“The Second Chapter” is now out and prepared to be explored by Rafters!

If you are through with the primary Chapter and prepared for more, you will now continue your Raft journey with new adventures! A bunch of the latest stuff and tons of bug fixes.

  • 2 new locations: Caravan Town and Tangaroa
  • 3 new small islands
  • 27 new achievements
  • New enemies: Mudhogs and Butler Bots
  • New item: charger
  • New item: Cassette (Classical)
  • New item: Cassette (EDM)
  • New item: Cassette (Elevator)
  • New item: Cassette (Pop)
  • New item: Cassette (Rock)
  • New item: Electric Purifier
  • New item: Firework
  • New item: Large Storage
  • New item: Major Tom
  • New item: detector
  • New item: Piano
  • New item: Seed (Banana)
  • New item: Seed (Strawberry)
  • New item: Tangaroa Plants (6 varieties)
  • New item: Tangaroa Paintings (5 varieties)
  • New item: Developer Paintings (8 varieties)
  • New item: Tiki Piece (4 varieties)
  • New item: Titanium ore
  • New item: Toy Robot
  • New item: hookah
  • New item: cistern
  • New item: Zipline
  • New item: Zipline Tool
  • New feature: Treasure Hunting
  • New feature: Automated Water System
  • New feature: Zipline System
  • New feature: Unstuck Button
  • New story notes and puzzles
  • New colors added to the paintbrush menu: Light grey and dark grey
  • Updated loading screen
  • 5 extra slots within the backpack
  • “Pipe” changed to “Fuel Pipe”
  • Seagulls now take longer time between eating crops
  • Integrated the exclusive game mode into the graphics settings
  • Cooking recipes drop rate is more balanced
  • Using bow and arrow now requires just one button to load and fire
  • The steering wheel is now easier to center
  • Shark despawn time increased
  • Collecting nets are now paintable
  • Corrupt worlds will now show in the loading menu with a red background
  • All blueprints now respawn when revisiting locations
  • Collecting nets now allow foundations to be inbuilt in each direction
  • The main menu raft changed to three community-built ones
  • Loading times decreased notably
  • New graphics setting: Reflection
  • Increased the despawn time for arrows
  • Storages now visually show how full they’re
  • Dirt piles can now occasionally give extra loot
  • Choppable trees now display an axe icon
  • Due to security reasons, you’ll now need to be friends with the host to be ready to join their world.


  • People having the ability to hitch games without permission
  • Stuck on the loading screen
  • Raft sinking uncontrollably
  • Joining an enormous world in multiplayer leads to not seeing the raft
  • Animals not spawning/disappearing on islands
  • Shark biting the reinforced foundations
  • Domestic animals glitch back ashore while the raft is on the brink of an island
  • Issues with learning captured animals
  • Incorrect UI scaling on widescreen resolutions
  • Stuck on the character selection menu when beginning the sport
  • Localization errors and typos
  • Beehive can’t be stacked in inventory
  • Chatbox issue with the last message not showing
  • Being able to open a notebook while in bed or incapacitated
  • Being able to wear two headpieces at an equivalent time
  • Seagull nest permanently occupied after killing a seagull sitting thereon
  • Placement issues around engines
  • Mushroom not usable in biofuel refiner
  • Permanently poisoned from the poison lake on Balboa Island
  • Being able to click on menu buttons while loading a world
  • Mama Bear not visible
  • Seagulls not being repositioned correctly when sitting in the nest
  • Shear icon missing when aiming at llama
  • Storage UI stuck on screen if the player dies while storage is open
  • Beginner Screecher Hunter Achievement not obtainable for a few players
  • Shark biting players ashore
  • Character animation speed faster than intended
  • Several issues with items being transferred between Hotbar, inventory, and storage (duplication, missing items)
  • Picking up the cooking pot leads to recipes placed on the cooking pot being removed
  • Several screecher issues
  • Opening the chat box while sitting on a chair leads to the camera spinning
  • Infinite watermelon glitch using a cooking pot

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