• RUST is coming to consoles in 2021 and a replacement update in the week suggests that the favored PC survival gaming might be arriving on PS4 and Xbox One sooner instead of later.
  • Rust has seen a recent boost on Twitch, with viewership spiking to an all-time high in recent weeks.
  • The official Rust account has confirmed that the sport has omitted a million viewers, making it one among the foremost popular on the platform.
  • A new ESRB rating has been spotted by gamers which suggests that the console port is getting closer.
  • The rating doesn’t share details on when Rust is coming to PS4 and Xbox One or the other release plans.
  • Survival game and newly-minted Twitch phenomenon Rust once more set a concurrent player record for the Facepunch Studios title on Steam.
  • Survival game and newly-minted Twitch phenomenon Rust have once more surpassed its own Steam concurrent player record for the sport, eclipsing over 240,000 active users at its peak over the past weekend. Rust, developed by Facepunch Studios, maybe a survival game that has been around since its early access period in 2013, launching its full release in 2018 and remaining fairly niche for many of its lifetime since then.

Rust is that the latest beneficiary of Twitch’s ability to vary a game’s fortunes seemingly overnight, however, so it isn’t niche now. Rust is following within the footsteps of Among Us – curiously enough, another 2018 multiplayer release – in berating well after conventional wisdom would suggest. Content creators looking to broaden their multiplayer streams beyond the ever-present Among Us recently began to select up Rust as an alternate, and therefore the result has been an explosion of interest within the game. Rust is now a daily fixture of the many content creator’s streams, often featuring collaborations between popular Twitch stars within the same way that Among Us has allowed for months now. Rust’s popularity on Twitch streams also translated to an uptick inactive users, with the sport setting records for its concurrent player numbers earlier in January.

The good news keeps rolling certain Rust, as, consistent with Steam Charts, the sport experienced its best-ever weekend in terms of Steam concurrent player count just a couple of days ago. The analytics suggest that the sport came in only shy of 245,000 active players, peaking at 244,934. For a game that’s peak players sat at 97,445 only one month prior, that’s a fantastic amount of growth, and it’s still gaining traction as more Twitch content creators – and as a result, their followers – give the sport a try.


PUBG Mobile hacks: New anti-cheat system bans 988,533 accounts in the week

PUBG Mobile is one of the foremost played mobile games within the world. the sport features a massive player base thanks to its intense gameplay, high graphics, and multiplayer capabilities. However, with soaring popularity comes a number of cheaters who attempt to gain an unfair advantage within the game.

To combat these cheaters and maintain fair play, PUBG Mobile’s developers have put in situ several anti-cheat systems that detect any anomalies and ban cheaters instantly. They also publish weekly reports about the number of cheaters banned during a certain period of time.

PUBG Mobile has published its twentieth report detailing the number of cheaters who are banned from the sport.

The report revealed that over 998,533 accounts are banned from PUBG Mobile within the previous week, i.e from January 15th to January 21st, 2021. Every account was permanently suspended.

The first report was posted on August 29th, 2020, where 1,273,152 accounts were suspended. The second report saw 1,838,223 accounts getting the boot.

PUBG Mobile Global Version 1.2 new Runic Power update for Android

PUBG Mobile has established itself together of the foremost influential games within the world because it paved the way for the increase of the battle royale genre on the mobile platform.

PUBG Mobile’s developers regularly introduce new features to the sport with periodic updates. On 12th January, the much-awaited 1.2 updates were unrolled, and various features made their way into the sport, including the Runic Power mode.

PUBG Mobile Season 17 end date revealed

PUBG Mobile has released its fresh season and Elite Royale Pass. The new season features fresh rewards, which include colorful outfits and weapon skins. With the commencement of the new season, the players’ ranked tiers also get reset.

The Elite Royale Pass is often purchased by aspiring players for 600UC. Players also get many exciting rewards upon reaching the upper ranked leagues within the title. during this article, we discuss the top date for Season 17 of PUBG Mobile.

PUBG Mobile Global Championship (PMGC) Finals Day 2 Postponed

In a politician announcement through various social media platforms, PUBG Mobile officials announced that they were unable to carry the matches of Day 2 thanks to some issues.

They further explained that so as to take care of the standard of the competition, they were temporarily suspending the matches of Day 2. The officials also apologized to the fans and players for the long delays and therefore the resultant inconvenience caused.


FIFA 21 TOTY predictions and leaks with two FUT TOTY players confirmed early
With the FIFA 21 TOTY voting officially closing on January 18, 2021, EA SPORTS then confirmed that the FIFA 21 Team of the Year Ultimate XI are going to be revealed on Friday, January 22, 2021, at 6 pm GMT, but it’s not yet been confirmed if the complete Ultimate XI is going to be released into packs at this point, or if they’re going to be released in batches.
In previous FUT TOTY promos, EA ESPORTS have often released the defenders, then the midfielders than the attackers, instead of releasing the complete team all directly. However, FUT TOTY promos also historically start on a Monday, so with the FUT 21 TOTY promo starting on a Friday this year, anything is feasible.
FIFA 21 Title Update available now for PS4, Xbox One (8) and PS5, Xbox Series S/X (7)
FIFA 21 Title Update 8 will include a change where players will now see their own equipped match ball online, instead of their opponents’, something that has been mentioned tons within the FIFA community.

Other major changes within Title Update 8 include adjustments to the Team Press D-Pad tactic, Stepover and Reverse Step Over skill moves, defender positioning, referee logic and more. there’ll even be a serious visual update included during this patch, with 34 new Starheads and 29 existing Starheads updated, which EA SPORTS say are going to be activated at a later date through a Server Release.
However, players on next gen consoles PlayStation 5, Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X can now downl;oad Title Update 7 for FIFA 21, with some new patch notes released below which specify the changes. EA SPORTS had already confirmed that the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S versions of FIFA 21 won’t always have an equivalent change list as their PlayStation 4 and Xbox One equivalents.
Made the subsequent changes:
Made several adjustments to the Team Press D-Pad Tactic.
Decreased the quantity of your time the Team Press D-Pad Tactic are often active for, before requiring cooldown, from 20 seconds to fifteen seconds.
Once Team Press is requested, its effect takes 2 seconds to activate.
In situations where the defense is using Team Press and recovers possession, Team Press won’t automatically remain active on the subsequent loss of possession.
Made several adjustments to Stepover and Reverse Step Over Skill Moves.
Both Skill Moves are not any longer considered Easy Skill Moves and can be less effective when chained together while moving.
The animations for both Skill Moves are bogged down .
Decreased player transition speed when exiting either Skill Move at forward angles.
Addressed the subsequent issues:
The goalkeeper sometimes gets stuck to internet geometry and is unable to place the ball into play, leading to matches not finishing within the expected time.
After a defender positioned themselves ahead of the football player following an important touch, the defender sometimes didn’t contest the ball.
Improved referee penalty kick logic in situations where the goalkeeper dives at the ball carrier’s feet.
Improved referee logic when making decisions in breakaway tackling situations outside of the box.
When a goalkeeper moved then stood still during a penalty kick, they might sometimes deflect the ball into their own net when it had been hit directly at them.
This doesn’t affect other sorts of potential deflections that would occur.
In situations where the football player would start a shooting animation, but the shot was cancelled in time, the defender could sometimes perform an unintended blocking animation.


  • Cyberpunk 2077 Next-Gen Update are going to be Released within the ‘Second Half’ of 2021

CD Projekt Red co-founder Marcin Iwiński appeared on a video today to apologize on behalf of the corporate and therefore the leadership team over the launch of Cyberpunk 2077. Iwiński promises more updates are going to be regularly delivered alongside free content, including the promised free next-gen upgrade for PS5 and Xbox Series X, now targeting the “second half 2021”

CD Projekt never revealed when a next-gen upgrade for Cyberpunk 2077 is going to be released, aside from that it might be released for free of charge sometime in 2021.

  • The Rise, Fall, and Redemption of Cyberpunk 2077’s Subreddit

After tons of drama, Cyberpunk 2077’s subreddit finally found an equilibrium.

It was inevitable. Cyberpunk 2077 had simply existed within the hype cycle for too long. When it finally arrived in early December, after numerous delays, controversies, sizzle reels, and previews, it felt as if a shrieking, collective mania was doomed to subsume the culture. All of this energy, finally exhausted, in one white-hot moment. Few studios enjoy CD Projekt Red’s dual pedigree; both an indie messiah and a gargantuan triple-A moneymaker, and when the corporate announced they’d be leaving The Witcher behind for a sojourn in Mike Pondsmith’s glossy, gutter-tech Cyberpunk universe back in 2012, it already appeared like the hype was boiling to a dangerous smoke point. Naturally, by the top of 2020, Cyberpunk taught the remainder of the gaming industry a valuable lesson; if your product stumbles out of the gate after years and years of selling hype, your community will allow you to know. And in Cyberpunk’s case, this was nowhere more evident than in its subreddit.

Cyberpunk 2077 launched to an ovation of positive reviews for the PC version, with caveats. Critics noted a litany of bugs and hiccups, and also, forebodingly, confirmed that they didn’t receive codes for either the PS4 or Xbox One. Given how rickety Cyberpunk was on high-powered PCs, that appeared like a very bad omen. the bottom consoles are significantly less powerful than what’s possible on a contemporary desktop, so how would they delay under Night City’s glowing skylines?

Not well, because it clothed. At the stroke of midnight on December 10, 2020, Twitter slowly began billowing with damning evidence of Cyberpunk’s cut-corners and technical shortcomings on its console versions. AI was proven fragile, mercurial, and simply broken. Car models were rupture of the sky. Some players said that they were lucky to realize 720p on their pricey LCD screens, which often, the framerate nosedived to about 20 frames per second. the maximum amount as Twitter felt explosive, the excoriation was most brutal on its own subreddit. Once an area saturated with buoyant, carefree Cyberpunk hype, the discourse now flared with increasingly dire accusations toward the publisher. “This game is unfinished and a complete disaster!” wrote one user, who earned 34,000 upvotes. “Can’t believe I’m saying this, but this game needs another year of development time,” chimed in another, for 33,000 more.


  • GTA Online: Slamtruck Now Available, Double Rewards on Bunker Sell Missions, Discounts & more

The new Vapid Slamtruck is now available for purchase in GTA Online, priced at $1,310,000.


Earn 2X GTA$ & RP on Bunker Sell Missions in the week in GTA Online. Also, the Bunker Research Speed is increased also. Plus, do not forget to play Bunker/Diamond Casino/Missile Base Adversary Modes and keep earning 2X GTA& & RP.

New Podium Vehicle

This week’s top reward at the Diamond Casino & Resort is that the Peyote Custom.

  • GTA Online: Manchez Scout Now Available, 2X Survivals, New Unlocks, Discounts & more

Take advantage of Double Rewards on Survivals in GTA Online, plus, new log-in unlocks, severals discounts, and new vehicles!

  • GTA Online: 3X Air Races and Motor Wars Adversary Modes, 2X Air Freight Cargo, New Unlocks, Discounts & more


Earn Triple Rewards by playing Motor Wars adversary mode in the week alongside 3X GTA$ & RP on Air Races adversary mode.

Also, Air Freight Cargo missions will cause you to earn Double Rewards!


Log in to GTA Online in the week to unlock the Güffy Double Logo Forwards Cap. Also, steal and fill your bags filled with loot during Cayo Perico Heist to unlock the Bigness Faces Sweater.

Premium Races & Time Trials

Premium Race: Muscle In

Time Trial: Casino

RC Time Trial: Cypress Flats


  • Team, WE continue 2021 LPL Spring Split domination, secure clean sweep against TT. They are currently on a four-game streak within the LPL.

Team, WE continue their 2021 LPL Spring Split, took down ThunderTalk Gaming during a clean 2-0 sweep.

The series was explosive, featuring tons of traditional LPL skirmishes between both teams and a powerful display of macro from Team WE. the primary game MVP vote visited ADC Zhao “Jiumeng” Jia-Hao, who showed great talent on Kai’Sa, winning his laning phase and converting his gold lead into tons of pressure on other lanes also. He finished the sport with a KDA of 8/3/6 and 30.8 percent total damage of his team.

The second MVP vote visited mid-laner Cui “Shanks” Xiao-Jun for his Zoe performance, finishing the sport deathless with a KDA of 10/0/7 and five thousand gold lead before his opposing mid laner. His picks helped Team WE secure early kills, which they converted into neutral objectives like dragons or Rift Heralds.

  • Gen.G take down T1, remain undefeated in the 2021 LCK Spring Split

It’s the Year of the Spear for Ruler’s Kalista.

Gen.G is staking their claim for the LCK trophy early within the 2021 Spring Split. After learning a 2-1 victory over T1 today, they’re the sole undefeated team left at the highest of the standings.

This League of Legends series didn’t begin in Gen.G’s favor, though. T1 snowballed an early bottom lane gank by Ellim into a clean victory. Much of Gen.G’s weakness in game one came from a scarcity of peel for Ruler on Kai’Sa. Rascal’s Camille was the sole real source of protection for the 2 damage carries after Life was put thus far behind in lane.

  • League Patch 11.2 will fix MMR bug and boost LP gains for ranked wins

League of Legends players will soon be ready to queue in peace.

Gameplay design director Mark “Scruffy” Yetter discussed an MMR bug that’s adversely affecting the ranked climb, leading to slim LP gains and dramatic LP losses. The upcoming Patch 11.2 should fix that


  • Minecraft Earth AR Mobile Game Shutting Down on June 30.

Microsoft will delete the Minecraft Earth player data on July 1.

Minecraft Earth AR mobile game, launched by Microsoft two years ago, is shutting down. The developers say that the present global situation has prevented free movement and collaborative play – two things that are essential for enjoying Minecraft Earth. As a result of this pandemic, Microsoft has taken the tough decision to finish support for Minecraft Earth and re-allocate resources to ‘other resources that provide value to the Minecraft community. the corporate also released its last update for Minecraft Earth that brings along reduction in-app costs for purchasing rubies and other perks.

Microsoft took to the Minecraft blog to announce the top of support for Minecraft Earth. the corporate says that it’ll discontinue all content and repair support for the sport on June 30. this suggests users won’t be ready to download or play Minecraft Earth then date. The very next day, on July 1, Microsoft will delete the Minecraft Earth player data unrelated to Character Creator and Minecoin entitlements.


The latest maps, skins, and adventures from the Minecraft Marketplace!


The darkest, deepest corners of Minecraft are riddled with untold horrors that are waiting to be discovered by brave spelunkers: ancient threats lurking within the shadows, twisting speleothems that make otherworldly formations, and cute, creaking blocks that like to hear your footsteps as you traverse the underground.


Exploring One Map’s astonishing temple!

High up on the height of Olympus, the tallest mountain in Greece, the Olympian gods make their home. There are only twelve of them in total and a half they are busy doing god stuff elsewhere most of the time, but still, twelve people living on one peak is sort of tons. we will all imagine what their house looks like: big white pillars, many fiddly swirly bits, and everyone kind of spires and domes. we have seen Hercules, we all know what god houses look like!

How can Esports bring new values into the global economics or business industries in the future?

The global computer game market is forecast to be worth $159 billion in 2020, around fourfold box office revenues ($43 billion in 2019) and almost 3 times music industry revenues ($57 billion in 2019).

Gaming revenues are almost entirely driven by consumer spending, but the business model has evolved significantly in recent years. Consumers today buy fewer games than in previous decades, but spend longer with those games, shifting the business model from single-unit to recurring revenue generated from a base of active users.

As a result, the industry is laser-focused on increasing engagement per user. Apart from making video games as compelling as possible, the strategy for doing so has been the adoption of in-game monetization opportunities. This extra downloadable content (DLC) can include expansion packs, new features, tools and characters, and “loot boxes”, which are effectively a lottery of virtual items.

This business model has been available in tandem with improvements to gaming hardware, bandwidth, and mobile internet, which have made high-quality games more accessible across devices and platforms. Indeed, on the brink of half (48%) of the industry’s revenue now comes from mobile gaming.

A separate part of gaming is esports, which refers to organized, multiplayer computer game competitions. This sector is forecast to grow to only over $1 billion in 2020. Business models in esports closely follow professional sports – though competitions are much more fragmented – with the bulk of revenue coming from advertising and broadcasting. Although relatively small as compared with the general gaming market, esports has relevance here because it appears connected to the continued growth of gaming.


Esports scene in Saudi Arabia

It may be a touch late to the party but the center East is on the brink of an esports explosion. Led by a Saudi prince with a penchant for gaming, there are some exciting developments ahead in 2019.

In the Arab world, the embryonic esports movement arguably began in 2015 when ESL– the world’s largest esports tournament organisers – hosted an exhibition event in Dubai. Since then, a variety of associations have been created including the Saudi Federation for Electronics and Intellectual Sports (SAFEIS) and therefore the Arab Esports Federation.

Prince Faisal bin Bandar bin Sultan is at the helm of both and has been driving the event of esports within the Gulf and wider Arab world. Working closely with Prince Faisal and Saudi company Vanguard, an official partner of SAFEIS, is Englishman Philip Wride, who brings 18 years of experience in the field local

“Prince Faisal may be a long-time gamer and he understands what esports is all about,” Wride explains to Sport Industry Insider. “To have somebody like that at the helm is absolutely fundamental because he can appreciate what the wider community will be looking for in terms of the products; he fights the battles on behalf of the esports community. Because of his position, as part of one of the largest economies in the region, he has the opportunity to really shape the esports structure.”

While Saudi Arabia has organised a few of massive tournaments within the past with large prize pots, this year will see a much bigger offering for gaming fans. The Saudi Professional League has found an esports arm for FIFA in partnership with SAFEIS and therefore the General Sports Authority. They’re following in the football footsteps of the English Premier League, French Ligue 1, German Bundesliga and other football leagues around the world.

A tournament calendar is now being put together for 2019, which is probably going to also include more structure around games like Tekken, Fortnite, Overwatch and League of Legends. The Kingdom already boasts one esports champion; Mossad Aldossary, better referred to as MSdossary, who won the FIFA eWorld Cup in 2018.

“In Saudi Arabia , there are esports specific venues beginning to be built,” Wride says. “There are already gaming cafes but they’re now starting to look at a slightly larger level like elsewhere in the world. Places with 150 PCs and 100 consoles which will host esports tournaments on a stage are going to be ready to showcase the regional talents.

“It’s about showing people that there is a pathway for them in esports. We already know that there’s a global scene and a global structure that, if you are good enough, you can be recruited into. MSdossary is currently playing for an American esports team, Team Rogue. They’ve expanded into the region by recruiting local players and they also have ties in Bahrain.

“We are trying to shine the spotlight both on what’s being created from the structural perspective but also the talents here. People got to know that there’s absolutely a chance to travel from here within the region to the worldwide scene. We’re saying, ‘There are people around the rest of world who are making a living out of this – if you take it seriously, there is a career opportunity here’.”

So how exactly does a nation gauge the esports appetite of its population?

“I think there are two main areas that you can look at,” Wride explains. “One is that the volume of players – their time spent playing and people associated metrics. The other is the level of viewing consumption. Whether that’s written content, video content, live streaming. If you know people are interested in what’s happening on the global scene, it makes sense to build a local scene by providing local viewing and playing opportunities.

“That’s what we’re now starting to see in the likes of Saudi Arabia. They’re looking at creating that structure and participation across tournaments. Beyond that, they also want to undertake to bring international teams and international players here to form the dominion an esports destination. Similar to what we are seeing in traditional sports, this complements Vision 2030.”

“Like anything, a mix of both grassroots participation and welcoming international talent is desirable. If big players come it’s a chance to showcase a number of the items that are happening in Saudi Arabia and potentially get a number of those global brands involved.”

In the UAE, too, there are ambitious plans afoot with new esports academies and venues in and around the country’s malls in the pipeline.

“Introducing venues at malls may be a smart idea,” Wride says. “It gives more opportunity to get footfall but also utilises some existing facilities. The plan currently, based on the conversations we’ve had, is that some venues will be opening in the next six months. – though there are still details to iron out such as which games they are going to use.”

There is certainly a billboard incentive for the region to embrace esports because it has emerged as an incredibly lucrative segment of the game industry. While some brands could be a touch nervous about entering a market about which they need little knowledge, Wride insists those that take the plunge find the advantages are numerous.

“Educating brands is one of the biggest challenges for sure,” he admits. “But the question to brands is simple: do you want to engage your audience or do you not? If you do, you need to be in this space. It’s not going to disappear, it’s only going to get bigger; you either bite the bullet and get in, or you miss out.

“Once you show the numbers globally and talk about the opportunity for growth here, brands tend to be much more receptive. They want to get involved but they need to understand how they can do that. Brands involved in esports need to be authentic, they need to be relevant, and they need to contribute to the overall experience of the audience.

“One advantage we are increasingly finding is that as people who have grown up with gaming are moving into decision-making positions at brands so there is more awareness about esports. We are starting to see that transition now in terms of those who have the responsibility for putting marketing plans together and activating budgets.”

Those companies who joined the esports movement early have enjoyed massive exposure and positively recognise the worth of the association. The scope of partnerships can vary massively but Intel, for instance , created an eponymous series and recently agreed to a three-year affect tournament organisers worth $100 million.

“In the esports space we have endemic and non-endemic partners. Endemic would be technology companies like Intel. They have been phenomenal, creating the Intel Extreme Masters which carries their brand all round the world. They’ve built that relationship with the audience through their activations over the years and they know that the level of involvement has directly impacted their bottom line.

“Fashion brands are also finding a way to connect with a different audience, one which may not want to go and walk into a store. This resonates and I think there is certainly a really interesting market for female gamers in the region that has so far been untapped.”

Broadcast rights is another area during which esports is rapidly advancing, though a battle between organisers and game publishers could yet prove prohibitive.

“The challenge in certain areas of esports is that unlike traditional sports you have a publisher who creates and manages the game. There have been certain instances when a third party may be operating a tournament, but the publishers feel they have the rights rather than the organiser.

“Those debates are happening in esports at the minute but we are still seeing broadcast deals done. Recently online streaming platform Twitch, who are owned by Amazon,bought the rights for the Overwatch League for around $90 million – for two years of coverage.”

Whether it’s grassroots gaming, international tournaments or sponsorship deals, the center East is now looking to say a share of the ever-expanding esports empire. And Wride feels there is enormous potential in the region.

“The growth has been slow but steady so far but I think now it’s going to speed up significantly. The next couple of years are going to be very interesting indeed.”