New Update! Xenon, wicked Gelimer’s ultimate combat machine, is here! This new hybrid character has the powers of both Pirates and Thieves. Help Xenon recover his erased memories! This update also features androids, additional pets to accompany your hero! Boost your android’s stats with Mechanical Hearts, and alter their style! Go on epic adventures together … Continue reading MAPLESTORY UPDATES


MINECRAFT ‘RTX’ UPDATE BRINGS INCREDIBLE NEW RAY TRACING GRAPHICS TO GAME Minecraft has received a huge graphic upgrade that completely redefines how the sport looks. The world’s best-selling game has been updated with new lighting and a totally different appearance, which makes the sport look vastly better than it did before. The upgrade is that … Continue reading MINECRAFT UPDATES


League of Legends Wild Rift: The DOTA 2 replacement expexted League of Legends Wild Rift maybe a 5v5 combat multiplayer online battle arena riot gameplay that comes with similar classic elements because the PC version likes popular champions (Ezreal, Kaisa), and skins. The origin of MOBAs or Multiplayer Online Battle Arena dates to 1990. The … Continue reading LEAGUE OF LEGENDS UPDATES