2020 was an excellent year for mobile gaming, with titles like Free Fire, PUBG Mobile, Genshin Impact, etc., reaching the top of success. Battle Royale titles, especially Garena Free Fire, saw meteoric growth in revenue and users. The Esports community of Free Fire also grew tons, with numerous organized tournaments offering massive prize-pools.

However, some problems are likely to accompany massive success. One such problem in Free Fire was the rampant use of cheats by some players to realize an unfair advantage.

To counter this problem, Free Fire developers took numerous steps, including fixing an anti-cheating system and strengthening it from time-to-time. The developers published bi-weekly reports in 2020 with statistics on accounts banned. Additionally, they reached bent the growing Free Fire community and encouraged users to report cheaters encountered in-game.

Recently, Free Fire published their Annual Anti-Hack report that included results from their anti-hacking system.

In 2020, over 30 million accounts were banned in Free Fire for cheating. Among these, 31% were excluded thanks to players reporting them, while the anti-hacking system picked up the remaining 69%.

Free Fire Hacks: Over 30 million accounts banned in 2020

Below may be a list of hacks and their use percentage consistent with the report:

1) Auto-aim: 36%

2) Through the wall: 23%

3) Teleport: 17%

4) Antenna: 11%

5) Other hacks: 13%

Moreover, over 4,50,000 players were banned for teaming up with the cheaters.

In the report, developers mentioned that cheating or hacking creates an unfair environment for players looking to interact with the sport legitimately. They further reiterated that cheating won’t be tolerated, and accounts caught doing so are going to be banned immediately.

Free Fire promised its base that the corporate would continue striving to supply users with best gaming experience.

DJ Alok

Although Free Fire features several characters with special powers, DJ Alok is one of the foremost powerful characters. His abilities have made DJ Alok quite fashionable fans. Moreover, the computer game character is predicated on the important DJ Alok.

Free Fire is one of the widely-played Battle Royale titles with a huge global user base. In it, DJ Alok is one of the foremost appreciated characters. this text lists the five good reasons why any player should have DJ Alok in Free Fire.

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