Arena of Valor Beta 29 Update Patch Notes

The Arena of Valor Beta 29 Update sees Airi revamp, new game mode Duo Race, new relationship system, new targeting mechanism, and plenty of adjustments arrives.


Behind the changes:

Some of you’ve got been trying to find how to make deeper relationships with your friends within the game. the present Friend System cannot satisfy this demand. Therefore, the new Relationship System during this update will allow players to determine new relationships with their friends beyond the present Friend System and unlock cool in-game effects and excellent rewards.


The Friendship System has been optimized, and therefore the Relationship System has been added.

Once players meet the Friendship Score requirement within the system, they’re going to be ready to establish new relationships with their friends, including brothers, buddies, besties, and lovers. Players can only become lovers with one friend. There are five vacancies for every one of the remaining relationships.

After relationships are established, players are going to be ready to strengthen them by playing team matches with friends or gifting items. Once a relationship reaches a particular level, both players can unlock awesome gift packs, perks, and exclusive Brags.

The relationships between players and their friends are going to be recorded by the system. Special anniversary events occur after a group number of days. Players will get a surprise once they log in on special anniversaries.

In addition, we’ve added two new sorts of Relationship Items. Gifting these things can rapidly strengthen the connection between both players. these things are often obtained through events and by leveling up a relationship.


Behind the changes:

The Emoji system has become widely popular among players since its introduction. Therefore, during this update, optimization of the whole emoji system in hopes of providing a far better user experience for our players.


New permanent emojis are automatically equipped once they’re obtained. they’re going to even be added to an empty slot on the equipment bar. Players will not need to look for them within the Backpack.

An in-game Quick Emoji feature is added. Equip a fast Emoji before a match to trigger an emoji icon rather than the likes of a button during specific in-game scenarios (when another player accessible sends an emoji, seeing an enemy for the primary time, killing an enemy/attacking a dragon, or destroying a tower). Tap the emoji icon for the foremost convenient thanks to express yourself!

Scenarios for automatically triggering emojis are added or become First Kill, Double Kill, and above, Aced, Assist, and Victory. Remember to equip the fast Emoji feature within the system.

Updated the Customization System UI. Equipment is now clearer and more intuitive.

Tips: After an emoji is provided, hold Chat and swipe to the left to quickly use the emoji or dance emote during a match. provides it a try!

New interactive emojis added: When a player uses an interactive emoji during a match, and a teammate responds with an interactive emoji within range, a replacement effect is going to be triggered for both players. These effects are often obtained through the connection System. Jump into a match together with your friends to undertake them out!


This season brings all-new gameplay – Mildar LaunchPad to stage. This season’s new gameplay will bring new experiences and challenges to both teams. it’s been provided players with a quicker means to succeed in the frontlines at the beginning of the match. Players can use this point to launch a team assault, invade the Jungle, or stay safely on their lanes, a bit like before. Of course, don’t underestimate your opponent because they can also teleport across the battlefield.

At an equivalent time, the primary season of the sport “Elf and Vision Shard” is going to be departure temporarily


Mildar has brought their cutting-edge technology to Antaris Battlefield! Before a match starts, both teams can teleport to Middle Lane via the launch pad at the bottom. The launcher pad disappears 30 seconds after the match starts.

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