Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s surprise Version 8.1.0 update adds a replacement stage and online changes to the sport, but does it actually work better now?

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has received a surprise update. during a tweet, series creator and director Masahiro Sakurai announced the update, mentioning that one on one online connection could also be slightly better. Version 8.1.0 also comes with other nice quality-of-life changes.

What’s interesting about this update is that it came with no warning whatsoever. Generally, Smash updates are released following an announcement during a Nintendo Direct, but this received no such fanfare or prior notice, making this a pleasing surprise for fans. Here’s what the patch adds and changes.

First and foremost, the web experience has been adjusted. While there are not any specific details regarding what changes were made, many players are reporting a rather better connection speed while online. Top Smash players like Salem and Mew2King hypothesize that online play has around one to 2 fewer frames of input delay. While one to 2 frames doesn’t sound like much, it actually substantially affects how fighting games are played. Fighting games (especially at higher levels) require immediate inputs so as to react to what the opponent is doing. this is often very true for players who use Ryu or Ken, as delayed inputs could severely hamper their neutral and combo game.

The patch notes also mention that “future investigations and adjustments to Online mode are expected.” While this looks like a comparatively innocuous line, it is a reason for Smash players to celebrate. Throughout its history, the sport has had a rather poor relationship with online play. Compared to other fighting games on the market, Smash’s internet connection has been notoriously unstable. Thus, this effort put forth by Nintendo may be a step in the right direction.

Another small adjustment towards online is that the entry GSP (Global Smash Power) needed to realize Elite Smash has been modified. Basically, it’s easier for players online to urge characters into Elite Smash.

This unexpected update also came with some stage changes also, the foremost noticeable being the addition of a completely new stage: Small Battlefield. this is often almost exactly like regular Battlefield but with a lower ceiling and no top platform. Players also will be ready to set Small Battlefield as a preferred stage when checking out Online matches. Additionally, players can now select random omega style stages or battlefield style stages, and Final Destination, Battlefield, Small Battlefield, and enormous Battlefield will allow players to settle on any song from the sport on those stages.

Nobody within the Smash community anticipated this update, but it’s one that fans can appreciate. The new stage, quality of life changes, and adjustments to online are especially welcome, as is that the indication that more online improvements are within the works. during a year where there has only been one DLC character added and tiny news from Nintendo generally, this is often certainly a positive sign for the longer term of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Update data (Ver. 10.1.0) will begin distribution on 23/12/2020! This update includes:

• Sephiroth (from the ultimate FANTASY VII series) joins the battle! (part of Challenger Pack 8 paid DLC*)

• New stage added: Northern Cave (part of Challenger Pack 8 paid DLC*)

• Additional Mii Fighter costumes, available as paid DLC

Nintendo has revealed the primary Super Smash Bros Ultimate event of 2021 will begin on January 1.

The game frequently runs weekly events to offer players themed bonuses, and this news confirms Nintendo will continue them next year. the primary event may be a star based tournament, to be called “The Star Tournament That Sparkles The Galaxy” in Japan. The English name is yet to be revealed.

For this Super Smash Bros Ultimate tournament, only star-based items will appear. within the reveal announcement, Nintendo mentions the Star Rod from Kirby and therefore the Super Star from Super Mario. The poster also features characters from Animal Crossing, Fire Emblem: Three Houses, Splatoon, and more, suggesting items from those games also will feature.

Nintendo says “The more you win, the more luxurious spirits you get,” but no details on the precise rewards were revealed.

In other Super Smash Bros Ultimate news, Nintendo recently added a free item pack to the sport. However, only Switch Online subscribers can redeem it. They also recently added a replacement DLC character: Sephiroth, the villain of ultimate Fantasy VII.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate – Upcoming Spirits Events and Tourney Events

February 12th

  • [Events] The 72nd Spirits Event is named Claws Out. While it’s running, Spirits of characters with claws, talons, and other sharp appendages will appear, and beating them will allow you to earn some extra Gold. Timed Spirits: Dry Bowser, Queen Metroid, Omega Ridley, Dark Mind (available until February 12th)

February 5th

  • [Events] The 38th Tourney Event is named “Going Ballistic”, and it features only fighters with three or more ranged attacks (Link, Samus, Dark Samus, Ness, Young Link, Snake, Lucas, Toon Link, Villager, Mega Man, Robin, Duck Hunt Duo, Simon, Richter, Hero, Mii Gunner). Also, projectiles are flying everywhere! (available until February 8th)

January 29th

  • [Events] The 71st Spirits Event is named Hello Sunshine. While it’s running, Spirits of yellow characters will appear, and beating them allows you to earn some extra Gold. Timed Spirits: Shine Sprite, Tapu Koko, Super Sonic, Super Star (available until February 1st)

January 22nd

  • [Events] The 37th Tourney Event is named “Fleet-Foot Frenzy”, and it features the highest 16 speediest characters within the game: Fox, Captain Falcon, Sheik, Mewtwo, Roy, Chrom, Meta Knight, Zero Suit Samus, Sonic, Little Mac, Greninja, Palutena, Cloud, Ridley, Joker, Banko & Kazooie (available until January 25th)

January 15th

  • [Events] The 70th Spirits Event is named Facial Hair Face-Off. While it’s running, Spirits of characters with facial hair will appear, and beating them allows you to earn some extra Spirit Points. Timed Spirits: Dr. Wily, Garon, Wario-Man, Karate Kong (available until January 18th)

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