partner during this world-first collaboration. This program may be a great example of how brands can connect with our community and significantly contribute to the event of competitive ecosystems which are some things that are hugely important for FACEIT.
  • The partnership aims to drive new competitive opportunities to esports players in Russia while also creating valuable content for CSGO and Dota2 players. It’s fantastic to partner with international industry leaders to make new initiatives,” Niccolo Maisto, Co-Founder & CEO of FACEIT, said.
  • “Following the trends within the banking business, Gazprombank once more relies on personalization. At this point, we chose a rapidly growing segment, the mass e-sports market in Russia. In partnership with Visa and FACEIT, we launched a singular card product for gamers, because of which we decide to significantly increase our customer base. I’m sure that the new card is going to be in demand because now the e-sports audience in Russia has about 10–12 million people and is predicted to grow by 20% annually,” Alexey Popovich, First vice chairman and member of the Management Board of Gazprombank, said.

There are numerous payment options available on eSports platforms which allows you to conveniently and safely withdraw and deposit funds. one among the foremost reliable and popular methods of crediting eSports betting is that the use of eSports Visa Card.

  • This is because Visa Card is accepted within the majority of bookmarks worldwide. More so, MasterCard is safe, secure, and is globally recognized as a way of payment. it’s also convenient for electronic funds transfer and will either be within the sort of debit or credit cards. On arcane esports, you’ll make your bets using credit cards.

Why Should I exploit Visa for Online Betting?

Visa is accepted across the world, and no matter which eSports platform you’re using, or which country you reside, you’re guaranteed that the eSports visa securely covers you. Most of the licensed eSports bookmakers provide their players with the choice of using MasterCard for eSports bets. The incredible fact about using Visa is that it offers a better degree of safety and security. Its worldwide reputation also makes it reliable and convenient.

Safety and Security

  • Safety and security may be a critical issue when it involves online payments since blench of privacy is frequent which could lead to the loss of funds. Visa card features inbuilt security measures and systems that ensure your funds are protected no matter the eSport site you employ your Mastercard.
  • Visa card management even has a reliable customer service channel that’s highly responsive, and that they offer convenient support to merchants like eSports bookmakers to uphold the safety of the users.

Speed and Convenience

  • Visa is understood to be the fastest and most convenient method of payment. When paying for the bets of your favorite games, Visa ensures that the processing of the payment isn’t only fast but also convenient. The reliability of this suggests payment is unmatched by other methods.

Can I Credit My eSports Betting Account with Visa?

Most players and eSport bookies prefer using MasterCard since it’s globally recognized and is straightforward to use. Unlike other online banking methods and wallet services, a Visa card doesn’t require the player to register with the payment provider. After creating an account on your preferred eSports platform, you simply got to select Visa by choosing the credit/debit card options listed in the payments sections. And within seconds you’ll make your deposits. It is, however, important to notice that some banking providers don’t support eSports betting using credit. 

Charges for Depositing using eSport Visa

There are certain fees that are related to using MasterCard to credit your betting account because it is with other transaction options. for instance, there are some which will charge a currency conversion fee especially if you’re employing a currency that’s not supported by the platform.

You will even be charged a transaction fee. Other bookies also will charge a processing fee. More so, MasterCards wont to fund gambling activities are termed as ‘cash advances’ which suggests that your bank will impose some charges.

However, these fees vary counting on the banking provides, and therefore the online bookie provides. Thus, it’s important to match various online eSports betting platforms before deciding which among them is that the most reliable.

ESports Visa Alternatives

If you’re still inconvenienced that your visa card financial information is safe, then you continue to produce other options of depositing or withdrawing funds.

The payments alternatives vary between various eSports betting sites but the foremost common include; direct bank transfer, online payment systems like PoLi, cryptocurrency methods like Bitcoin, and through web wallets like Skrill, Paypal, and Neteller.

There are various payment methods supported by your different eSport bookie and it’s your option to decide which among them is convenient for you. However, you ought to not compromise convenience for safety and security, during which case MasterCard is most reliable when it involves security and safety.

Gaming giant Razer is launching a prepaid credit card that lights up once you make payments

Gaming company Razer is launching a prepaid credit card with Visa in Singapore.

  • The card is virtual, almost like the Apple Card, but users can request a premium physical card that lights up once you make payments.
  • Razer is that the latest tech company to diversify into the private finance space, alongside Apple and Samsung.
  • First, there was the Apple Card, now there’s the Razer Card.
  • Gaming company Razer just unveiled the Razer Card, a prepaid MasterCard it created with Visa which will be available in beta in Singapore. Razer previously announced its ambitions to create a prepaid card in partnership with the payments giant last year but unveiled the cardboard and beta program on October 5.
  • Similar to the Apple Card, the Razer Card may be a virtual card that will be accessed via the company’s Razer Pay service. There’s also a choice to upgrade to a premium physical card, which the corporate says can illuminate when making a chip or contactless payment. Razer’s physical cards are numberless, the corporate says, another characteristic is shared with the Apple Card.
  • The company hasn’t explicitly said whether it’ll charge users for the light-up card. But it does ask for the virtual and standard cards as complementary, saying the users can upgrade to the premium card, implying that there could also be a fee to try to do so.
  • Coming from a gaming company, it’s no surprise that Razer is trying to “gamify” its prepaid card. the corporate claims its rewards system will differ from that of other cards since it’ll allow cardholders to trace and score rewards supported by everyday tasks and transactions.
  • The card offers 1% cashback on all purchases and 5% on purchases made through Razer’s store and Razer Gold, the company’s virtual system for purchasing games and in-game content. During the beta, cardholders will get 10% cash back on purchases made through these Razer channels.
  • The prepaid card is being launched by Razer Fintech, the gaming hardware firm’s digital payment network in Southeast Asia. It’s going to appear to be an unexpected move for a corporation best known for its line of gaming accessories and laptops, but Razer views its Fintech arm as a crucial part of its growth strategy alongside mobile and cloud gaming and esports.
  • Razer is simply one among several tech firms that’s expanded into personal finance recently. Venmo introduced a credit card on the exact same day, and Apple launched the Apple Card last year. Google is additionally said to be performing on a sensible open-end credit, consistent with TechCrunch, and Samsung announced a money management system that has a Mastercard open-end credit earlier this year.

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