Smite Season 8 Patch Notes Bring a replacement Battle Pass, New Skins, And Conquest Map

Developers at Smite have released a replacement Season 8 update that now survives all platforms.

The much-anticipated Smite Season 8 has finally released and it brings along much new content for fans. The third-person multiplayer battle arena game was already loaded with content; however, the newest season has far more to supply. As a part of the newest Smite update, developers have added a fresh Smite season pass, new skins, a Conquest map, and a seasonal event that’s already live now. Players should note that the season has just started and there’ll be a bunch of the latest content arriving because the season progresses. The gaming company has also released the Smite Season 8 patch notes which highlight the main changes for the season.

Smite Season 8 patch notes

Here’s a glance in the least the main changes coming with the new Smite update:

  • New god skins
  • Bunny Bomber Aphrodite
  • Safe Breaker Kali
  • Mastermind Yemoja
  • Heistblade Pele
  • Experi-Mental Baba Yaga
  • Walking Blight Ymir
  • Regal Warrior Erlang Shen
  • Battleship Heaven Nu Wa
  • Midnight Glamour Neith
  • Princess Sleepyhead Kumbhakarna
  • Grand Magus Anubis
  • Midgardian Macaque Hun Batz
  • Crash Test Janus
  • Pure Heart Ganesha
  • Season Pass 2021 – $39.99 USD, Includes the subsequent items:
  • 1000 Gems
  • Grand Magus Anubis Skin – Limited
  • Grand Magus Loading Screen – Limited
  • Tyrant Title

Unlocks gods for gameplay if you are doing not already own the last word God Pack

Base recolor

New Limited recolor

Voice pack

Wave and Clap Emotes

Bug fixes



Fixed a problem where the menu would sometimes close when attempting to look for “Other Players” to send a present to

Fixed a problem where buying a skin within the lobby would seem to form that the chosen skin – but loading into the match would equip the previously selected skin before the acquisition

General Gameplay

Implemented a Hotfix (Live Already) – that attempts to repair the problems where certain gods would seem to be stuck in certain animation states – for instance, Serqet would seem to be repeatedly leaping. These gods weren’t actually firing these abilities repeatedly, it just seemed like they were. This issue should be fixed already or greatly reduced in its chance of occurring.

Fixed a problem where almost any god/skin had an opportunity for its voice pack to become silent for one match

Fixed a problem where it seemed to players who purchased a skin within the god lobby as if the skin was selected, until the loading screen where it might be reverted to their previously selected skin.

Clash Map

Removed an unintended fog volume that was visible within the jungle areas of this mode



Fixed a problem where his Ability 02 – Alluring Spirits – might be canceled mid-fire without being placed on cooldown

Fixed a problem where level-up effects would play on Danzaburou when he’s in leaf shape – these will not play on him at that point

Fixed a problem where the buff icons from his passive would sometimes not appear as intended

Fixed a problem where his ult might be interrupted while CC immune and already firing


Fixed a problem where Hel had unintended reduced healing while in her dark stance

Fixed a problem where Decay hit FX were playing in incorrect ways on enemy gods/minions hit by the effect


Fixed a problem where Set’s sand clones would sometimes deal no damage when passing through enemies.


Fixed a problem where it had been possible to stack 2 copies of Frostbite in some scenarios.


Fixed a problem where if Awilix was interrupted during the casting time on Suku’s Leap – she would be far away from Suku. If she didn’t leap, she should get another chance to leap. If she is interrupted while leaping – this ability will continue to cooldown.


Fixed a problem where Love Birds would sometimes not hit enemies clearly within the hit area


Fixed a typo in her achievement text

The Morrigan

Fixed a problem where her victory/defeat animations could get out of sync



Fixed a problem where Tidal Surge’s collision was different on the Dreadbead skin.

Nu Wa

Fixed a problem where the Caustic Skies Skin would T-pose within the game client and lobby


Fixed a problem where the simpleton Skin could become stuck in specific animations


Fixed visual issues on the targeters for the Primal Vengeance and World Tour skins


Fixed a problem where the Eternal Tormenter skin would sometimes not display the orange runic circle visual element of the skin

Xing Tian

Fixed a problem on the Gecko Gladiator skin where the Gecko heads could get into unintended positions


Fixed a problem where the Oni skin was using the power 1 chains sound on death – it’ll now play a special chains sound on death

T5 Skins

Fixed a problem where these skins would have silent VGS when using “god” VGS rather than “skin” VGS

Chibi Skins

Fixed a problem where these skins wouldn’t display Nike’s Laurel effects properly

Quality of Life

New Tutorial System – Role Guides

Detects your role from the lobby to supply a singular guided experience for every role

Shows you waypoints throughout the match

Guides you thru your starting jungle camp and to your lane

Draws attention to respawning camps

Highlights jungle bosses and towers because the game progresses

Can be manually toggled on or off at any time

Works within Co-Op or PvP matches

Never stops or slows down the gameplay

Adjusts automatically if you miss spawns, get invaded, or otherwise

This will default to ON for players under level 15, and OFF for those 16+

Turn this on by pressing escape to mention the escape menu and selecting the GUIDES choice to mention setting toggles for Role Guides. this will be done at any time.

Or click the GUIDES button within the match lobby


New Escape Menu Option: Guides

The new Escape Menu option called GUIDES allows players to toggle the subsequent settings at any time.

Auto Purchase Items

Auto Skill Level Up

Auto Filter by Class

Show Role Guides

Show Help Tips

Show Recommended Items for My Role

Help Tips Changes

Help tips crop up boxes have had their size adjusted to be less intrusive.

Help tips are updated to display updated buff, camp, and objective information.

Large art was far away from the assistance tips so as to form the ideas less intrusive during gameplay.

Game Modes Page

Players will now be ready to access tutorial videos for every game mode via a replacement button within the list of game modes.

Role Trading

Added a replacement button that works like Ranked God Trading, but instead allowed players to trade role assignments

Players will only be ready to trade with one player at a time.

The player receiving a trade request must accept the role trade request.

There is a ten-second cooldown before the player can receive another role trade request if they do not want a task trade request.

God selection screen now displays the recommended role for every god

Added a replacement button to the match lobby: Guides – displays the subsequent match settings:

Auto Skill Level up toggle

Auto Purchase Items

Auto Filter by Class

Show Role Guides (Conquest Only)

Show Help Tips (all modes)

Recommended Item Updates

Builds are going to be recommended by Role in Conquest, with separate recommendations for Arena and other non-Conquest modes

If a build is out there, players will automatically be shown a build for the role they chose within the match lobby but will have a choice to select a special role in-game

Recommended items will once more show items that are popular among high-elo players, rather than being supported by team composition

Players are going to be ready to freely disable/re-enable auto-purchase within the match, even after purchasing an item outside the recommended list


All of those changes apply to all or any Ranked Modes – and only Ranked Modes

All Players Ranked MMR is going to be Hard Reset 8.1

MMR system

Removal of Variance System – Players will experience a more consistent MMR gain and loss from the primary game they play to their 100th. MMR gain and loss can still change supported by how even both teams appear to the Matchmaker.

Maximum MMR Adjustment – Players can not gain or lose quite 100 MMR during a single match

Split System

TP/MMR resets will only apply to players above diamond who become inactive for two weeks

Ranked Quests and Rewards will still reset every 2 updates

Ranked Rewards usually given out at the of the year are going to be available to be unlocked immediately in 8.1

Jungle Camp Vision changes

Gods that visit a Jungle Camp on their side of the map will now receive a vision of the in-world and minimap respawn timers for that camp. this is often granted albeit the camp was invaded and cleared by the enemy.


Living Conquest Map

In addition to the completely new 8.1 Conquest Map, there’ll be 3 more distinct updates to the map throughout the Season.

Each Update will have a selected theme that follows the SMITE storyline and god release plan.

Each Update will have art and style updates to the map to go with the theme.

Conquest is our best game mode and that we want to extend its ability to receive art and style updates to levels never seen before!

There will still be continual balance changes to the map every update, especially as we gather data and feedback at the beginning of the season.

An Entirely New Conquest Map

Wider map from lane to lane

Longer map from base to base

Completely reworked Jungle with more variance in its paths and geometry. Some paths are especially narrow, et al. are much wider.

New Camps and different camp locations.

Chaos side takes the shape of Tiamat’s Babylonian fortress

The order side may be a totally rebuilt Olympus

Order and Chaos towers have completely new models

Chaos Titan may be a completely new character

Chaos Minions are completely new characters

New Jungle Monsters – Scorpions

Many of our favorite jungle monsters, also because the Order Titan and Minions are going to be keeping their current Season 7 art on the new map.

There are major changes to all or any spawn times, jungle monsters stats, and objectives.


Is gaming good for kids or students??

Perspective for and against


The gaming industry is no longer a niche arena for a certain age group or consumer segment. With the advent of mobile gaming and improvements to hardware used in playing these games, gaming has become a viable form of entertainment for players from all backgrounds and ages. 

The improvements to hardware such as sound cards, graphics and faster processors have meant a related growth and development of the gaming industry as well. As a result, modern games, especially those that are PC based, have become very demanding as applications and serious gamers are among those who purchase high-powered personal computers to keep up with the newest games.

Games come in all shapes and forms and some can be entertaining and relaxing, while others could be challenging and good to learn. However, not all games are good for children and their effects can vary from being beneficial to turning into an addiction.

Perspective for:-

1. Working Together as a Team

Most games these days are played online or have a multiplayer mode that allows your kid to play it with their friend or with many others over the internet. This helps in building the skills required to work together as a team and solve problems together.

2. Better Decision Making

Games function in real time and most games are fast paced that require the player to make quick decisions in a short period of time. This helps in sculpting the decision-making skills in a child that are necessary for certain real-life applications like sports or medicine, where split-second decisions are necessary to be taken under pressure.

3. Maintaining Accuracy in Fast Decisions

Making quick decisions is of no use if they are going to be wrong. Video games help your kid maintain a good level of accuracy by learning to calculate all the dependent parameters fast. This is extremely useful, which is why even soldiers and doctors are advised to play video games to sharpen their short-term decision-making skills.

4. Coordination Between Hands and Eyes

Developing the skills to control motor functions without looking at them takes a good amount of time. By playing video games, kids begin to learn what movement of their limbs will have an effect to what degree in the space and visual references before them. This hand-eye coordination is required in nearly all sports and can even be beneficial in puzzle solving.

5. Better Cognitive Functioning

When a certain skill is repeated multiple times, the brain starts developing its structure and creates new neural pathways and transmitters to optimize its functioning. This has been observed in musicians and artists and is also seen while playing video games too. In times when intense concentration is applied, the brain moulds itself to be able to solve problems faster, which can ultimately also help in solving issues in real life.

Perspective against:-

1. Health Issues

Kids who spend a lot of time playing video games instead of indulging in physical activities can harm their health in a variety of ways. Constantly sitting in one place and playing video games at length can increase the chances of obesity, weaken the muscles and joints, make hands and fingers numb due to overexertion, and can even weaken eyesight.

2. Academic Issues

The excitement and fun that video games provide are in stark contrast to a typical day in school. This can cause kids to prefer video games over anything else and fail to pay attention at school. Even outside school, they may skip homework or studying for tests and choose to play video games instead, resulting in poor performance.

3. Exposure to Wrong Values

Many video games in the market are oriented towards the mature audience. These video games contain excessive violence, over-the-top sexuality, profanity, racism, and many other aspects that cannot be perceived by kids in the right manner. They fail to take these depictions with a pinch of salt and end up trying to emulate the same behaviour as portrayed in the games.

4. Socially Disconnected

Even though multiplayer games exist, most kids end up playing them by themselves in their own rooms. This severely limits their interpersonal skills in real life, preferring to be by themselves and interact digitally. Such kids fail to strike up conversations and feel bored and out of place at social gatherings, too.

5. Aggressive Behaviour

The violent content in video games and the instant gratification that they provide can cause the kids to be impatient and aggressive in their behaviour. When things fail to go as planned or any restrictions are laid on kids, they can lash out or start harbouring aggressive thoughts that can manifest in troublesome behaviour.

Signs of Video Game Addiction in Kids

Video games are quite easy to get addicted to. Your child may be addicted if he has the following symptoms.

1. Denial

The first sign of addiction is always being defensive about it and denying that it exists. Even after providing proof, your kid may refuse to accept the fact that they are wasting time in gaming.

2. Game Related Expenses

Your child may ask you for money to be spent in buying various items for the game or upgrading the computer to play a new game. At times, he may end up stealing money to fuel the gaming habit.

3. Disinterest in Other Aspects of Life

The video game and its world may take over the kid to such an extent that friends and family start to seem boring and mundane. Neglecting other activities such as studying will result in a reduced academic performance. Some kids fail to maintain basic hygiene as well, skipping baths for days on end, spending all the time playing games.

4. Uncontrolled Gaming Times

Your child may promise you to play only for 10 minutes, or until they finish a particular level or so on. But in reality, they fail to stop themselves and keep playing for longer hours, unknown to them, too.

5. Unable to Process Failure

In case your child loses in a game or fails to complete a mission, they will be unreasonably angry and very frustrated with themselves, unable to realize that it is simply a video game.

6. Hiding and Playing

If you end up scolding or restricting your child from playing, he will try to find out ways to play the game in secret without letting you find out. He might start lying or making up excuses to play the game just for a few minutes.

7. Constantly Preoccupied

Even when away from the video game, your child will appear distracted and lost in thought, usually thinking about something related to the game or constantly talking about it. Any mention of the gaming habit could end up irritating him.

How Can Parents Help Children Enjoy Video Games Properly and Avoid Problems?

There are many pros and cons of video games for children, but parents can keep certain aspects in mind to ensure that kids can enjoy the games without any problems.

  • Don’t allow your children to play video games when they are in preschool.
  • Before buying a game or letting your child play it, check the rating, the age limit, and any content warnings provided with it.
  • Try to play the game yourself and make yourself a part of their world. Your child will open up by discussing various aspects of the game.
  • Keep fixed and restricted times for playing games, in matters of time as well as the type of games played. This includes playing games at a friend’s place, too.
  • Keep a track of any online interactions your kid has with strangers and ensure they do not reveal any personal details to anyone.
  • Make sure the gaming area is in public view and you can easily spot the screen from afar.
  • If you are a gamer, enforce the same rules for yourself so that the kid learns from you.
  • Allow your kids to play video games only after they complete their homework and other tasks.
  • Make other physical activities or outdoor sports a part of the child’s life as well.

Make other physical activities or outdoor sports a part of your child’s life as well.

Video games aren’t advisable for young kids as the light from screens tends to affect their eyes. Such games also expose tender minds to inappropriate values and morals, which is why you should try some other activities to keep your child happily engaged for long. You can buy craft kits to keep your child busy. A fun-filled activity box with worksheets and storybooks is a great way to keep your kid busy!


Slap Kings

  • Slap Kings is a game where you participate in a world-wide slapping competition. The competition basically consists of taking turns slapping each other until one of the two players gets knocked out. The harder you slap, the more likely you are to win.
  • This game called Slap Kings lets you slap your opponent for points. You can use these points to increase your health and power so you can slap better and also withstand a slap from your opponent better.
  • Inspired by the famous slapping matches in Russia (there are tonnes of videos out there so take a look if you don’t know what we are talking about), available both on Android and iOS, Slap Kings has gotten very popular over this lockdown period and is the most downloaded game for March 2020 across platforms.
  • The game from Lion Studios has seen 35.6 million installs for March 2020 with 13.6% of the downloads coming in from the United States followed by 9.4% from India.
  • The graphics are reasonably good for a game of this kind but other than that, it is a silly game with extremely cartoonish and juvenile acts. 
  • If you want to become the world’s “best slapper”, then go ahead and download (102MB space) and play it. After all, it is free and might just help you slap away some monotony.


Gameplay in Slap Kings is very simple: during your turn, all you have to do is tap on the screen at the right moment to inflict the maximum amount of damage possible. During your opponent’s turn, on the other hand, all you can do is wait for the blow. If you survive, then it’s your turn again, and so on.

  • Each time you win a fight in Slap Kings, you earn a particular amount of coins. With the coins you earn, you can improve two key attributes: your health and your strength. Try to keep these two stats balanced so you can outlast powerful enemies by knocking them out sooner rather than later.
  • Slap Kings may be a fun arcade game where you travel round the world, slapping all types of opponents along the way. The game also has enjoyable graphics and a wide range of different characters.
  • Slap or be slapped: that’s the name of the game! This amusing and relaxing game will test your strength and timing skills so your smack generates the foremost power! Your hits will pack a punch. Watch your opponents fly out of the ring once you hit the knockout blow. How far does one think you’ll get during this face slapping blast tournament? Can you unlock your special power, the Golden Fire Fist?
  • Easy to find out but surprising depth will provide you with hours of entertainment. Fun characters are just asking to be slapped within the face.

Time to knock out the competition and show them who the true Slap King is!

Game Features:

1. Simple but addicting mechanics

The meter will return and forth – time it right for max power!

2. Fun Characters

So many amusing characters challenging you to ascertain who is that the best slapper out there

3. Power boosts

Stuck on a boss? Power up with limited time boosts! Defense helmets to face up to the toughest blows and your ultimate weapon…

4. Chill and have fun

Nice casual, relaxing, smacking good fun. Show them who is the king.

Whether you would like to smack, hit, slap, or fight, this game is for you. Slap Kings is the true slapping champion game.

“Become the world’s best slapper” is the tagline of Slap Kings. Now, no one would really want to be the best slapper in the world, right? But this is a mobile game that was the most popular in the world in March and we thought of checking it out to see what all the fuss was about. Based on a controversial Russian sport,,Slap Kings is all about slapping your opponents hard and mercilessly till you knock them out cold.

Yes, it is exactly what it sounds like. You get one character who has to just slap opponents till one competitor is knocked out. Each player gets three shots. There is a “slap-o-meter” that appears in the middle of the screen and you have to tap on it at the right time to deliver a tight, hard slap. There is a health bar that shows how soon you can be knocked out by the opponent. There are some additional features like Power Boosts available for a limited time. Defense Helmets can cushion a number of the toughest slaps.

As you move up the rung, the opponents get tougher and you have to work harder to knock them out. You have to work on your health bar  which can be improved by earning coins and by watching certain ads. Speaking of ads, there are plenty of them in the game. The power bar , the force you can slap your opponent with  has to be increased every now and then to emerge victorious.

If you are comfortable with mobile gaming, then you can become really good at this in a couple of attempts. 

Is it addictive? The number of downloads , 35.6 million in March , certainly indicate that.


Scrabble® GO – New Word Game

Online tabletop game

Scopely, Hasbro, and Mattel came together to make Scrabble® GO – New parlor game . The spelling game has now become an application, allowing users to bring the classic parlor game experience wherever they are going . As a mobile gaming app, Scrabble® GO has added a social networking feature to allow users to play against each other. You can link your Scrabble® GO account with third-party social media platforms such as Facebook and WhatsApp. All players can engage in competitive, tournament-style matches and other game modes. Easily find and start games with your Facebook friends and family! Expand your Scrabble friends with the new Favourite feature, which makes staying connected a snap. Got a rivalry brewing? Express yourself in-game with fun and easy-to-use chat emojis and phrases.

Scrabble GO is a political adaptation of the world’s most famous word games: Scrabble! In this version of the classic game, you can compete against your Facebook friends as well as other scrabble players from all of the world!

Scrabble® GO is published by Scopely and co-developed in partnership with PierPlay game studio. The game is the latest in Scopely’s diverse slate of mobile games, including MARVEL Strike Force, Star Trek™ Fleet Command and YAHTZEE® With Buddies, among others.


  • Scrabble GO has asynchronous gameplay, which means you can play many different games simultaneously. In other words, both players don’t need to be online at the same time to play the game. Instead, after your turn is over, you simply send your move to your opponent and wait for him or her to respond. Depending on your opponent, games can go from a couple minutes to hours, days, or even weeks!
  • This version of the game comes loaded with features that create a more fast-paced and fun game experience. For example, if you’re unsure if the word you want to use is a real word or not, simply place the letters on the board to check. Not only that, but you can sometimes even use wildcards!
  • But that’s not all, in this version of the classic game, you can advance through levels, and unlock skins for the letters and game board as you create great words and win games. Overall, Scrabble Go is a fantastic way to enjoy one of the world’s best word games.


  • Personalize your Scrabble experience with custom tiles! Unlock chests to get and collect a spread of visually stunning tiles, then boast your new tiles to other players in-game as you compete! New and edition tiles are added often, so make certain to gather them all!
  • Rediscover the ‘greatest word game of all time’, now available worldwide on Android and iOS!
  • From casual gamers to the fiercest competitors, Scrabble® GO appeals to all or any sorts of players. The game is very social, allowing players to simply invite and connect with friends and family via Facebook, WhatsApp and private contacts also as play with others round the world. The app also offers highly competitive play, bringing tournament-style matches loved by enthusiasts to mobile.

Love for the game

  • SCRABBLE® purists will love the authentic experience while those looking for something new will enjoy exploring many new modes and features, including:
  • Players can track their stats in Scrabble® accompany their Scrabble Score, one among the richest player profiles of any parlor game within the world, and personalize their experience with added flair by earning themed, playable 3D tile sets.
  • “SCRABBLE® fans around the world feel a deep connection to the brand for its long-standing tradition of competition,” said Victor Díaz-Roig, General Manager and Vice President, Product at Scopely. “We’re so proud to introduce a reimagined combat the SCRABBLE® experience with Scrabble® GO. 
  • Our team has created an extremely vibrant, social, personalized, competitive, triple-A experience for a brand that transcends generations. We also worked with superfans and professional players to form this the foremost dynamic game experience possible. We are thrilled to share the all-new Scrabble® accompany the planet .”

Classic game reimagined

For people who have played the physical parlor game , you’ll notice the app’s interface uses the first layout of Scrabble®. You can start a game by selecting one of four game modes: Classic, Modern, Arena, and Duels. Classic features the original set of rules and dictionaries as the first Scrabble® game. Here, you will play against one player only. Scrabble® GO’s flagship feature is the Modern mode. It combines the experience of Classic mode with new capabilities like Tile Swap, Word Finder, and Scrabble Scholar.


  • Original Scrabble® mechanics
  • Weekly tournaments and competitions
  • Online multiplayer enabled


  • Lacks customizable features
  • Description of Scrabble® GO – New Word Game

Feeling competitive? Test your skills in one among four exciting new word games:


Play the classic Scrabble game you recognize and love! With the official board, tiles, and Scrabble word dictionaries, only Scrabble GO delivers the authentic crossword game experience.

A beautiful way to go head-to-head using the official game board, rules, and dictionaries, celebrating the iconic word game superfans know and love.


Ready to move beyond the board? Because there’s many new features for you to explore, including four fast-paced competitive game modes!

  • Modern: Scrabble® GO’s signature mode is fun for players of all levels, reimagining the classic parlor game experience by introducing new features like Tile Swap, Word Finder and Scrabble Scholar that let players learn and improve while playing.
  • Modern: Scrabble® GO’s signature mode is fun for players of all levels, reimagining the classic parlor game experience by introducing new features like Tile Swap, Word Finder and Scrabble Scholar that let players learn and improve while playing.
  • Arena and Duels are two modes suitable for more fluent or more experienced players. Duels cut the game time down to five minutes and are played on a smaller board. Arena games are tournaments where players can test their skills on a weekly or daily basis. The Arena mode has three sub-modes, namely Word Drop, Tumbler, and Rush. The most challenging of the three is Rush, a timed solo-game, where the goal is to maximize the scores. It requires a well-thought-out and methodical strategy to win.
  • You can track your stats in the Scrabble Score. The stats will depend on the modes you play the most, your highest scoring words, and your speed. Overall, Scrabble® GO – New parlor game offers an equivalent feature of the parlor game . However, it ups the ante by introducing new game modes. Players that want a social and competitive experience with straightforward game mechanics will surely enjoy playing this game.

Arena: A one-of-a-kind collection of daily and weekly parlor game tournaments, including:

Word Drop: Create words by connecting adjacent letters in a word search grid earning bonus points for word length, use of special tiles and number of unique words played. Word Drop – An ever-changing word search game. Your used tiles are replaced, shifting the remaining letters and opening up new possibilities!

Tumbler: a fast , anagram-style game, where players find the very best scoring word on a rack of letters. Letter tiles are replaced once used and premium tiles with bonus points will appear to keep players strategizing. Like anagrams? This new mode challenges you to find as many high-scoring words from a rotating set of letters in a limited amount of time. Score bonuses for word length and unique words!

Rush: A timed, solo experience where players are in complete control of their board, enabling them to strategically plan word placement to maximise scores. The locations of premium squares are varied for an extra challenge.Rush – In this solo Scrabble mode, your only ally – or enemy – is yourself. Play off your own words and check out to line up high-scoring plays on a smaller 11×11 board. And remember – with a limited amount of time and turns, every move counts!

Duels – It’s fast-paced, head-to-head Scrabble! You’ll be matched up against players of comparable skill and play five turns each. But hurry up, because each turn is on a timer. Victories in Duels unlock prize chests!.Players face-off on a smaller board, completing a real-time match in under five minutes.


Powerful Boosts like Hint, Upgrade, Word Spy, and Vortex help take your gameplay to subsequent levels. Different game modes have different boosts, so make sure to check them all out!


Climb your high the League leaderboards by playing in Arena Tournaments! Leagues are updated weekly, and therefore the higher you rank, the more XP and chests you gain, also as an exclusive League Frame to point out your progress.

Practice mode

Play Scrabble one-on-one against the pc with Practice Mode! Designed to match your skill level, it’s a great way to test out new strategies and tactics.

Track stats

See how your Scrabble skills are progressing with our in-depth profile page! View your scoring averages, longest words, best plays, and more! Visit another player’s profile to see Head-to-Head stats.

Level up and unlock more!

Earn experience and increase your Player Level by scoring points in Scrabble and Duels, or by ranking high on stage leaderboards! Higher levels grant access to more features and unlock new collectible Tiles!


Word Collect: Word Games

  • Word Collect has exciting word puzzle games. Fill in every word block. Word Collect starts as a simple parlor game and gets harder as you level up!
  • Word Collect starts off as a pretty easy word game and enjoy word collecting gameplay! Word Collect has exciting word games Free Word Nerds! 
  • This game is developed by Super Lucky Games LLC. Word Collect: Word Games All Level Answers, Cheats, Solutions for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android, and other devices with screenshots for you to unravel the amount easier. 
  • Word Collect has exciting word games Free Word Nerds! 

 Enjoy Word collecting Gameplay! 

  • Connect letters in any direction to form the hidden word matches!
  • Find as many words as possible to level up and earn bonus rewards!
  • Fill in every word block jumbles! Earn bonus coins when you discover hidden words!
  • Can’t figure out the word jumble? Use coins to urge a touch and win the level!
  • Swipe to pick letters in any direction to make the hidden word matches!

Features of the game

  • Daily bonus coins for free hints!
  • Daily Challenge gives you more free word games, more free bonus coins and more Fun Every Day!
  • Over 900+ Levels to play word games free!
  • Free 500 coins at the primary parlor game login.
  • Easy to play and difficulty increases as you go!
  • Play Offline or Online – anytime, anywhere.

Word Collect is the best free word game!

This game contains 129 different chapters, which within the same time have from 5 to twenty levels to unravel . It is developed by Platinum Player LLC, a american app developing company who has done a really good game with Word Collect (Old name Word Addict.

How many levels are there in word collect?

2500+ Levels

  • Word Collect is the most addictive word game: relax and tease your brain in Word Collect! Play 2500+ Levels & Get 500 Bonus Coins! 
  • Daily bonus coins and word puzzles!
  • Daily Challenge gives you more word puzzle games, more bonus coins and more FUN EVERY DAY!
  • Over 2500+ Levels to play word games!
  • 500 coins at the primary parlor game login!
  • Easy to play, but hard to beat – difficulty increases as you go!
  • Play OFFLINE or ONLINE – anytime, anywhere!

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Cooking Fever

Cooking Fever

Cooking Fever is a cooking game where you manage different types of nutriment restaurants. You have to serve customers as quickly as possible, making sure they go home happy and satisfied.

Details of the game:

In the beginning, you can only serve customers at a burger place, but as you advance in the game, you can unlock new types of restaurants like pizzerias, bakeries, and Chinese restaurants. Altogether, you can serve over 400 different types of food, including hamburgers, hot dogs, pizza, soft drinks, etc.

Serving the customers is very simple: above the customer’s head, you can see what food he or she wants. Prepare the order quickly, using all the tools you have. With the money you earn, you can also improve and buy more kitchen tools, like pans, dispensers, and fryers.

Cooking Fever may be a fun cooking game with easy and addictive gameplay, alongside great graphics.

Feverish revolution in the kitchen

In this adventure, with free basic content and optional microtransactions, you will be in charge of serving the clients of a fast food restaurant (burgers, pizzas, tacos, cakes..). The content is suitable for all audiences which include everyone from children to adults.

Choose your destiny in the kitchen

  • In Cooking Fever you must “survive” waves of clients who will ask you for all kinds of fast food: burgers, sodas, hot dogs. As the clerk you will have to follow the necessary steps to prepare each meal and each order. For example, to cook a good burger you must place the bread on the plate, the meat in the pan, take it out when it’s done (take too long and it will be burned and you will have to throw it away!) and put it in the bread.
  • The rhythm and your micromanagement skills will be the key to succeed in Cooking Fever, especially when you get past the tutorial levels and start being overwhelmed by many customers at once. Take too long and the clients will leave angry and without paying. Be fast and they will be so happy that you will get tipped.
  • Up to now Cooking Fever seems like your typical cooking game. What’s unique about it? Two elements: the progression and the establishment management.
  • At the top of a round or A level of Cooking Fever, you will invest your money in better kitchen tools. Improve your frying pan and the meat will be done sooner. Buy more tuppers and you’ll store more food, helping together with your provisions. You choose what you want to improve, breaking one of the curses of this type of games: the linear progression.
  • When you have completed a few rounds, the game will allow you to invest money in improving the looks of your restaurant. This component is more strategic than it seems: entertain your clients with a better quality TV and they’ll stay longer. Again, this part of the game helps you feel like you are controlling Cooking Fever directly, and not the other way around!

Lots of patience

  • Cooking Fever isn’t a 100% free game, ladies and gentlemen. The title includes optional microtransactions that will help you improve your equipment quickly or make certain progress faster. You can complete Cooking Fever without paying, but many times you will have to repeat the levels to get enough money to improve your equipment. You will need lots of patience.
  • Cooking Fever has great controls, which I even have been thankful for within the most stressful moments. There is nothing I hate more in these games than when I lost time because the title doesn’t recognize that I want to send the order to the client, for example.
  • In an aesthetic level, Cooking Fever is nice and even cute without having overloaded colors that slow down the action in older devices. Each interactive element has been designed so it’s easy to recognize when you find yourself in the middle of a cooking frenzy, which is the most important thing.

Strongly recommended

Cooking Fever has nicely surprised us. We expected another cooking game and we found a title that recognizes that it is in a stagnated genre and needs some kind of revolution. Unlike other similar games, in Cooking Fever you’re on top of things of your strategy and the way you would like to advance. We never thought we’d talk about strategy in a kitchen game, but we are sure that you didn’t expect to read this recommendation either.


  1. A lot of content
  2. Non-linear progression
  3. Strategic components


The patience needed to complete it without paying

Game Features

  • More than 1000 dishes to cook using 250 ingredients
  • 27 unique locations: Fast-Food, Bakery, Chinese, Pizza, Seafood, Indian, Breakfast Café, Sushi Bar, frozen dessert Shop, Paradise Cocktail Bar, Corn Dog Van, Café Mexicana, House of Crab, Sports Bar, Sunset Waffles, Smokey Grill BBQ, Italian Buffet, Salad Bar, Aloha Bistro, Hell’s Kitchen . More locations are on the way!
  • More than 1000 levels to complete
  • Hundreds and many upgrades for your kitchen appliances and interior
  • More than 350 challenge levels to check your cooking skills!
  • Prepare delicious desserts and attractive nutriment , run a bar and an Oriental Restaurant, practice your skills during a sort of setting and cooking techniques. Use quite 100 ingredients to cook several hundred tasty dishes. Try all the possible kitchen appliances, from coffee makers and rice cookers to pizza ovens and popcorn makers. 
  • Decorate your restaurants to attract more clients. 
  • Make your own freebies, like cookies or cupcakes, to form your customers’ experience more personal and memorable – a bit like in real life! Upgrade your kitchen and produce a good greater sort of dishes. Have fun cooking and don’t forget to share your delicious meals together with your friends on Facebook!

Countless Restaurants and Endless Cooking Amusement

There are 23 exciting restaurants in Cooking Fever! Some of our favorites are the frozen dessert Bar, Sunset Waffles, Sushi Restaurant, and Michelle’s Cafe! Who knew that cooking is often such great fun? Cook up many dishes starting from simple to fancy with thousands of ingredients. Continuously make sure that your restaurant is beefed up to your customers’ liking! Are you furthermore sure that your kitchen is upgraded and efficient? Cooking Fever on PC needs you to be a master chef!