There was not even one moment when they don’t talk to each other. Days went on and their bond became stronger and stronger. Meera always surprises Sameer with one challenge or the other. One day Sameer was playing snooker with other guys. Meera and other college mates were present there. Meera went to Sameer and asked to put the ball into a pocket in one shot, which was next to impossible. She said if you really love me then you have to do. Everyone started clapping and shouting. Sameer watched Meera and he picked the ball and put it in the pocket. Everyone clapped and shouted Sameer’s name. He held the hand of Meera and took her from there. 

In one more instance Meera asked Sameer to hug a female teacher who was  30 years and was very beautiful. Sameer went to the teacher and slowly said to her that you are like my elder sister. He then asked her that “may I hug you”. The teacher hugged Sameer.

Meera entered college in a white salwar suit. She was looking very beautiful. Hair was curly and golden brownish colored. Everyone was just watching her. Meera’s eyes were searching Sameer. It was Meera’s birthday. Everyone came and wished her. They had brought a cake for Meera. She got a little frustrated as Sameer was not picking her call and hadn’t come to college. They all asked to cut the cake but Sameer was missing. When she was cutting the cake, someone closed Meera’s eyes from the back. She understood that it can only be Sameer. Sameer she shouted. She cut the cake but Sameer had different plans for her. He took the whole cake and put it on Meera’s face. Everyone laughed, laughed, and laughed. Meera hugged Sameer and said in his ear I can’t live without you. Meera(after washing her face) and Sameer went to the coffee shop where Meera said to Sameer that before seeing him smile, she has seen his tears. Before listening to his voice, she has listened to his screaming. Sameer held her hand and said please don’t leave him. 

The days went on and their bond became stronger and stronger. Meera got a job in a reputed bank in Dubai. Meanwhile, Sameer started a garment business in Delhi. It was difficult for each other but no one easily gets a job in Emirates NBD. Meera left Delhi and the days went on. Meera was going up from one step to another while Sameer’s business on the other hand suffered a huge loss. 

Meera came back to India in her Eid holidays. She asked Sameer for marriage, as her parents were pressurizing her for marriage. Sameer refused to Meera that he will only get married when he will become a successful businessman. Meera asked Sameer to come to Dubai but Sameer refused. There was a fight between them. Slowly and gradually there fight got increased day by day. Meera finally agreed on her parent’s decision and got married. She settled in Dubai, as her husband owned a hotel in Dubai. She got married to a very rich person.

Sameer continued to try one business or the other but he was not getting success. His health was also deteriorating as he started drinking and smoking again. There were no talks between them and years went by.

Sameer became a successful businessman after 5 years of struggle. His business was rising but he always missed Meera. He went to Dubai to meet his sister and when they were having dinner in a hotel, he saw Meera. It was the same hotel which was owned by Meera’s husband.

Sameer shouted Meera………

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Meera was totally surprised. She just cannot believe what she saw. She asked for more and more pictures of Nisha, Sameer gave them all. The only difference she saw in the looks of her and Nisha was that she had long straight hair while Nisha hair was curly. Miracle has taken place in the life of Sameer. He gave the coffee to Meera. Something has changed in that room. Both of them looked at each other. They came close and hugged. Meera then decided to leave.

There are seven look alike of a single person.


Meera has decided to propose to Sameer. She dressed exactly the same as Nisha. Sameer didn’t go to college that day. She called him again and again but there was no response. She went to Sameer’s room but of no use. She madly called him again and again but there was no response. As she was leaving, she saw Sameer who was holding a whisky bottle in one hand and a cigarette in the other. He was drinking and there were tears in his eyes. She stopped her scooty and asked him to sit at the back and come along with her. He refused but she insisted a lot. They finally reached meera’s home. She gave food to him and asked him to stop drinking. 

She took Sameer to a NGO which rescues children and girls from human trafficking. Sameer went to a small girl and gave her chocolate. The girl’s name was Reema and she was beaten everyday where she used to do household work. There was another boy Ashish whose one eye was damaged and was asked to beg on the streets. There was one girl Riya who was raped by a man everyday.The children were in so much pain. Meera distributed all the things which she had bought for the kids and then they left. They were crossing a subway where she asked Sameer to look at a man who was lying there. She gave 500rs to that person who has no legs and only one hand. “See Sameer this man is in so much pain”. There were other beggars also, one lady had a small kid who was asking money to feed her baby. “See Sameer see”. 

She again took Sameer to a NGO where old people lived. “See Sameer see, there children have left them here”. “Do you feel their pain…tell me damn it”. They came out of the NGO and she slapped him 5-6 times and had tears in her eyes. “Why are you destroying your life and giving yourself so much pain? I know tragedy has stuck in your life but there is life ahead of you. You can do many things for her”. Sameer left from there….leaving Meera in tears. Sameer came back to his room and again started drinking. One cigarette after another and was not able to control his tears. Today something changed inside Sameer. He just wanted to help people who are in a lot of pain and who have suffered too much in life. He reached Meera’s house and said thank you to her. Thank you for releasing him. He was a slave of his past memories and bad habits. He promised Meera that he will change for her and for his family.

The days went on good for both of them. They became close friends and shared their life with each other.

They both had to represent their college in a dance competition. They practised hard, in fact very hard to reach the finals. It was the 5th of August. The name of the winners was about to announce. They lost the finals. They came 2nd in the competition. Sameer was a little upset but suddenly he heard his name. It was Meera who had the mic in her hand. Sameer came to the center of the stage where Meera was already standing. She bent down on her knees and took out the rose and proposed Sameer. Sameer took the rose and bent  down to take her in his arms and silently said in her ear…..”I love you too”. It was the same day 5th of August, 3 years before he proposed to Nisha. Life gives back. True love never dies. He said to Meera…..i love you…i love you very very much…….

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