• Call of Duty Modern Warfare update: New patch notes after Warzone and conflict release


Boots on the bottom War

Blueprint Gunfight


SnD Double Down

Realism Gun Game


Fix for a bug on Hackney Yard that would prevent Minotaur from performing an execution

Fixed bug where some players were unable to get a Nuke after obtaining the right number of kills

Fixes to assist the Wheelson path up various terrain

Fixed a bug where the ‘Revive’ prompt while playing Cyber Attack was appearing inconsistently


Fennec: Increased damage range

ISO: Increased damage range

The new Modern Warfare weapons coming to the sport reportedly include CX-9, Raal MG, and Sykov.

No release date has been attached with these things, meaning we don’t know when this contemporary Warfare update will arrive.

And it should be noted that while new content is reportedly coming to Modern Warfare, this doesn’t mean there’ll be a Season 7 for the sport.

Combined Arms: Hardpoint

In this new addition to Combined Arms, two teams of 12 battle to capture and control a moving objective across four maps: Armada, Crossroads, Miami, and Cartel. Use tanks, gunboats, and snowmobiles to have objectives and remove the enemy’s control.

Although the deadline is five minutes, the clock will pause when either team controls the target, allowing epic comebacks. the primary team to succeed in the 350 score limit wins.

Fireteam: the atom bomb

Drop into this frenzied 40-player mode to gather, deliver, and deposit uranium into several active dirty bombs sites. You earn score by killing enemies, gathering and depositing uranium, and detonating dirty bombs. Maps include two massive play spaces: Ruka and Alpine.

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