Everything just paused. Meera and Sameer were seeing each other. Tears started to flow from the eyes of Meera. She just couldn’t control it. Sameer told his sister and brother in law and went to Meera. Meera asked Sameer to please leave. Sameer tried to hold her hand but Meera went from there. It has been 5 years that they have seen each other. Sameer was eager to talk to her. He went after Meera but all in vain. He tried to get the number of Meera but the staff didn’t give him. Sameer decided to talk to her and he waited in the hotel lobby for hours. After 3 hours he saw Meera in the lobby and said to her that “I am sorry, plz talk to me”.

“Your sorry will not bring back my 5 years of life”, She said to Sameer. Sameer was confused and asked about her husband. “He is no more”, She replied. Sameer was in total shock and asked what happened. He died in a plane crash. It happened 4 years ago. Meera broke and started crying. Sameer hugged her tightly. He sat down in his knees, with both his hand folded said sorry to Meera. 

He went to Meera’s home. “Beautiful house”, Sameer told Meera. Meera made coffee and both talked for hours. There was still a lot of love in the eyes of Meera which Sameer noticed easily.  

Sameer sat in front of God and said, “I want to marry Meera. I don’t want anything else. You have given me everything. I just want to marry Meera”. He was crying, crying, and crying. Sameer’s sister was listening and saw everything from the back. She went to the kitchen and brought water for Sameer. She didnt showed anything on her face that she has listened to everything. 

The next day the doorbell ranged. For Sameer’s surprise, it was Meera with her inlaws at the door. He was totally surprised by what was happening. (Sameer’s sister had gone to meet Meera and her inlaws. She told Meera’s inlaws everything about Meera and Sameer. Meera’s father in law asked Meera that what all she has told is true. She replied yes. He said that Meera is their daughter and he will come tomorrow for there future). Meera’s father in law said to Sameer that he is giving the hand of Meera to him but you have to keep her happy. Tears flowed down the eyes and he understood everything. God has come in the form of her sister. He went to God and said thank you. 

Meera and Sameer got married and they have a beautiful daughter whom they named Sameera. Sameer + Meera= Sameera. They fulfilled all there dreams and lived happily ever after. They helped many homeless and poor people. 

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There was not even one moment when they don’t talk to each other. Days went on and their bond became stronger and stronger. Meera always surprises Sameer with one challenge or the other. One day Sameer was playing snooker with other guys. Meera and other college mates were present there. Meera went to Sameer and asked to put the ball into a pocket in one shot, which was next to impossible. She said if you really love me then you have to do. Everyone started clapping and shouting. Sameer watched Meera and he picked the ball and put it in the pocket. Everyone clapped and shouted Sameer’s name. He held the hand of Meera and took her from there. 

In one more instance Meera asked Sameer to hug a female teacher who was  30 years and was very beautiful. Sameer went to the teacher and slowly said to her that you are like my elder sister. He then asked her that “may I hug you”. The teacher hugged Sameer.

Meera entered college in a white salwar suit. She was looking very beautiful. Hair was curly and golden brownish colored. Everyone was just watching her. Meera’s eyes were searching Sameer. It was Meera’s birthday. Everyone came and wished her. They had brought a cake for Meera. She got a little frustrated as Sameer was not picking her call and hadn’t come to college. They all asked to cut the cake but Sameer was missing. When she was cutting the cake, someone closed Meera’s eyes from the back. She understood that it can only be Sameer. Sameer she shouted. She cut the cake but Sameer had different plans for her. He took the whole cake and put it on Meera’s face. Everyone laughed, laughed, and laughed. Meera hugged Sameer and said in his ear I can’t live without you. Meera(after washing her face) and Sameer went to the coffee shop where Meera said to Sameer that before seeing him smile, she has seen his tears. Before listening to his voice, she has listened to his screaming. Sameer held her hand and said please don’t leave him. 

The days went on and their bond became stronger and stronger. Meera got a job in a reputed bank in Dubai. Meanwhile, Sameer started a garment business in Delhi. It was difficult for each other but no one easily gets a job in Emirates NBD. Meera left Delhi and the days went on. Meera was going up from one step to another while Sameer’s business on the other hand suffered a huge loss. 

Meera came back to India in her Eid holidays. She asked Sameer for marriage, as her parents were pressurizing her for marriage. Sameer refused to Meera that he will only get married when he will become a successful businessman. Meera asked Sameer to come to Dubai but Sameer refused. There was a fight between them. Slowly and gradually there fight got increased day by day. Meera finally agreed on her parent’s decision and got married. She settled in Dubai, as her husband owned a hotel in Dubai. She got married to a very rich person.

Sameer continued to try one business or the other but he was not getting success. His health was also deteriorating as he started drinking and smoking again. There were no talks between them and years went by.

Sameer became a successful businessman after 5 years of struggle. His business was rising but he always missed Meera. He went to Dubai to meet his sister and when they were having dinner in a hotel, he saw Meera. It was the same hotel which was owned by Meera’s husband.

Sameer shouted Meera………

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Meera was totally surprised. She just cannot believe what she saw. She asked for more and more pictures of Nisha, Sameer gave them all. The only difference she saw in the looks of her and Nisha was that she had long straight hair while Nisha hair was curly. Miracle has taken place in the life of Sameer. He gave the coffee to Meera. Something has changed in that room. Both of them looked at each other. They came close and hugged. Meera then decided to leave.

There are seven look alike of a single person.


Meera has decided to propose to Sameer. She dressed exactly the same as Nisha. Sameer didn’t go to college that day. She called him again and again but there was no response. She went to Sameer’s room but of no use. She madly called him again and again but there was no response. As she was leaving, she saw Sameer who was holding a whisky bottle in one hand and a cigarette in the other. He was drinking and there were tears in his eyes. She stopped her scooty and asked him to sit at the back and come along with her. He refused but she insisted a lot. They finally reached meera’s home. She gave food to him and asked him to stop drinking. 

She took Sameer to a NGO which rescues children and girls from human trafficking. Sameer went to a small girl and gave her chocolate. The girl’s name was Reema and she was beaten everyday where she used to do household work. There was another boy Ashish whose one eye was damaged and was asked to beg on the streets. There was one girl Riya who was raped by a man everyday.The children were in so much pain. Meera distributed all the things which she had bought for the kids and then they left. They were crossing a subway where she asked Sameer to look at a man who was lying there. She gave 500rs to that person who has no legs and only one hand. “See Sameer this man is in so much pain”. There were other beggars also, one lady had a small kid who was asking money to feed her baby. “See Sameer see”. 

She again took Sameer to a NGO where old people lived. “See Sameer see, there children have left them here”. “Do you feel their pain…tell me damn it”. They came out of the NGO and she slapped him 5-6 times and had tears in her eyes. “Why are you destroying your life and giving yourself so much pain? I know tragedy has stuck in your life but there is life ahead of you. You can do many things for her”. Sameer left from there….leaving Meera in tears. Sameer came back to his room and again started drinking. One cigarette after another and was not able to control his tears. Today something changed inside Sameer. He just wanted to help people who are in a lot of pain and who have suffered too much in life. He reached Meera’s house and said thank you to her. Thank you for releasing him. He was a slave of his past memories and bad habits. He promised Meera that he will change for her and for his family.

The days went on good for both of them. They became close friends and shared their life with each other.

They both had to represent their college in a dance competition. They practised hard, in fact very hard to reach the finals. It was the 5th of August. The name of the winners was about to announce. They lost the finals. They came 2nd in the competition. Sameer was a little upset but suddenly he heard his name. It was Meera who had the mic in her hand. Sameer came to the center of the stage where Meera was already standing. She bent down on her knees and took out the rose and proposed Sameer. Sameer took the rose and bent  down to take her in his arms and silently said in her ear…..”I love you too”. It was the same day 5th of August, 3 years before he proposed to Nisha. Life gives back. True love never dies. He said to Meera…..i love you…i love you very very much…….

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Meera finished the coffee and it was 12 AM. She checked the date and it was 4th July. She felt the pain of Sameer as it was Nisha’s birthday. She went running to Sameer and gave him a tight hug. She has many questions in her heart about what happened next and how Nisha died! She wanted to ask Sameer how such a beautiful love story turned into a pain story. She asked Sameer why he remains so alone and didn’t talk to anyone. “Loneliness is not killing you” she asked Sameer. He replied that he has friendship with loneliness and he hears the voice of Nisha. Sameer was crying a lot. 

Sameer picked Nisha from her home everyday for School. They both were very happy. Slowly Nisha was smiling a lot. Smile which was missing from her face for years was there because of Sameer. They used to plan their future, plan their present. Whole school knew that they were in love. Nisha always asked Sameer that  he should never leave her. She said to Sameer that she cant be able to live without him. She bought a beautiful Timex watch for Sammer which he liked a lot. 

Sameer noticed in the Timex watch that it is 12 AM and it’s Nisha’s birthday. He asked Meera whether she is going to come along with him. Meera and Sameer went to  the shop and Meera picked up many eatables in good quantity. She asked Sammer to pick more and more. They picked chocolates, biscuits,chips,toys and other things which kids like. She bought a big cake. They both came back home and cut the cake and Sameer finally had a smile on his face. Meera took Sameer to an orphanage in the morning where they distributed all the things. Sameer felt relieved. Meera also asked everyone to pray for Nisha. After spending time in the orphanage, She took Sameer to a cloth store where they bought Sarees, Shirts, towels and then to a grocery store where she bought eatables in a large quantity. She then took Sameer to Sai Baba temple where they distributed everything to poor people. After having darshan in Sai Baba temple, she asked Sameer to sit outside the temple. He asked why and then she replied. If any ego is left within us then our prayers will not be granted. They sat outside the temple for 20 mins and begged. Sameer was very happy.

Meera finally asked Sameer what happened? He replied that they have decided to bunk the school and go to Kanpur and buy some good leather stuff.  Kanpur was 90 kms from Lucknow. It was 2nd August Morning they bunked the school. 

Sameer and Nisha had breakfast in the morning and then decided to leave Lucknow around 9:30 AM. Sameer was driving very fast. Although Nisha was asking again and again to slow down, Sameer ignored. A car banged their bike from behind. There was blood all over Sameer’s body. He regained his balance and looked at Nisha. Sameer in broken pieces reached around Nisha. Nisha was saying that I love you a lot. She said to Sameer that “wherever he remains, whomsoever he gets married, how much money he earns but please remember that I always loved you a lot and will love you after death also. Please don’t hate me for even one second. I love you Sameer”. Sameer screamed loudly and looking towards God in the sky, he asked God to send her back. 

Nisha died in my arms. He cried and said he wasn’t able to do anything. He asked Meera to bring her back. Meera hugged Sameer tightly. There were tears in Meera’s eyes as well. A beautiful love story has ended into a painful story. Meera told Sameer that she cannot bring back Nisha but she will be with him forever. “I know you don’t want help but she is there to be with you” She said to Sameer.

Sammer went to sleep. Meera prayed to God to take out all the pain from Sameer life. She prepared food for Sameer. She decorated the house for Nisha’s birthday. Sameer when woke up was very happy. They had dinner. Sameer showed the photo of Nisha to Meera. Meera was quite surprised. She was totally amazed. Meera and Nisha resembled each other in looks(almost 95%).

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Meera made a cup of black coffee and was watching the sky. She asked God why? The rain started. Sameer loved rain. He was having a bottle of whiskey in his hand. He was having tears in his eyes which no one could watch as it was raining heavily. He was remembering Nisha, the girl who was no more. 


Nisha and Sameer met in school. They both were in different sections. Nisha was in commerce section and Sameer in science section. Sameer was excellent in studies and Nisha was an average student. Sameer loved cricket and Nisha was a very good basketball player. Only thing that was common in both was that they both were excellent in dance. Sameer liked Nisha but was never able to tell her. Sameer and Nisha had to represent their school in a dance competition which included 16 schools. Sameer was very happy not because of the competition( i hope you guys understood). 

Sameer’s mother said that today you woke up on your own, what is the reason? Sameer replied that you will not understand. He reached school early as they had to rehearse for the dance. He was waiting for Nisha and when she came, there was a lot of excitement and happiness inside Sameer. Nisha was looking worried but Sameer wasn’t able to ask her. He finally went to her and asked her “is she ok?”. She said I am fine and then the dance teacher came. They decided on the songs to rehearse.

Sameer understood that she had some trouble but wasn’t able to ask her for a few days. They slowly and slowly became friends. It was Nisha’s birthday (4th of july) and she also invited Sameer along with other friends of hers. Sameer told her that he will be late as he has to go for coaching for preparation of IIT. She said you can come late also. Sammer tried to leave early from his coaching but was not able to leave as the tutor did not allow him. He teached on that day till 10 PM. Sameer rushed to reach her house. He has bought a Taj Mahal for her. Taj Mahal is a symbol of love. He reached her flat and before ringing the bell, he heard sounds of fight. He didn’t care and finally ranged the bell. The door did not open. He rang again but the door still did not open. He stood there and the door opened. A man left the house in anger. Nisha arrived at the door and he asked Sameer to come in. The birthday party was over. She brought cake for Sameer which she has kept for him. Sameer wished her and gave the gift to her. Sameer finally asked her what had happened and why she was always worried. She replied that she will tell him in school.

They both came early to school. There were tears in the eyes of Nisha. Sameer felt the pain. He asked her to tell him everything. She said that her parents fight everyday. From her childhood, she has seen that. Nisha’s father used to beat her mother. She told him that her father is having an affair with one lady and he spends money on her. When her mother asks not to spend on her and to take care of them, he beats her badly. Nisha started crying badly. Sameer consoled her and decided to fill her life with happiness.

The dance rehearsal started. The name of the group was “Samik” which means peace. The Samik group did very well in the competition and they reached the finals. Sameer decided to propose Nisha on the day of the finals. There were the  last performances of the 5 finalists. They performed well. The judges finally came on the stage and announced the winners. There was fear in the heart of Sameer that if he loses, he will not propose to Nisha as she will again get sad. He started praying to God and Judges announced that the Samik group had won. Sameer asked the mike from one of the judges and bent down on one knee and proposed Nisha. Nisha started crying and held his hand. He hugged Nisha and said to her that he cannot live without her. Nisha replied she also loved him a lot.

Meera listened very carefully to what Sameer told her. She asked Sameer to change his clothes and gave the clothes of her elder brother. She asked Sameer what happened next. 

The story will continue inn 3rd article….DUBAI to GERMANY to USA….Sameer n Meera 


This is a story of a drunkard Sameer and full of life Meera. Meera is very beautiful. She has long hair,beautiful eyes that have deep emotions and a smile which will make you fall in love with her.

Sammer is a drunkard. He just smokes and drinks. They both met in a college in Delhi.

New Delhi

Sameer is the silent type of a person. He doesn’t speak to anyone. He attends his lectures and leaves the college without speaking  with anyone. Meera is full of life. She meets everyone,helps out everyone. They both are totally of opposite nature. Sameer is from a small village and Meera is from beautiful Kashmir.

It was during one course they met. The professor put them in the same group to make a presentation. Sameer as usual came to the college drinking. Meera has called him to make a presentation. He said yes to everything and didn’t smile for once also. Meera noticed through his eyes that he was in immense pain. Wound which was not visible. She tried to make him laugh but all in vain. They both made the presentation and left.

Meera couldn’t sleep the whole night. She just thought about Sameer. Sameer as usual took whisky and slept but Meera decided to know what he was going through and make his life more colorful and cheerful.

They both again met in college. Meera asked Sameer to go with her to Chandni Chowk. He first refused but she insisted again and again. He finally agreed. She took him to a shop where they sell birds. She took two birds along with the cage and released the birds. The pigeons fly high in the air. She smiled and asked Sameer to open the other cage which has two pigeons. Sameer listened to her and did it. There were tears in the eyes of Meera of joy. They both left that day.

There were questions in Sameer’s mind as to why she was doing that! He was curious to meet her next day. Meera the next day came in a pink dress. She was looking extremely beautiful. He asked her why she made him do that. The reply given by Meera changed the life of Sameer forever. Many many years before there was Pegambur Mohammed who used to buy slaves at a higher cost and release them free. The joy of the slave who was set free will give his soul peace. He continued to do that again and again, till every slave was set free.

Nowadays there are no slaves, soo i set pigeons free to give peace to my soul. Meera said i have seen you in pain so i wanted to give you peace and happiness. Sameer felt that last night he slept well and he didn’t need to drink.

Sameer told Meera that today also people are slaves. She asked where? He said everyone is a slave. She said are you mad? He said yes people are slaves, slaves of their ego,slaves of jealousy,slaves of showoff, slaves of their emotions. Meera asked how they will be set free. He replied by doing good to others. He said by eradicating ego. Meera suddenly asked why do you drink daily. He said the girl he loved died in an accident. He just was not able to overcome it. God was watching everything from above and he only connected them. Meera and Sameer fall in love with  each other but they don’t get married.

Next article will tell why they didn’t get married..The story continued to Dubai…