The biggest event in action sports begins this month: X Games Aspen! Rocket League is prepared to celebrate the beginning of the high-flying, adrenaline-pumping festivities on January 21 with a collaboration that has new in-game items, and an RLCS X event featuring special Fan Rewards!


Rocket League Esports are going to be a politician X Games event this year with the RLCS X Games: North American Regional! Catch all the action January 23-24 and January 30-31. This online tournament also will be a politician a part of the Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS) X circuit and can feature the simplest teams in North America competing during this special RLCS X Regional. The winning team will even earn their own RLCS X Games medals!

New X Games Fan Rewards are being added to the combination for RLCS X Games only! tune for your chance at receiving the Knuckle Huck Player Banner, and X-Boards and X-Skis Toppers.


Introducing Rocket Labs, the newest series of Limited Time Modes that’s available to see out right now! Veterans of Rocket League may remember Rocket Lab Arenas from years past. Now, it’s back as an LTM playlist. for brand spanking new players, Rocket Labs are experimental Arenas which will drastically change the playing field by adding obstacles or changing the form of the sector entirely.

The Rocket Labs playlist will come and go as an LTM within the future, bringing new sorts of Arenas and modes. First up this weekend is Soccar on Galleon—a throwback to an Arena originally found in Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars. the first Galleon, which resembled a pirate , has been reimagined for Rocket League. The mast from the first has been removed, but players can still hit the raised decks behind both goals. make certain to see it call at the LTM playlist all weekend long!


The NFL Fan Pack comes with slick new Octane Decals for all 32 NFL teams.The Pack are going to be available for purchase in-game until December 28 for 800 Credits.



The 2021 VALORANT Champions Tour, a worldwide competitive ecosystem that will enable VALORANT to become a subsequent great, multi-generational esport.

Today, we’re thrilled to supply more details on Stage 01 of the VCT in North America and unveil our long-time partner, Nerd Street Gamers, because of the official tournament operator and producer for this first stage.

Beginning January 27 and running through March 21, Stage 01 will provide a mixture of open and closed qualifiers to make sure opportunities for both amateur and established orgs to qualify into the Masters. the primary stage will contain three Challenger Weekends, which function as closed qualifiers to work out who moves on to the concluding Masters event. A weekly open qualifier will determine which teams compete within the Challenger Weekend.

To ensure the security of all participants because the global COVID-19 situation evolves, all competitions, including Masters tournaments, will remain intraregional and fully remote in Stage 01.

Valorant Patch Notes 2.01 Bring Agent Changes And Split Map Updates

Valorant is one of the foremost competitive first-person shooter games out there that has grown tremendously over the past few months. Riot Games recently introduced the much-awaited Episode 2 for tactical shooters which brought many changes and new content for the fans. Now, the gaming studio has introduced another Valorant update which brings agent changes, split map updates, the power to cover custom matches from your Match History, and far more.

Agent updates


Smoke duration decreased 7 > 4.5

Split map changes

This Split update is concentrated on improving attacker options on the map, also as reducing 50/50 checks, the depth of certain corners, and opening specific areas on the map by increasing chokepoint widths.

Increased the width of the B Main doorway

This should make the space easier to navigate for attackers and make it harder for defenders to stall Attackers within the choke point. there’s a crate for attackers to utilize on the opposite side of the doorways as cover, which allows for the utility to be thrown into the location from a replacement angle.

On top of the changes to B Main, there’s a further garbage heap placed within the corner to stop defenders from hiding in too deep a nook

This creates a replacement angle into B Main when standing on the new object.

Increased Spike plant zone boundary

This allows a replacement Spike plant location for attackers to defend from within B Main.

New material stack for canopy in B Site that permits you to isolate angles more effectively

This also breaks up a vertical 50/50 angle when peeking into the location from B Main.

Reduced depth of this corner to permit pushing into defender spawn with more safety

Removed this cubby near defender spawn to permit pushing through this area more safely

Increased the width of the Vent Room entrance

Added a sloped wall up the Vent Room, which removes a 50/50 check when entering Vents from Mid

The new sloped wall also protects you from wall penetration coming from Mid.

Simplified the Ramen/Scuttle Crab area

This should make the map feel more open and permit you to erupt and clear this area without having to rely as heavily on utility.

Reduce the depth of cubby within the Sewer to permit pushing through this space more safely

Increased the width of the doorway to A Tower and reduced safety of defenders during a Tower

This change should increase the worth of controlling A Ramps.

The adjusted angle of the sloped wall

This allows the rear corner to be cleared slightly earlier from attackers. This angle remains safe from the A Tower, however, you’ll now successfully clear this spot by stepping out onto the Rafters without having to sink towards the location.

Adjusted wall depth near Screens, which allows you to maneuver out of Screens more safely without the utilization of the utility.


Apex Legends Now Available To Play on Steam, Nintendo Switch Launch Expected Next Year

Electronic Arts (EA) free-to-play battle royale game Apex Legends is finally approaching Steam on November 4, the corporate announced during a statement. aside from that, EA’s Game Director for Apex Legends also announced that the corporate will take some longer to bring the sport to Nintendo Switch, and Nintendo Switch users can expect the sport to return any time next year. PC gamers already playing Apex Legends on EA Origin can now also play the sport via Steam.

PC users who were already playing Apex Legends via Origin can transfer their account progression and unlocks to Steam if they chose to play the sport via Steam. For Nintendo Switch users, the corporate said it needs longer so as to supply the good experience Switch players deserve. “This year has brought on unexpected new challenges, to place it mildly, and that we don’t want to rush anything out,” Grenier said. Apex Legends for Nintendo Switch will accompany cross-platform play and every one of the seasonal contents and features of the sport.

EA had, during its EA Play news conference announced that Apex Legends was coming to Steam and Nintendo Switch this fall. Developers of the sport Respawn Entertainment had announced that they’re going to divulge “special gun charms” to Steam players as a welcome offer.

Apex Legends Season 6 Brings ‘Rampart’ Legend, Evo Armor and More: Full Patch Notes

An all-new season of Apex Legends is here and you recognize what meaning. A bunch of the latest additions to the sport including a replacement legend, Volt SMG, and more. The new season also brings Evo Armor, where each armor upgrades to a subsequent level as you are doing more damage.

There is also a replacement crafting system where players got to collect resources as they loot and craft things like med kits, ammo, which may be an honest thanks to refilling your loadout. The new season also brings class and balance changes and every one of Recon Class Legends including Bloodhound, Crypto, and Pathfinder can now use Recon Beacons to seek out where the subsequent circle is going to be.

Apex Legends is Adding Duos Mode Permanently, Season 5 Coming Soon

Popular battle royale game Apex Legends is getting a replacement update. consistent with a politician announcement by Respawn, the Duos mode goes to form a comeback and can become a permanent option. this suggests that players can play in teams of two rather than the standard three. The mode was earlier introduced to the sport for a brief period in November last year.

The update is additionally set to bring King’s Canyon, the first map that launched with the sport. Ever since World’s Edge was introduced, Kings Canyon has been reintroduced 3 times for a brief while. This time, the map goes to be a permanent addition, which is great news for players.

The addition of Duos Mode and King’s Canyon map will happen on April 7. a replacement event titled ‘The Old Ways’ is additionally expected to start on an equivalent day and continue till April 21. The event will introduce a replacement Town Takeover called Bloodhound’s Trial which can happen at a replacement area within the northwest of World’s Edge. Players will get to battle against a hoard of prowlers and claim high-tier loot as your reward. The events also will offer a replacement prize track with daily challenges, and exclusive skins which will be directly purchased from the in-game store.


  • GTA Online: Slamtruck Now Available, Double Rewards on Bunker Sell Missions, Discounts & more

The new Vapid Slamtruck is now available for purchase in GTA Online, priced at $1,310,000.


Earn 2X GTA$ & RP on Bunker Sell Missions in the week in GTA Online. Also, the Bunker Research Speed is increased also. Plus, do not forget to play Bunker/Diamond Casino/Missile Base Adversary Modes and keep earning 2X GTA& & RP.

New Podium Vehicle

This week’s top reward at the Diamond Casino & Resort is that the Peyote Custom.

  • GTA Online: Manchez Scout Now Available, 2X Survivals, New Unlocks, Discounts & more

Take advantage of Double Rewards on Survivals in GTA Online, plus, new log-in unlocks, severals discounts, and new vehicles!

  • GTA Online: 3X Air Races and Motor Wars Adversary Modes, 2X Air Freight Cargo, New Unlocks, Discounts & more


Earn Triple Rewards by playing Motor Wars adversary mode in the week alongside 3X GTA$ & RP on Air Races adversary mode.

Also, Air Freight Cargo missions will cause you to earn Double Rewards!


Log in to GTA Online in the week to unlock the Güffy Double Logo Forwards Cap. Also, steal and fill your bags filled with loot during Cayo Perico Heist to unlock the Bigness Faces Sweater.

Premium Races & Time Trials

Premium Race: Muscle In

Time Trial: Casino

RC Time Trial: Cypress Flats


  • Team, WE continue 2021 LPL Spring Split domination, secure clean sweep against TT. They are currently on a four-game streak within the LPL.

Team, WE continue their 2021 LPL Spring Split, took down ThunderTalk Gaming during a clean 2-0 sweep.

The series was explosive, featuring tons of traditional LPL skirmishes between both teams and a powerful display of macro from Team WE. the primary game MVP vote visited ADC Zhao “Jiumeng” Jia-Hao, who showed great talent on Kai’Sa, winning his laning phase and converting his gold lead into tons of pressure on other lanes also. He finished the sport with a KDA of 8/3/6 and 30.8 percent total damage of his team.

The second MVP vote visited mid-laner Cui “Shanks” Xiao-Jun for his Zoe performance, finishing the sport deathless with a KDA of 10/0/7 and five thousand gold lead before his opposing mid laner. His picks helped Team WE secure early kills, which they converted into neutral objectives like dragons or Rift Heralds.

  • Gen.G take down T1, remain undefeated in the 2021 LCK Spring Split

It’s the Year of the Spear for Ruler’s Kalista.

Gen.G is staking their claim for the LCK trophy early within the 2021 Spring Split. After learning a 2-1 victory over T1 today, they’re the sole undefeated team left at the highest of the standings.

This League of Legends series didn’t begin in Gen.G’s favor, though. T1 snowballed an early bottom lane gank by Ellim into a clean victory. Much of Gen.G’s weakness in game one came from a scarcity of peel for Ruler on Kai’Sa. Rascal’s Camille was the sole real source of protection for the 2 damage carries after Life was put thus far behind in lane.

  • League Patch 11.2 will fix MMR bug and boost LP gains for ranked wins

League of Legends players will soon be ready to queue in peace.

Gameplay design director Mark “Scruffy” Yetter discussed an MMR bug that’s adversely affecting the ranked climb, leading to slim LP gains and dramatic LP losses. The upcoming Patch 11.2 should fix that


Arena of Valor Beta 29 Update Patch Notes

The Arena of Valor Beta 29 Update sees Airi revamp, new game mode Duo Race, new relationship system, new targeting mechanism, and plenty of adjustments arrives.


Behind the changes:

Some of you’ve got been trying to find how to make deeper relationships with your friends within the game. the present Friend System cannot satisfy this demand. Therefore, the new Relationship System during this update will allow players to determine new relationships with their friends beyond the present Friend System and unlock cool in-game effects and excellent rewards.


The Friendship System has been optimized, and therefore the Relationship System has been added.

Once players meet the Friendship Score requirement within the system, they’re going to be ready to establish new relationships with their friends, including brothers, buddies, besties, and lovers. Players can only become lovers with one friend. There are five vacancies for every one of the remaining relationships.

After relationships are established, players are going to be ready to strengthen them by playing team matches with friends or gifting items. Once a relationship reaches a particular level, both players can unlock awesome gift packs, perks, and exclusive Brags.

The relationships between players and their friends are going to be recorded by the system. Special anniversary events occur after a group number of days. Players will get a surprise once they log in on special anniversaries.

In addition, we’ve added two new sorts of Relationship Items. Gifting these things can rapidly strengthen the connection between both players. these things are often obtained through events and by leveling up a relationship.


Behind the changes:

The Emoji system has become widely popular among players since its introduction. Therefore, during this update, optimization of the whole emoji system in hopes of providing a far better user experience for our players.


New permanent emojis are automatically equipped once they’re obtained. they’re going to even be added to an empty slot on the equipment bar. Players will not need to look for them within the Backpack.

An in-game Quick Emoji feature is added. Equip a fast Emoji before a match to trigger an emoji icon rather than the likes of a button during specific in-game scenarios (when another player accessible sends an emoji, seeing an enemy for the primary time, killing an enemy/attacking a dragon, or destroying a tower). Tap the emoji icon for the foremost convenient thanks to express yourself!

Scenarios for automatically triggering emojis are added or become First Kill, Double Kill, and above, Aced, Assist, and Victory. Remember to equip the fast Emoji feature within the system.

Updated the Customization System UI. Equipment is now clearer and more intuitive.

Tips: After an emoji is provided, hold Chat and swipe to the left to quickly use the emoji or dance emote during a match. provides it a try!

New interactive emojis added: When a player uses an interactive emoji during a match, and a teammate responds with an interactive emoji within range, a replacement effect is going to be triggered for both players. These effects are often obtained through the connection System. Jump into a match together with your friends to undertake them out!


This season brings all-new gameplay – Mildar LaunchPad to stage. This season’s new gameplay will bring new experiences and challenges to both teams. it’s been provided players with a quicker means to succeed in the frontlines at the beginning of the match. Players can use this point to launch a team assault, invade the Jungle, or stay safely on their lanes, a bit like before. Of course, don’t underestimate your opponent because they can also teleport across the battlefield.

At an equivalent time, the primary season of the sport “Elf and Vision Shard” is going to be departure temporarily


Mildar has brought their cutting-edge technology to Antaris Battlefield! Before a match starts, both teams can teleport to Middle Lane via the launch pad at the bottom. The launcher pad disappears 30 seconds after the match starts.


A new Phasmophobia update is bringing new “experimental” changes to enhance the cult-hit ghost investigative experience.

In a tweet that starts “Hello again”, developer Kinetic Games listed the complete changes, which include a fix that ensures a ghost will continue hunting albeit it can’t reach you, and a bug that permitted ghosts to ascertain players even once they were hidden in closets and lockers (thanks, Comic Book).

The update also included some “experimental” changes, too, which are “not definite” and that the dev invites your feedback. The Thermometer refresh rate has been lowered to 2 seconds, and everyone room will now start with slightly different temperatures; if the facility is off, the temperature in every room will now slowly drop to 5C/41F, but if the facility is on, the temperature in every room will slowly rise (unless a ghost is within the room, of course).

If you are bossing Professional Difficulty, you’ll now note that each room starts at 5C, because the power is far away from the beginning, too.

The only other change detailed is now a server region prefix “in front of the space invite code” will “help show what region you’re in or trying to attach to”.

The changes come hot on the heels of another recent Phasmophobia update that lets the ghosts use the sound of your voice to guide their hunting, so you best start whispering if you would like to form it back to base alive.

Most folks already assumed that the ghosts were taking note of our voices to seek out where we are, so it had been a surprise to some that that wasn’t the case. Now, however, Kinetic Games has run with the thought and implemented it.

Phasmophobia launched on Steam Early Access in 2020 and have become a moment hit with streamers and horror fans, to an extent that surprised developer Kinetic Games and led them to vary and expand their plans for future updates.

Phasmophobia Update Makes Ghost Event Improvement

Kinetic Games’ horror title Phasmophobia is getting a replacement update that improves the ghost event objective, and other quality-of-life fixes.

Arguably one among the simplest horror games of 2020, Kinetic Games’ indie psychological horror title Phasmophobia has continued to implement new changes and bug fixes in 2021. Recently, the event team posted that the sport will receive an update to resolve more quality-of-life issues, particularly the ghost event objective which will randomly appear on the whiteboard at the beginning of each mission.

Since its Early Access release on Steam, it seems that horror fans have thoroughly enjoyed ghost-hunting in Phasmophobia. And because the players still explore the various available stages, the event team has done their best to stay their interest alive by adding a replacement prison level and seasonal in-game items and completing constant updates to repair recurring bugs or in-game issues.