A new Phasmophobia update is bringing new “experimental” changes to enhance the cult-hit ghost investigative experience.

In a tweet that starts “Hello again”, developer Kinetic Games listed the complete changes, which include a fix that ensures a ghost will continue hunting albeit it can’t reach you, and a bug that permitted ghosts to ascertain players even once they were hidden in closets and lockers (thanks, Comic Book).

The update also included some “experimental” changes, too, which are “not definite” and that the dev invites your feedback. The Thermometer refresh rate has been lowered to 2 seconds, and everyone room will now start with slightly different temperatures; if the facility is off, the temperature in every room will now slowly drop to 5C/41F, but if the facility is on, the temperature in every room will slowly rise (unless a ghost is within the room, of course).

If you are bossing Professional Difficulty, you’ll now note that each room starts at 5C, because the power is far away from the beginning, too.

The only other change detailed is now a server region prefix “in front of the space invite code” will “help show what region you’re in or trying to attach to”.

The changes come hot on the heels of another recent Phasmophobia update that lets the ghosts use the sound of your voice to guide their hunting, so you best start whispering if you would like to form it back to base alive.

Most folks already assumed that the ghosts were taking note of our voices to seek out where we are, so it had been a surprise to some that that wasn’t the case. Now, however, Kinetic Games has run with the thought and implemented it.

Phasmophobia launched on Steam Early Access in 2020 and have become a moment hit with streamers and horror fans, to an extent that surprised developer Kinetic Games and led them to vary and expand their plans for future updates.

Phasmophobia Update Makes Ghost Event Improvement

Kinetic Games’ horror title Phasmophobia is getting a replacement update that improves the ghost event objective, and other quality-of-life fixes.

Arguably one among the simplest horror games of 2020, Kinetic Games’ indie psychological horror title Phasmophobia has continued to implement new changes and bug fixes in 2021. Recently, the event team posted that the sport will receive an update to resolve more quality-of-life issues, particularly the ghost event objective which will randomly appear on the whiteboard at the beginning of each mission.

Since its Early Access release on Steam, it seems that horror fans have thoroughly enjoyed ghost-hunting in Phasmophobia. And because the players still explore the various available stages, the event team has done their best to stay their interest alive by adding a replacement prison level and seasonal in-game items and completing constant updates to repair recurring bugs or in-game issues.

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