The Sims 4 is a 2014 life simulation computer game developed by the Redwood Shores studio of Maxis and published by Electronic Arts. It is the fourth major title in The Sims series and was originally announced on May 6, 2013, and was released in North America on September 2, 2014, for Microsoft Windows. A Mac compatible version of the game was released on February 17, 2015. The Sims 4 is the first PC game to top all-format charts in two years. The game has received mixed reviews since its release, with the bulk of criticism directed towards its lack of content

The Sims 4

  • Unleash your imagination and create a unique world of Sims that’s an expression of you! Explore and customize every detail from Sims to homes, and far more. Choose how Sims look, act, and dress, then decide how they’ll live out every day. 
  • Design and build incredible homes for each family, then decorate together with your favorite furnishings and décor. Travel to different neighborhoods where you’ll meet other Sims and study their lives. 
  • Discover beautiful locations with distinctive environments and continue spontaneous adventures. Manage the ups and downs of Sims’ everyday lives and see what happens once you play out scenarios from your own real life! 
  • Tell your stories your way while developing relationships, pursuing careers and life aspirations, and immersing yourself during this extraordinary game, where the chances are endless. Play with life!


  • Create Unique Sims – a spread of Sims are yours to personalize, each with distinct appearances, dynamic personalities, and galvanizing aspirations. Use powerful customization features to bring your imagination to life. Create yourself, your favorite celebrities, your fantasy, or your friends! Change your Sims’ clothing to reflect your mood, develop stories that deepen your world, and provides their lives purpose with traits and aspirations.
  • Build the right Home – Effortlessly build and style ideal homes for your Sims using Build Mode. Construct the house of your and their dreams by planning its layout, choosing furnishings, and altering the landscape and terrain. You can even add a pool, basement, and garden, or rebuild with new ideas and designs!
  • Explore Vibrant Worlds – Travel between locations, discover amazing and distinctive neighborhoods, and encounter captivating venues. Your Sims can visit new communities to expand their social circle, hang around with friends, or throw unforgettable parties.
  • Play with Life – Control the rich and entertaining moments of your Sims’ lives from their relationships to their careers. Your choices shape every aspect of their lives from birth to being a toddler, and into adulthood. Along the way, develop your Sims’ skills, pursue original hobbies, take them on adventures, start new families, and far more.
  • Add New Experiences – Use the Gallery to seek out inspiration from a community of players a bit like you, where you’ll add content to your game or share your own creations. Download, like, and discuss your favorite Sims, homes, and fully designed rooms. Join the community, join the fun!

Marketing and release

SteelSeries and Electronic Arts announced a series of themed peripherals to promote The Sims 4, including a pair of headphones, a computer mouse that lights up in accordance with Sims’ in-game emotional states, and a mousepad featuring a render of various Sim groups.

A demo was released to the public displaying the new Create a Sim partition of the game in which is supplied, free of charge to anyone. TV spots were also produced narrated by actor Charlie Day.

The game was first released on September 2, 2014, in five editions: the standard edition, the Limited Edition, the Digital Deluxe Edition on Origin, the Premium Edition, and the Collector’s Edition. The Limited Edition adds the Life of the Party additional downloadable content, while the Digital Deluxe Edition also adds the Awesome Animal Hats and Up All Night DLC packs and a digital release of the game’s soundtrack. The Premium Edition is a physical release of the Digital Deluxe Edition with a creator’s guide book, while the Collector’s Edition also contains a USB color-changing PlumbBob by SteelSeries, which changes color counting on the playable Sim’s mood. Various bundles combining 1 expansion pack with 2 game packs and/or stuff packs or in some cases bundling the core game with an expansion pack have since been occasionally released every few months. On July 30, 2018, EA released a Premier Edition of the game on Origin, which combines the Digital Deluxe Edition with the Dine Out and Kids Room Stuff packs; however, it is exclusive to players who have an Origin Access Premier membership.


The Sims 4 may be a life simulation game, almost like its predecessors. Players create a Sim character and control their life to explore different personalities which change the way the sport plays out. Sims can multitask. Sims’ moodlets change the gameplay by influencing the Sims’ spirit, introducing new interaction options.

Similar to previous Sims games, player-created challenges abound. One of the foremost prevalent is that the Legacy Challenge, during which players create one Sim and check out to form their family last for ten generations.

Create a Sim

One major change to make a Sim functionality is that sliders are replaced by direct mouse manipulation. By clicking, dragging, and pulling with the mouse, players may directly manipulate the countenance of a Sim. Players can directly manipulate any part including the abdomen, chest, legs, arms, and feet. In previous Sims games, only the fitness and fatness are often manipulated on a Sim’s body; however, fitness and fatness levels should be adjusted within the Sims 4 with sliders as in previous games. The base game comes with over 40 hairstyles for both male and feminine Sims. There are up to 18 hair color options per hairstyle. Selections of premade designs of Sims are available to settle on from, and home in body shape and ethnicity.

Seven life stages are available including baby, toddler, child, teenager, young adult, adult, and elder. The baby life stage is accessible only through the birth of a Sim and not available in Create a Sim. Toddlers were initially absent from the first game release but were added within the January 2017 patch.

Each Sim has three personality traits and an aspiration containing its own hidden trait.

Compared to previous Sims games where everyday, formal, sleepwear, athletic, party, and swimwear outfits were restricted to having their own clothing options, all clothing options are available across all outfits, and players are allowed up to five outfits per category. There is a filter panel where clothing options are often sorted by color, material, outfit category, fashion choice, style, content, and packs.

In a summer 2016 update, gender options were expanded within the game, allowing any gender expression. With this update, haircuts and outfits are often worn by any Sim of any gender, and pregnancy can become an opportunity no matter the gender.

Build/Buy mode

In The Sims 4, build and buy modes are combined and are treated as one feature.

A detailed build-and-buy system is included alongside neighborhoods and landscaping. Some locked buy mode items could also be unlocked through the progression of career levels. Entire buildings and rooms are often moved across tons. There is an inquiry choice to look for build and buy mode options. There are premade rooms which will be placed instantly. Wall heights can be adjusted. There is a pool tool feature with triangular, square, and octagonal pool tools. There are build mode cheat codes such as “motherlode”, which enables the player to automatically gain §50,000 (Simoleons) added to a Sim’s household.

The Gallery

The Sims 4 includes social features, like importing Sims, lots, and rooms other players have made up of The Gallery. Players may publish their creations into The Gallery for other players to download into their game instantly.

On January 9, 2015, EA released a version of The Gallery for iOS and Android devices.


The Sims 4 originally shipped with two worlds: Willow Creek and Oasis Springs. Both worlds contain five neighborhoods and a complete of 21 lots. With the release of Outdoor Retreat and Jungle Adventure, the worlds Granite Falls and Selvadorada, respectively, became available for visiting on outdoor vacations. Newcrest became available with a free update, having three neighborhoods with five empty lots in each, for a complete of 15 lots. Magnolia Promenade came with the Get to figure Expansion Pack, and Windenburg was introduced within the Get-Together Expansion Pack. The City Living Expansion Pack, released in November 2016, introduced the new city of San Myshuno. The Vampires game pack added the neighborhood Forgotten Hollow. 

In November 2017, the seaside town of Brindleton Bay was added in the Cats and Dogs Expansion Pack. In November 2018, the town of Del Sol Valley was added with the Get Famous Expansion Pack. In February 2019, the desert town of Strangerville was added with the release of the Strangerville game pack.] In June 2019, the Island Living Expansion Pack introduced a new tropical-island-based world, Sulani. In September 2019, the world of Glimmerbrook and its magic realm counterpart (which is accessed via the portal) were included with the release of the Realm of Magic game pack. In November 2019, the college town of Britechester was released with the Discover University Expansion Pack. In June 2020, the industrial world of Evergreen Harbour was included in the Eco Lifestyle Expansion Pac


EA didn’t provide review copies of the sport until September 1, meaning that critics were unable to review the sport before release. In the absence of initial reviews, it was indicated that players were generally dissatisfied with the game, especially the ones who were familiar with the previous games in the franchise.

At the aggregator site Metacritic, The Sims 4 received a score of 70 based on 74 reviews, indicating “mixed or average” reception.

Hardcore Gamer gave The Sims 4 a 2.5 score out of 5 and commented “it’s a half-hearted experience wrapped in a neat and pretty package that beams a potential to both fulfill and crush your inner-Sims’ dreams.” They criticized the game for the lack of content and having many bugs.