Virtual reality


  • Virtual reality is an artificial environment that is designed with software and bestowed to the user in such a way that the user suspends trust and accepts it as a real environment. 
  • On a computer, virtual reality is primarily experienced through 2 of the 5 senses: sight and sound.
  • The easiest form of virtual reality is a 3-D image that can be inspected interactively at a personal computer, usually by operating keys or the mouse so that the content of the image moves in some direction or zooms in or out. 
  • More knowledgeable efforts involve such approaches as wrap-around display screens, actual rooms augmented with wearable computers, and haptics devices that let you feel the display images.
  • Virtual reality can be divided into:
  • The imitation of a real environment for training and education.
  • The growth of an imagined environment for a game or interactive story.
  • The Virtual Reality Modelling Language (VRML) allows the creator to identify images and the rules for their display and interplay using textual language statements.

Virtual reality headsets

  • The Oculus Quest is the company’s 2nd VR standalone headset, which means there’s not a wire in sight. 
  • The consolidated sensors and computer algorithms, a person can walk around in  designated play space without worrying about running into a wall or a piece of furniture. 
  • At launch on May 21, the system will have fifty games, some of which will be multiplayer or have cross-buy functionality allowing you to play with Oculus Rift and Go owners. 
  • The best part is the casting ability which lets a person share his VR experience with others via smartphone or TV. 

Oculus’ Touch Controllers are still the best in the business. 

  • They are comfortable and very lightweight, which means there is no undue hand cramps during long sessions while playing. It cannot be for a traditional controller.
  • The best part about the Touch Controllers is how credible they are as your substitute hands. A person can make a permissible fist, point, grab and wave without any excessive pressure. 
  • Not only the hardware that makes Quest a knockout; it’s Oculus’ commitment to the software, launching with fifty titles, a collection that should grow quickly. 
  • Oculus is also actually inclined into the social aspect of VR, launching cross-buy and multiplayer titles. 
  • Even better, now one can project the virtual fun times to a smartphone or a compatible device, so everyone can see the virtual adventures, fundamentally making VR a spectator sport.


  • Seamless all-in-one VR solution
  • Can cast content to smartphones and TVs
  • Room-scale VR capability
  • Extremely large library of apps
  • Crisp graphics with minimal motion blur


  • A tad expensive
  • Tiresome downloads 

Virtual gaming industry

  • The Virtual Reality gaming industry has already won notable market size and still shows growth at a very fast rate. 
  • VR has the possibility to become the next “big thing”. At least, virtual reality in gaming, for sure.
  • Since the launch of 1st prototypes of Oculus VR and Samsung Gear VR, the new age of virtual reality has started. 
  • In 2015 HTC launched Vive headset which was equipped with the hand controllers and tracking technology. By the end of that year, global revenues of Virtual Reality in the gaming industry reached $4.3 billion.
  • The year later there were around 230 VR development companies which produced both virtual reality hardware and software. 
  • On the basis of this data and huge demand, experts predicted the 25-27% annual growth rate of the VR gaming market, with total revenue exceeding $45 Bin 2025.

This forecast of growth is based on the current VR game market trends:

  • Hardware production leaders like Oculus, HTC, Sony, Google are tending to develop more and more mobile and affordable VR headsets.
  • New innovative technologies of the VR headset, which provide the freedom of movement and recreation of 5 basic feelings, will define the growth of VR content.
  • Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony are predicted to low down the price for VR game products in the next few years..

Virtual Reality in gaming: what’s in it for business?

VR HMDs were made for entertainment, with a focus on games but by 2018, Virtual Reality has stepped out and expanded to sectors such as marketing, retail, military, education, fitness, and healthcare. Such wide coverage definitely brings advantages both for consumers and businesses.

For consumers, VR literally expands the edges of the world and gives new options in a 3-dimensional gaming environment. 

VR games also introduce:

  1. Immersive experience-Nothing compares to VR games, which not only allowed to observe the game but to get inside of it. 360-video content and dense graphics provide the feeling of presence.
  2. New level of interaction-The set free of controllers made the important turn for interaction with VR surroundings. Now players can control and improve the game environment at their own will. Also, soon ultimate VR gaming experiences are going to be achieved through all human senses.
  3. Content-VR technology is becoming a new enhancing factor in creating gaming content. Genres like shooters, adventures or simulations, got enhanced thanks to VR.

Benefits of VR in the Game industry

Virtual Reality performed as a game changer in the gaming sector and revamped user experience. There are many benefits VR-driven applications in gaming are providing.

  • It provides gamers with delightful virtual objects.
  • It offers a capacity to take players into the game in real time.
  • It has cutting-edge capabilities that improve the gaming environment.
  • Digitally extended reality anywhere and anytime.
  • Boost much attractiveness and retention among gaming players.
  • Looks more engaging for passionate players and occasional gamers.
  • Immensely magnify user engagement with an immersive experience.


  • Astro Bot Rescue Mission
  • In this action platformer, you must save the various members of your crew who are scattered across space.
  • The game offers twenty different main levels and twenty six challenge levels, which should keep you entertained for a very long time. 
  • The game features 360-degree worlds and offers several different weapons, including throwing stars, a water gun, and a hook shot.
  • Beat Saber
  • HTC Vive; Oculus Quest, Oculus Rift and Rift S; PlayStation VR; Windows Mixed Reality
  • Beat Saber is a music and rhythm game with a dynamic twist. 
  • The setup is similar to other music games such as Audiosurf, Guitar Hero, and Rock Band, but instead of controlling a virtual ship or using fake instruments, you slash your way through a song with virtual laser swords. 
  • As the music plays, Beat Saber generates different patterns of color-coded blocks on the screen that you must hit with the correct controller (right or left) as they slide towards you. 
  • Obstacles also appear at times that require you to duck or slide away. 
  • Make no mistake, Beat Saber is not a game you can play sitting down; it’s a very active experience. If you love music and motion, Beat Saber is definitely worth exploring. 
  • Budget Cuts
  • HTC Vive; Oculus Rift and Rift S
  • Will you let robots take your all-important paper-stamping and document-filing job? 
  • In this game, cost-cutting robots try to terminate your employment by any means necessary. 
  • You must fight your way through an office environment to save your job (and your life) using stealth tactics or by resorting to aggressive violence. 
  • AI and automation technologies are certainly poised to take over some real-world jobs previously filled by humans, so this game’s hook is all too real.
  • Danger Goat
  • Windows Mixed Reality
  • The life of a goat has never been easy, as you may have experienced first-hand in the one-of-a-kind Goat Simulator. 
  • Danger Goat is arguably less bizarre, but with traps, missile, and robots standing in your way, your escape is anything but assured. 
  • Don’t be fooled by the bright and pleasant environments; danger lurks at every turn.
  • EVE: Valkyrie – Warzone
  • HTC Vive; Oculus Rift and Rift S; PlayStation VR
  • EVE: Valkyrie – Warzone, a space-based dogfighting game, puts you in control of a spaceship in a series of multiplayer and single-player game modes. 
  • Multiplayer options include Team Deathmatch, Control, Carrier Assault, Wormhole, and Extraction game modes. 
  • Fight your way through hordes of enemies and avoid collisions and damage at the helm of one of 13 ship types. 
  • Progression is flexible, so players can control how they customize their ships as they go along. 
  • One of EVE’s strong suits is its excellent visuals; ships feature remarkable detail, and laser projectiles light up magnificently against the backdrop of deep space.