Fortnite Season 5 may end with a big-bang that would destroy the whole map, again

Fortnite Season 5 is nearly coming to an in-depth. With the top of the present season, tons of the latest changes are speculated. The zero, which was exposed after the Galactus ordeal in Fortnite, has undergone tons of transformation as Season 5 progressed, and immediately, things look very unstable.

The zero has been a mysterious object within the game for a short time now. it has been opening up one portal after another through which Jonesy has been bringing in hunters from different parts of the universe. These different hunters have close and formed a metaverse of their own within Fortnite itself and are quite able to affect whatever evil the zero will cause within the upcoming days.

The zero at now of your time bears tons of resemblance with the zero back in Season X of Fortnite. Back then, the zero exploded and cause the destruction of the map, and immediately, with the way the zero looks currently, there is a high chance that the map might undergo an enormous transformation at the top of the present season.

However, the live event for the present season hasn’t been disclosed yet, so it’s really difficult to mention whether there’s getting to be anything substantial in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6 with regards to the map at least. Their map may transform within the new season and therefore the real battle for Fortnite Island begins the very day Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6 begins.

Epic Games vs Apple trial starting May 3rd will decide the longer term of Fortnite on iOS devices

The Saga of Fortnite on Apple iOS devices continues because the Epic Games vs. Apple trial will begin on 3 May 2021. While expected to be drawn out, the general outcome will determine the longer term of Fortnite on Apple’s mobile platform. Over the course of 35 hours, Epic Games will attempt to convince a judge that Apple’s platform hurts developers by only offering them one transaction system, which Apple takes a deep percentage from.

After Epic Games updated its mobile Fortnite app to bypass Apple’s transaction system with one among its own, the tech giant quickly removed the sport from its iOS app store. Fortnite has been unavailable to iOS gamers since Aug 13, 2020, as Epic Games and Apple battle within the courts over the legality of Epic’s actions and therefore the monopoly Apple holds over developers by forcing them to use their transaction system to process in-game payments.

The trial on 3 May is going to be held without a jury after Apple’s initial countersuit specifically asked for an attempt by the jury. Since then, both Epic and Apple have concluded that the case is best decided by a judge.

The agreement was made so both Epic’s initial suit and Apple’s countersuit might be tried simultaneously, without the necessity for 2 separate trials.

Epic Games filed an initial antitrust lawsuit against Apple in August, once Fortnite was far away from the App Store following Epic’s introduction of an immediate payment option in Fortnite that subverted Apple’s 30% fee.

Apple has filed a countersuit, claiming Epic violated its terms of service by not paying the 30% and is seeking reparations.



The Predator has emerged from Stealthy Stronghold and is now able to be unlocked as a Chapter 2 Season 5 Battle Pass Outfit!

Throughout the galaxy, there are few species feared quite the Yautja. Fearsome warriors that search for honor and sport, this one followed John Jones on its go after a worthy competitor. Completing the Jungle Hunter Quests, players also can unlock the Predator Outfit with built-in Bio-helmet Online Emote, also as a singular Heat Vision Hunter Spray, Banner, and Emoticon.


Starting January 23, choose between 10 different variants of male and feminine Outfits and represent your favorite club in-game.

Each Outfit is often swapped to any of the 23 football clubs we’ve teamed with from around the globe.

Clubs include:

  • Manchester City FC
  • Juventus
  • AC Milan
  • Inter Milan
  • AS Roma
  • Seattle Sounders FC
  • Atlanta United
  • Los Angeles FC
  • Santos FC
  • Wolves
  • West Ham United FC
  • Sevilla FC
  • Sporting CP
  • Borussia Mönchengladbach
  • FC Schalke 04
  • VfL Wolfsburg
  • Rangers FC
  • Celtic FC
  • Cerezo Osaka
  • Melbourne City FC
  • Sydney FC
  • Western Sydney Wanderers
  • EC Bahia


TheGrefg gave a primary look at his upcoming set, which includes:

TheGrefg Outfit Turn him red and electrified!)

The controller-inspired Staff of Control Pickaxe

The orb-composed Balls of Power Back Bling

The Controller Crew Emote (A gamepad good time.)

  • Sony Music teams up with Epic Games to feature Raftaar’s new rap in Fortnite’s ‘Bhangra Boogie Cup’ campaign

Sony Music India and Epic Games have teamed up to bring you some one-of-a-kind desi flavor in one of the most popular battle royale games on the planet. This partnership brings together renowned Indian rapper and music composer, Raftaar in Fortnite’s latest campaign ‘Bhangra Boogie Cup’ which may be a competition targeting the mobile gaming community in India.

Raftaar’s new original music track titled ‘ Click Pow Get Down’, is due for a good release by Sony Music India on December 30. But you’ll get to concentrate thereto exclusively if you participate within the ‘Bhangra Boogie Cup’.

  • Lazy Links Prefabs

Time to dust off the set of clubs and hit the range. The Lazy Links Prefabs are now available!

  • Cowboy Repeater Rifle

Keep your fingers on the trigger with a gentle aim. Add a touch of flavor to your Island with the Cowboy Repeater Rifle.


Added the Cowboy Repeater Rifle in Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary variants.


Added 3 Lazy Links Prefabs and 1 Gallery:

Lazy Links Clubhouse

Lazy Links Pro Shop

Lazy Links Garage

Lazy Links Gallery


Ice Lake maps not have an oblong cutout in their center.


Fixed several issues that would cause Husks to become stuck in situ .

Fixed an unfriendly error message that occurred when leaving a server while an island was loading.

Map information on matchmaking portals is now obscured by walls.

Fixed a problem that would cause players to spawn above an Island rather than on Player Spawn Pads.

Fixed a problem where the Island code details widget could disappear while inputting an Island code.


Fixed a problem where X-4 Stormwings destroyed outside the island safe volume left lingering visual elements.

Fixed a problem causing some vehicles to maneuver backward after exiting them.


Agency Lower Level prefab does not have pieces that break upon placement on the bottom.

Fixed a problem where one among the roof assets within the Racetrack Gallery provided the incorrect material when destroyed.


Fixed a problem where player orientation appeared skewed to others when spawning from a Player Spawn Pad placed at an angle.

The “Create Only” option on Player Spawn Pads now functions correctly if the player returns to Creative mode from a game.

HUD Message Device will now correctly respect the location setting.