Everything just paused. Meera and Sameer were seeing each other. Tears started to flow from the eyes of Meera. She just couldn’t control it. Sameer told his sister and brother in law and went to Meera. Meera asked Sameer to please leave. Sameer tried to hold her hand but Meera went from there. It has been 5 years that they have seen each other. Sameer was eager to talk to her. He went after Meera but all in vain. He tried to get the number of Meera but the staff didn’t give him. Sameer decided to talk to her and he waited in the hotel lobby for hours. After 3 hours he saw Meera in the lobby and said to her that “I am sorry, plz talk to me”.

“Your sorry will not bring back my 5 years of life”, She said to Sameer. Sameer was confused and asked about her husband. “He is no more”, She replied. Sameer was in total shock and asked what happened. He died in a plane crash. It happened 4 years ago. Meera broke and started crying. Sameer hugged her tightly. He sat down in his knees, with both his hand folded said sorry to Meera. 

He went to Meera’s home. “Beautiful house”, Sameer told Meera. Meera made coffee and both talked for hours. There was still a lot of love in the eyes of Meera which Sameer noticed easily.  

Sameer sat in front of God and said, “I want to marry Meera. I don’t want anything else. You have given me everything. I just want to marry Meera”. He was crying, crying, and crying. Sameer’s sister was listening and saw everything from the back. She went to the kitchen and brought water for Sameer. She didnt showed anything on her face that she has listened to everything. 

The next day the doorbell ranged. For Sameer’s surprise, it was Meera with her inlaws at the door. He was totally surprised by what was happening. (Sameer’s sister had gone to meet Meera and her inlaws. She told Meera’s inlaws everything about Meera and Sameer. Meera’s father in law asked Meera that what all she has told is true. She replied yes. He said that Meera is their daughter and he will come tomorrow for there future). Meera’s father in law said to Sameer that he is giving the hand of Meera to him but you have to keep her happy. Tears flowed down the eyes and he understood everything. God has come in the form of her sister. He went to God and said thank you. 

Meera and Sameer got married and they have a beautiful daughter whom they named Sameera. Sameer + Meera= Sameera. They fulfilled all there dreams and lived happily ever after. They helped many homeless and poor people. 

Thank you guys for reading it……