First look at Hearthstone Masters in 2021!

Preparing for the subsequent year of competitive Hearthstone, we’ve listened to player feedback from all levels of competitive Hearthstone and are thrilled to announce improvements to Hearthstone Masters also as details for the primary Master’s Tour of 2021!

Masters Qualifiers

As the primary entry point into the Master’s program for many of our players, we’ve been watching ways to not only expand the Qualifiers system but to raised reward high-level consistency.

While assessing the way to best improve the Qualifiers, one piece of community feedback has consistently stood out: expanding opportunities to earn invites to every Masters Tour. We are addressing this in 3 ways for Hearthstone Esports in 2021.

Masters Tour

Due to the continued global pandemic, we’ll be holding all six Masters Tours of 2021 online. Each Masters Tour will feature a $250,000 (USD) prize pool divided among the highest 200 players supported final standings. As players won’t be ready to travel from around the globe to compete together, we are taking the locations for the 2021 Masters Tour back to Hearthstone’s roots, so mount the Deeprun Tram to battle against 400 players in Masters Tours themed all-across Azeroth, beginning with Masters Tour Ironforge, March 12 -14!

Duels Mid-Season Update

The 19.4 patch, launching on January 21, brings the first-ever Mid-Season Update for Duels! All players’ Duels ratings are going to be reset for Casual and Heroic, the Darkmoon Races Mini-Set are going to be added to the pool of eligible cards you’ll use to create your 15-card starter deck, and every class will gain access to at least one new Hero Power and three new Signature Treasures, one of which is Dual-Class! Lastly, we’re adding 4 new Passive Treasures and a couple of new Active Treasures for you to supplement your deck with between games.

Each class will now have access to three Hero Powers and 6 Signature Treasures in total! These new Hero Powers and Treasures are often unlocked by meeting the below criteria related to your Collection.